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  1. I know some of the down pressure springs were broke and the feed shaft had froze up probably just take the whole box off and turn it upside down to work on that part. As for the down pressure springs I hope I can find at least 12 good ones to get me going on 15” rows all the openers seem to be in good shape and think there’s like 8 or 10 spare opener assemblies. It has no row markers it’s rare to find them on a drill around here.
  2. Anyone have the service bulletin about hooking the sentry up to key on/off power
  3. I wouldn’t say it’s too far gone but it’ll take some work couple weeks ago on auction 15ft UFT drill with the box and meters all eaten up brought $1200 and a 15ft 750 Deere with numerous parts missing sold for $5000.
  4. It’s hi/low electrical clutch pack issues I’ll try everything said about sentry power and grounds at least it’ll give me a starting point thanks.
  5. Got a 3400 24-7.5 sitting behind the barn been there as long as I can remember was wondering if it was worth fixing up especially since notill drills have went completely out of sight. Need it to double crop some soybeans and sorghum into rye straw on 15” rows hows the accuracy on them? I know parts are kind pricey think that why it’s been sitting behind the barn for so long.
  6. Bought this tractor over the winter as a little project been working on it off and on whenever I got a minute and so on but here’s where we start upon going and looking at the tractor it had to be jumped off and cranked so nothing acted right with the trans sentry system so rolled the dice and brought her home. Upon checking and cleaning all connections one battery was near new and the other was like 6-7 yeas old gone bad killing the other. Fixed all that changed cable ends and all fired it up drove it around everything was fine for about 10 minutes and sentry light came on lost odd gears. Brought it back to the shop switched relays and lost evens that time so went to case bought two new relays popped them in everything was good as new shifted like a dream though we was good to go but couple days later sentry light comes on lost one set of gears can’t exactly remember but kinda puzzled I switched one of the new relays with what I knew was the good old one and off she went done some other work and all drove it a good bit and parked it for a couple months. So yesterday it fired up shifted from odd to even once cut it off to do something and tried to move and it’s a no go in odd shifted to even and it pulled no sentry light has came on or nothing shift it to lo range on the go it stays in high no light ever comes on or nothing sometimes it will decide to take off in lo but when you shift the lever to high there’s no change. amp gauge always has been a little moody but now it’s went completely lazy reads like 10 volts when running but the tractor is charging the normal 14 volts. Sentry unit has fire to it I’m just lost and it’s got me thinking is losing connection somewhere as it shifted completely fine whenever I parked it. I know it’s a lot but it’s the whole story up to now
  7. Got one with the 360 running a M&W turbo on it and it’ll hang right there with a stock 1086 I like it but it’s kind of a complex setup I’d imagine finding a turbo exhaust manifold would make things a lot simpler.
  8. What kind of leaks do you say it causes? So your using the nitrate free Prestone what’s the difference than nitrated? Think shell will do the same thing told a parts guy to bring me some shell oil and a couple gallons of antifreeze thinking it’d green come to find out it was red a few days later when I seen it sitting in the floor.
  9. Not trying to start a debate or anything I’m just trying to clear the air so I know what to do to help increase the service life of my equipment. 1. Been told if I use extended life red antifreeze on stuff with a water filter your supposed to do away with it or is it ok on those pieces of equipment to still use the green? 2. Red extended life requires no additional scr’s so it’ll work best on everything else without a filter ok to buy concentrate and mix it with distilled water?
  10. Previous owner already took a can opener to it to get his pipe fit....
  11. Hopefully someone will chime in it acts like it too big found out someone had moved the breather the the back side of the water pump when it’s supposed to be on the front side moving it helped but it still sits on the intake hose my other tractor has a M&W turbo on it so the only help it’s been is determining the breather location.
  12. It’s got the 360 it’s a early one with the single pocket handles in the doors.
  13. Picked up another 886 in need of a few repairs a couple weeks ago one major department that needed attention was the exhaust it had some homemade cobbled together straight pipe snaking it’s way out through the hood and it sounded terrible and I’ve never been a fan of straight piped naturally aspirated engines so decided to go back with the under the hood muffler so I bought one of them high priced things now I’m having trouble getting it to fit and find where it’s supposed to go if anyone has any pics I’d appreciate it.
  14. Yeah the ta valve pops back to the top when nothing is hooked to it but i had to pull it back up after I pressed it it didn’t return full stroke. As for rebuilding a ta might further look into it got a ta core sitting in the shop that came out of a tractor that was deleted every time I walk by it it gets me thinking.
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