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  1. Lift links are better description, the links where the implement is attached to. There are left and right lift link, and left lift link has that stabilizer which has 2 positions - rigid and swinging. Swinging one is necessary during work, while rigid position keep the implement during transport, preventing implement to hit tires.
  2. Hi, just to update information regarding shut off solenoid - it has been replaced and the tractor works fine now, no jerks, no power loses. The other issue makes me trouble now. Case 5140 has left automatic stabilizer for power links. This stabilizer should be attached by chain to the tractor left mudguard so as to provide free movement of power links. When I put the chain, once the power links are lowered, the chain breaks due to force. I tried with some strong spring, but same happened, as spring stretches and can not keep stabilizer in floating position. How this can be solved? If someone can put some photos of stabilizer with chains. Thanks
  3. I am from Serbia, that is a small country in Southeast Europe (not to be mistaken with Siberia in Russia). It isn't so important, just to avoid some misunderstandings and to justify spelling and grammar mistakes in my English.
  4. Hi, First, thanks for really useful suggestions and readiness to help. As far as mechanic concerns, it will take too long to explain situation where I live and how it works here, so this mechanic is first and last choice, so far. The newest diagnosis has shown that fuel shut-off solenoid on the injection pump is defective. The mechanic shut-off that shut-off solenoid and tried the tractor and it worked fine (I do not live in that place where the tractor is, so we communicate by the phone calls). In Service Manual for Case 5100 series it says that defective solenoid can cause difficult starting and problems with shutting engine off. I didn't ask him how it affects idle and power and how engine started anyway. He does not speak or read English, I have translated several pages from the manual for him, but all that communication is clumsy. I am not so familiar with mechanics, more precisely, I have not a clue about it, so we will see how it is going to work with new solenoid and new filters. What do you think guys, about this solenoid issue? Thanks again.
  5. Some new moments in the Case 5140 case. Mechanic bypassed the filters and the primer pump putting the transparent hose from fuel tank direct to the injection pump and result was that injection pump did not get enough fuel under load. He said there is some tandem pump within injection pump and that could be the problem.
  6. Does it means something if compression is OK?
  7. The tips of injectors were blue. There was no enough coolant in radiator, I was paying attention only on the level in overflow tank. That " engine is just getting tired" is what makes me concerned, because general repair is too expensive. I am going to try some minor repair steps and if that would be ineffective I would consider what next to do. Thanks anyway.
  8. No, i didn't change filters. I am going to change it as well as the primer pump because these items aren't expensive. But I am still wondering why that happens when engine is warm? How does the higher temperature affects the filters?
  9. Hi, I have Case 5140 (1993) and about 2 months ago it started to miss power in plowing. All 6 injectors were replaced because it were burnt. Couple days ago I cultivated with it and it worked fine one day, but the next day after about one hour of work it started again to miss power and to had rough idle. There is no smoke on exhaust pipe. Injection pump have been checked twice and is OK. There is no bubbles in radiator and overflow tank. Fuel filters are clean, fuel pump isn't hot when tractor works. What can cause this problems once the engine is hot? Could it be some misalignment of injection pump after reinstallation? What could cause the injectors to burn? Local mechanic isn't familiar with this type of tractor. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have Case 5140 and I haven't still learned all how to use it. There is one automatic stabilizer on left hand side of lower lift link. I found in the manual instruction that the lever on that stabilizer should be lifted with some chain attached to the lever on stabilizer, but I am not sure where to attach the other side of the chain? Is there some place on fender or other on tractor where this chain can be attached? I tried to attach it to some hook on fender but when the lower links are lowered the chain so stretches it lose it function to lift the lever on stabilizer. Please find attached the photos from parts catalog where are shown the lever and chain. I would be grateful if some could post the photo how it is solved on Case 5140. Thanks
  11. Hukipepe

    Case 5140

    Thanks you for your reply! There is no smoke, the tractor only doesn't have enough power. I asked some other mechanic and he said it could be that injection pump isn't geared properly when fitted back after readjustment, there are some marks on the injection pump and on the tractor and these marks should align. I ll try to find some more skilled mechanic to see it. The coolant disappears when tractor sits unused, there is no changes in oil level and oil looks fine, dense. What is exactly exhaust stack? Is that the hose going out from coolant reservoir? Thanks again
  12. Hukipepe

    Case 5140

    Hi, I have Case 5140, 1993 year of production. When it bought it had idle engine speed around 700 rev/min. It worked quite fine in ploughing and heavy traction. Last year there was some leakage on the injection pump, local mechanic took the pump to the injection pump service and there it was readjusted to idle speed of almost 950 rev/min. Now the tractor goes really slow when ploughing with 3 furrows plough (4-5km/h). It can be felt there is no enough power. When I try to decrease back idle speed on the injection pump to 700-750 rev/min the tractor isn't able to pull even one full trailer, not to say it cant start ploughing because it shuts off. Could you, please tell me what is the correct idle speed for Case 5140? Please find attached values for engine speed from service manual. There is another issue concerning this tractor - when I fill the coolant reservoir with the coolant to the ADD mark and tractor stays for some time (week or two) there is no coolant in the reservoir and there are no leakage under the tractor. How does it work? When does go that fluid? (silly question, but no one mechanic cant explain it reasonably) Thanks
  13. Hukipepe

    Case 1680

    Hi, it is DTI 466 C engine.
  14. Hukipepe

    Case 1680

    OK, to be more precise, Case IH 1680, 1989 the model year. Operators manual needed as PDF. Thanks
  15. Hukipepe

    Case 1680

    Hi, If anyone have PDF of operators manual for Case 1680 combine I would be very grateful. Thanks
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