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  1. I have an 806 gas tractor that has started spitting and sputtering and backfiring,runs rough at idle and you can not open the throttle without it getting real rough and backfiring. We have replaced the plugs ,points and condenser with no difference. While cleaning the carb I noticed that the gasket between the intake and exhaust manifold appears to be blown out. Would that cause the problem and how do you replace the gasket, easy as taking the 4 bolts out and slipping it in or do you have to remove the carb and intake manifold.
  2. Is it normal for the MFWD to engage when stopping at the headlands with my corn planter. With the MFWD turned off and you push in the clutch and hit the brakes it engages. If I wait a few seconds it disengages. This doesn't happen every time but often enough to make it irritating.
  3. Thanks bkorth, that explains it good
  4. The issue is that I cant grease it because there is no grease zerk
  5. Why is the left side, as you are standing in the front looking at the tractor, upper swivel bearing on the MFWD not set up to be greased as the right side is? It is set up with a flat cap with no grease zerk unlike the right side which has the zerk as part of the cap
  6. How do you access the fuel tank sending unit on a 5140 tractor with a cab, it also has the large fuel tank
  7. How do you access the fuel tank sending unit on a 5140 tractor with a cab, it also has the large fuel tank
  8. My father just bought a 560 gas, I used it for about an hour over the course of a couple days on an auger. It started to blow white smoke out the exhaust so I shut it down, I restarted it a couple of hours later and it blew antifreeze out the exhaust. Is this just the head gasket leaking or a worse problem.
  9. My 5140 Maxxum will not start, I think I have narrowed it down to the starter solenoid. The batteries check out good,the terminals have been cleaned and the clutch switch is fine. When turning the key there is power to the solenoid but it just clunks. Can the solenoid be removed and replaced without taking the starter off.
  10. Thanks SDman they used your advice and hooked it up as you suggested.
  11. My JD dealer is pretty adamant that the hydraulic motor low pressure return hose should return to a low pressure port like on the power beyond block but this tractor does not have power beyond. They are concerned about possible motor damage when using the other side of the remote valve, what are your thoughts on this. I am confused because the planter manual shows using the remote when the tractor doesn't have power beyond.
  12. Thanks, does the motor return hose just tie into the scv then or is there a plug that should removed on the valve stack to tie it into with the ISO fitting. On my 5140 that I used on the planter before, I had a separate low pressure return for the motor and also a separate case drain connection with the flat face coupler. Also can I change the ISO coupler to a flat face on the tractor for the case drain
  13. I have a 2013 Maxxum 140 that I will be using on my JD 1750 vacuum planter, the tractor already has the low pressure return port but I need to install the case drain connection with the flat face connector from the motor drain and markers. My question is where does this get connected at on the tractor
  14. I'm looking at a 2013 maxxum140 that had a loader on it with 1900 hrs. Reverse had gone out on it and the local dealer put $10k into it for the repair. Was this an issue for these tractors and should I be concerned about purchasing it
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