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  1. Loadstar fire truck 1965

    So I posted before about this truck having brake issues. I talked with the current owner and he wants this truck gone. He said make an offer if I don’t take it it’s going for scrap. Anyone that can give guidance on an offer price would be appreciated. thanks
  2. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    All good info I do believe he said two wheel cylinders per wheel. i try the bleeding sequence before I drop any cash on parts. ill keep everyone posted on this truck if I am lucky enough to purchase it.
  3. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    I didn’t buy it yet, the current owner said he thinks it will need the hydravac. He did brake work replaced and rebuilt wheel cylinders and I if I remember correctly I think he said the master cylinder was rebuilt. He told me at the firehouse the other night he’s selling it this spring...he said one way or another it’s gone this spring and offered me first rights to buy it. just doing some research ahead of time
  4. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    Hey thanks it was an industrial fire truck lived in the plant from 1966 till 2002 when Alcoa closed shop in Lebanon. Super low miles and rust free
  5. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    Looking to buy this fire truck, it needs brake work . Any thoughts on how hard it is to find a hydravac? And his hard is it to switch out?