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  1. T340 Pad Replacement

    Thanks for all your help on the many issue's. After putting in a new clutch, 2 new blade cylinders I think its time to call it quits. I did confirm that these are "RIVETS" not bolts!! Had a couple old timers look at it and they all said they have never seen rivets used on the pads, they are "ORIGINAL" not put on later. Anyways, Im not going to put anymore money into a unit that wont do what I want it to. I pulled up to a 2" tree and it stops the dozer in its tracks, no ass weight. So I'm going to find a bigger machine for my farm. Thanks again for your support and advice.
  2. T340 Pad Replacement

    purchased as you see it, found in a barn, no history, thanks for the reply
  3. T340 Pad Replacement

    I got 4 or 5 loose pads, started to take one off by grinding the rivets, HARDER THAN WHORES HEART, anyone got the answer to getting these off? and once I do can I just bolt them back on?
  4. I thought that was critter control for deer corn feeders, hook up and ZAP em...
  5. Maintenace Update on my T340

    Cold weather drove us inside today. Got new water pump on, flywheel re-surfaced, new clutch plate pressure plate throw-out & pilot bearing. Drained oil, changed oil filter. Carburetor is soaking, got engine to line up, gently slide it in place....more to come....
  6. Roller Maintenance

    Excellent advice, I did get some key stock both 1/4 & 1/2 inch, it was my thinking to use them on plugs, your advice confirms that. I'll check around stores for your other ideas. Thanks john
  7. Roller Maintenance

    Thanks Danny, the more ideas the better john
  8. Roller Maintenance

    Thanks I'll try finding them john
  9. T 340 opinion

    I will let you know when I get mine running right. Spending the winter converting it to updated newer parts. Also converted it to 12 volt system. My original parts pile is growing but that just means less to go wrong when I start to use it.
  10. Roller Maintenance

    I apologize for posting here instead of under the construction forum, new to the site. North of 60 THANKYOU, very helpful, Matt!! my kind of guy, always looking for an excuse to BUY TOOLS. THANKS GUYS any more tips will be accepted, this is my first dozer, learning as I go.
  11. Roller Maintenance

    I could use some advice on the maintenance of my rollers. What exactly should I be putting in them? Oil or HD grease? This unit has plugs and grease fittings. The plugs are 1/4" to 1/2" depending on location, and other than an old ratchet drive or some metal stock I purchased from hardware store I have no tool to easily remove them. So I'm seeking advice on what to put in rollers? And tips on how to make maintenance a smooth job. Also how often do I service them. I have a manual, but it seems it might be outdated?
  12. Maintenace Update on my T340

    Thanks Sledgehammer, no I plan to use it keeping roads dressed and logging on my farm. When I first bought it I was going to restore it back to original. But now Im just gonna make it mechanically sound and use it. I have other toys: 1941 Oliver, 2 kubotas, cub cadet tractor, etc. Me and my neighbor who has a body shop next door love finding old stuff and refurbishing.
  13. Maintenace Update on my T340

    Spending the winter replacing water pump, clutch, hydraulic cylinders, steering clutches and other odds and ends.
  14. Maintenace Update on my T340

    Pulled the gas tank and radiator over the summer. Had them boiled, re-lined with dip and then painted. Made sure the chassis had fresh primer and paint before putting back on machine.