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  1. I did miss the front mounting assist bracket till you mentioned it. And, yes, also spent a lot of time with Mr. Armstrong during end of row turning. Glad you spent the time getting yours back in shape.
  2. Great pic's, also love an old JDB. My back ground sounds similar to yours. A JDB was the first tractor dad put me on for field work. While my town friends were playing baseball and getting into small town trouble, my little butt was on the JDB with a two row cultivator. I know, by todays standards it was just a toy. But for me it was an agricultural beast. At 10 years of age dad felt I was long over due to start earning my way in this world. Side benefit was my leg and arm muscles developed greatly during that first summer. I could not reach the hand clutch sitting down. Had to pull myself up to a standing position to disengage/engage the clutch. Todays value police would be horrified with a ten year old kid a mile away from home, working a corn field alone. And yes part of me agrees. But to me at the time, I was doing a mans work , with a mans feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. Thanks for posting Just me and the 1938 JDB are good memories.
  3. I too would trade my life to this child, and me take her burdens. But, for reasons I also can never understand. An old faded well worn life seldom is exchanged for one so young and innocence. Helplessness can be a mighty demon. I also know this. Keep the faith, even without understanding. I will pray for her along with her family. And for you, his friend. Please Take Care Tim
  4. In the mid 60's when I was just a kid, Dad planted around 10 acres of sudangrass. I'm sure in his mind it would have provided weeks of good feeding for our 35 head of cattle. It was quite tall, once the cattle entered the field they totally disappeared from sight. That is for the first ten minutes or so. Then as a group they almost began to run through the sudangrass grabbing a mouth full as they moved like a herd of elephants through the field. After the first afternoon at least 50% of the grass was just trampled into the ground. My Dad had a habit of screaming at anyone or anything that did not meet his expectations. I can still hear him screaming at the cattle. JUST F__KING STAND STILL AND EAT. Ha, I quietly left while his attention was still focused on the cattle.
  5. Yep... see your problem. 2" upside down muffler clamp not even being used on a muffler. I always feel a bit sad for the new parts people who admit they have no knowledge of the incredibly common part you want. Becoming the same in hardware stores. If I ever go into a lumber yard and they no longer know what a wooden 2x4 is, I QUIT. Although electrical stores such as Graingers still seem to be good in my area.
  6. Don't forget that McD's for the most part embraced the new minimum wage increase movement. So like any business the added expense got passed on to our back pockets. Our local McD's has a large hiring banner displayed next to the highway. In large bold red type broadcasting, HIRING $11.00 PER HOUR STARTING WAGE. Not the $15.00 demanded by many, but still not able to open the lobby most days caused by the lack of employees. At least thats what the small local paper says.
  7. Have had the same experience in all auto parts stores in our area. Here is my latest story. Found and corrected the problem that was causing an engine to foul it's spark plugs. Prefer using a Bosch platinum plug for this engine. Since I had corrected the plug fouling issue, wanted to install new fresh plugs. Went to auto parts store I had bought this style of spark plug from four months earlier. First off, all new employees, so to them I'm a new customer. I hand them the old spark plug and ask if they have four new plugs of that brand and part number. Ten minutes later, and with two employees now trying to help me. I should include two very confused employees trying to help me. Announced the spark plugs I wanted to purchase were $32.00 each. I asked if they would check if the number on the plug I had handed them had been entered correctly because the plug in their hands was purchased in their store four months ago at a cost of around $4.50 . I guess because I was a new person to them, and to appear knowledgeable they handed my spark plug back and said, well they are $32.00 now. Went to another name brand store, with pretty much the same result. Well He!!, thats no fun. Came home entered the spark plug number stamped on the plug body into the Amazon search window and, Wham-Bam, up comes a picture of the exact spark plug I'm holding in my hand. Cost was $ 4.98 per plug, free shipping. I want to whole heartily support all walk in stores, but the part stores are getting pretty ragged at the core in my area.
  8. Looks like a custom job for working one of those floating meadows.
  9. Have eaten buffalo steak several times. First time was at Ft. Robinson. To be honest, I like buffalo better than beef. Thought it had better flavor and was very tender.
  10. Exact same thing a niece of mine went through last year. She is now fully recovered. Will pray the same for this small one.
  11. Just watched the video of Buzz Aldrin having an old fashioned conversation after being called a liar. Always thought highly of him, like him even more now.
  12. 75 through 78 our Army tank mechanics used them when we went to the field. More storage for tools and parts than the old jeep, which was still in service at the time. From the vantage point of the tank they seemed to handle mud better than a jeep. If I remember correctly a mechanic friend of mine was assigned one without a heater. Just like a tank the heater was an option. And just like us he lived in his Gamagoat like we lived in and on our tanks. No heater in the winter was punishment without a crime. He!!s Bells, we got and stayed cold. Doesn't seem that long ago but the pic proves differently. Thanks for posting, had forgotten about them.
  13. Thanks for posting, all looks beautiful. Indeed Happy Birthday to the land of my birth, and service. I still Love You!!
  14. Glad you have a manual. Good looking old baler, someone kept it in a shelter. They were not a common item where I grew up, ours was the only one I ever saw. I could see how arms could be lost, think the only shield was over the pto.
  15. I don't have an official owners manual but I do have an A-C (How to run your ROTO-BALER). It's all Dad ever had while he used the bailer. Lots of do's, and don'ts. What needs adjusted and how to do it. Also a few pages of. Is this your problem? Check this. Only about 16 pages. You can have it if you want it. Even if the baler was new I wouldn't want to try bailing without it. But as you know BE CAREFUL!! It has spring loaded parts that can still move taking off fingers (happened to Dad) when tractor, pto, and patience are all turned off. Just let me know.
  16. Don't know if it was binder twine. But do know the correct type was getting hard to find ten years ago.
  17. As an eleven and twelve year old kid I also hated the AC round baler. It and my Dad would kick out thousands of bales, hay, straw, once even corn stalks. 60 lb. bales when you weigh 90 pounds was a bit of a chore. Permanently hurt my right shoulder setting the hay hook then giving all I had placing the bale up in the third row of the old hay rack. About five feet above my head. He did have troubles once in a while but not nearly as much as I wanted. The end result was always mountains of bales in our farm yard to get us through the winter. Wishing yours one day will work as well as ours did fifty years ago.
  18. Just watched it, same as his other stuff. I find it hilarious. Satire at it's best. Just....different.
  19. Don't take it too seriously. I've not watched this one but I have watched maybe a dozen of his youtube videos. Normally over the top satires that do a pretty good job at jabbing our current new society with all it's new rules.
  20. Grew up in NE Nebraska and as a kid loved when mulberries got ripe. Were times Mom would holler, time for supper. I would be slow too the table, been eaten mulberries off and on all afternoon. In our north shelter belt we had a mulberry tree that produced white mulberries. Tasted like mother natures version of cubed sugar. The tree was also huge. Must have been 80 to 90 feet tall, and even as an adult if you tried to tree hug it, would be like hugging a wall. Good memories
  21. Come on MTO who needs pants when you have knee high boots, a hat of unknown linage, and a pink weapon of mass destruction.
  22. So sorry for your loss. Take Care and may God bless you and your family.
  23. YIKES!!! Did you let him be or is there a new belt in your future?
  24. Yep, You could have 1000 square feet of open floor space all around you, drop something and it goes under a tire, under the shop vac etc. If you have 1000 square feet of open floor space that translates in your shop to 1000 places your dropped item will be under and become invisible. Never, plainly visible in the 1000 square feet of open floor space. DISCLAIMER - I know no one has clean floor space in their shop. The above statement was for demonstrative purposes only. But the statement is still 100% accurate in every shop I've ever worked in. God help you if your working outside!!
  25. Hey to Jesse in WI, Thought I'd let you know my wife is Catholic and she went through much the same turmoil as you have. Loved her Church and the people in it, still does. But instead of her church being a place of worship, fellowship, care and love. She would come home in tears because they were not even allowed to sing a hymn.The scared frighted Priest wearing a mask and face shield no doubt looked out on a diseased and deadly congregation. So.. she left and found another Catholic parish that had fellowship, sang hymns, preformed mass, and had the standard moments of contemplation she not only enjoys but needed. Given with smiles and a sincere welcome by the parish priest. In the beginning everyone wore a mask and did their best to respect everyones beliefs, covid or otherwise. The effect of change for her was immediate. No more tears of abandonment, just smiles. For her the biggest hurdle was leaving her old parish. Until she realized it was her old parish that had left her. Don't know if any of this helps. Just letting you know others do practice what they preach. Take Care Tim
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