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  1. Super M ignition points

    I ended up having the distributor rebuilt, looks like the shaft was the only part that got replaced, there is no play in it anymore and it seems to have solved the problem
  2. Super M ignition points

    If I would convert it to electronic ignition can it be done without replacing the whole distributor, just replace the points and condenser with the $100 kit that is sold. Also will the play in the shaft have any effect on the conversion
  3. Super M ignition points

    I have a Super M that I have had 3 sets of points fail in the last month. They are cracking on the fiber contact and then just bending as the cam lobe rotates so the points don't open. There is some side to side play on the shaft. Is this just a result of bad points or from the slop in the shaft and should I rebuild or replace the distributor.