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  1. Your a Good man, the hardest thing in this mortal world to be. You responded with Love and Grace. God Bless You.
  2. Also love Red Green, have watched for many years. Can't help it, some people just can't even buy good taste.
  3. Oh dear, and don't even begin to think about what you can't see.
  4. Many years ago early 70's, worked at the local CO OP after school. One of the first jobs they gave me was to take corn samples from each of the full bins to check on moisture level, mold, etc. Would tie a rope around my waist that was held by one of the older guys. Open the top door, crawl to the top center of the bin, push my arm down into the corn up to my elbow, grab a fist full of corn, place it in the sample bag. Three samples for each bin. Then crawl out, job well done. They were proud of the largest new bins four each, memory thinks they were 50,000 bushels each, about 50 feet tall. Found out a week later one of the large bins I had taken a sample from had been emptied a couple weeks previous to my sample collecting. They did a check and found that indeed the bin was empty except for a crust about 4 feet thick at the very top of the bin. Still gives me a bit of a shutter at the thought of having about 46 feet of open air beneath me as I was dutifully ( doing my job) . At the time thought, well at least I'm making good money $2.25 hr.
  5. Glad all is now well. Farmall-H is a great way to learn how to drive. 1st gear, idled down, learn and make all your mistakes slowly. 55 years later and still glad I learned that way.
  6. Dales idea is a good one. It's your tractor, do as you please. J-Mech our friend, you have much skill and knowledge. Don't understand why giving tech advice isn't enough. Why must it be tech advice then a wad of spit in the face. I know this type of response is popular but it's not necessary.
  7. Wonderful news, thanks for the update.
  8. Prayers from South Carolina for your Brother, Family, Doctors and Staff.
  9. Don't know if mine is better, just works well and took 5 mins to make. Had a suit coat wire hanger. 15 sec to cut to proper length, another 30 sec bending to straight line, then putting a bit of a hook on the end to pull up and hold brake pawl. A few minutes for function testing, then done. Just hang it out of the way on lamp bar when not in use. Was going to, but have not yet painted it red. Have seen some pretty elaborate devices, but the wire works just fine for me. Believe I read about making one of just wire on this site quite a while back while researching something else.
  10. I am originally from Nebraska and as a young man in my twenties worked for the Nebraska Dept. of Aeronautics in the early 80's. This job took me to every airport in NE. even ones with grass runways. Remember once in western Nebraska being held up for about an hour while DOT laid layer after layer of new asphalt down in the water to build highway up above the standing water line. If memory serves me correctly water was not as deep as this example, maybe about a foot or so. To me looks like Valentine has gotten pretty darned high tech.
  11. Wonderful Pic. thanks for posting.
  12. Congratulations and job well done. Hope your young friend has a better time at his next parade.
  13. If you have a spare 12 volt battery of any kind, I use a spare motorcycle battery. Connect the timing light + & - to that just to power the timing light. With the sensor connected to a plug wire or coil wire it should flash when the 6 volt coil provides the high voltage to the wires and the plug sparks. That works with my 12 volt timing light, hope it does with yours too.
  14. 1.1 ohms on bare coil should still be ok for 6 volt coil. Plus side of coil to distributor, neg side to ignition switch. Both my farmalls were converted to 12 volt neg ground when I bought them so I don't have any first hand knowledge on 6 volt positive ground. From what I've read if it is 6 volt positive ground, + side of coil goes to distributor. 5.23 vdc at coil should still give you a good spark. But on something this old everything is suspect, even the wiring and it's insulation. Another problem I've read about is if battery is allowed to die the 6 volt generator could reverse it's polarity and cause strange problems. If it were mine I'd connect my timing light to the plug wires and when it starts to die see if timing light goes dead or still flashing. Goes dead, ignition problem, keeps flashing, fuel issue. Also would connect to each of the spark plug wires as it's dying if time allows and look for steady flash. You can also connect timing light to coil output wire and look for same indicators as plug wires. This will tell you if coil breaking down when it gets hot. On both my H and Super M the coil cases if metal will get almost as hot as the engine it sits next to. A temp. gun would let you know if it's hotter then the engine. If it is warmer then the engine you have a problem. Be methodical and work through each wire and component. Points condition and gap would be good checks also. Until you can prove it stops supplying sparks to the spark plugs your primary problem could be fuel related. My H surged a little till I cleaned the carb and got it properly tuned. I know the surging can also be caused by weak springs on the mechanical advance unit.On my M it was stuck in the mid range of it's allowed movement so when I pointed the timing light at the 1st timing mark on the crankshaft pulley the timing never moved. From low idle to high idle. Double check or maybe someone with a working knowledge can verify + side of coil goes to the dist./points. Good Luck
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