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  1. Hey Hoodeleydoo, how did you determine the mfr of your tracks?  Ive been researching the origin of mine along with who made my blade?  If you read MISSION ACCOMPLISHED you will see in my pics my machine, member mmi said its a mishmash of different parts, but it seems like everything belongs together.  I know Drott use to make items for IH but there are no markings on tracks or blade as to who made them.  Any ideas or info you can provide would be helpful.


    1960 IHT340(4) 12-11-2011.JPG

  2. I thought that was critter control for deer corn feeders, hook up and ZAP em...
  3. Cold weather drove us inside today. Got new water pump on, flywheel re-surfaced, new clutch plate pressure plate throw-out & pilot bearing. Drained oil, changed oil filter. Carburetor is soaking, got engine to line up, gently slide it in place....more to come....
  4. Thanks Sledgehammer, no I plan to use it keeping roads dressed and logging on my farm. When I first bought it I was going to restore it back to original. But now Im just gonna make it mechanically sound and use it. I have other toys: 1941 Oliver, 2 kubotas, cub cadet tractor, etc. Me and my neighbor who has a body shop next door love finding old stuff and refurbishing.
  5. Spending the winter replacing water pump, clutch, hydraulic cylinders, steering clutches and other odds and ends.
  6. Pulled the gas tank and radiator over the summer. Had them boiled, re-lined with dip and then painted. Made sure the chassis had fresh primer and paint before putting back on machine.
  7. I respect and enjoy your responses. Nice to have a source of knowledge. I purchased both the "Service and Parts Manuals" from WI based company, they printed off 2 fresh copies for me back in 2011. My mechanic has done plenty clutches he services a mining company here in Ohio, both gas and diesel powered. He actually has a 1010 himself and already has gone through the same problems with his.
  8. Thank you for the response mmi, and aren't you just FULL of GOOD NEWS! I had a feeling it wasn't as easy as some have led to believe. I have my dozer with a professional mechanic right now installing the main clutch. The engine is pulled, we found the main left cylinder has been punctured, so making all new there. But after that we are going to look at steering. He has extensive experience with heavy equipment and seems to think that this unit has NEVER been adjusted out. He says I have full adjustment left in the linkage and seems to think that's all would be required to fix the problem!
  9. I'm currently putting in a new clutch and after wards looking to (adjust, replace/whatever) the planetary steering. My left side just barely moves the dozer, you have to really pull on the lever to get anything out of it. The right side is better, but it could use some help too. Everything I've seen in my manual or online looks like a simple job of removing the seat and pulling the shifter plate. Having the brake pads re-lined and putting it all back together. HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING???
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