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  1. End of crankshaft to measure rpm or end of electric motor rotor for same reason.
  2. Yep, Wix 33039 or NAPA 3039. Cheap insurance for my Super-M.
  3. Agree!! When our kids were young, if the day began to dissolve into an attitude problem day. My wife would carry a big wooden spoon in her back pocket. Kids knew the time to behave was NOW.
  4. Oh man, best of luck with all the work being done. Found as I was scrolling through all your pic's I was holding my breath and didn't know it. From one home owner to another best to you and your beautiful home.
  5. Ha.... go digital, then you can watch your movie stall out like it's paused till it makes up it's mind it wants to play again, yep real quiet then too.
  6. Just finished watching Field of Dreams on VHS with the wife. Tapes holding up pretty well, clear picture and audio. Gently remove the VHS top cover, take a Q-tip moistened with denatured alcohol and try cleaning the play head. Large shining spinning spool that the tape moves across to play your movie. If your cautious, plug in the VHS player once the top cover is removed, install the tape and watch it pull in the cartridge,pull the tape around the spinning play head. Then you'll know what needs cleaning. Eject the VHS tape, unplug the player and commence cleaning. Keep cleaning the playing hea
  7. Passed up the first Farmall H I looked at because the tag was missing. But think I'd make an exception with this one depending on it's price. Have never seen anything like it. Knowing who made it doesn't help me know what exactly this little mule was made to pull, pull it where, and in what kind of shop. Good Luck with your research
  8. Had much the same routine. Hand crank for backup, power normally went out in the winter. Sometimes on the coldest winter mornings 0 to -20 F you could hear the old cows tendons stretch when they slowly got up to go to the barn. I can still see the cows, and hear that sound 55 years later. Still makes me feel cold. Mom started cleaning the separator as I carried the skimmed milk up the 18 basement steps and out to the hogs. That memory still makes me sweaty.
  9. Bet my Mom wishes she had a dollar for every time she cleaned one. Twice a day for many, many, years.
  10. Have watched reports on this terrible tragedy. Pic's related to the investigation show engine 3 and 4 were mechanically sound, but were both found to have faults with the ignition systems. Worked at an Airfield in the mid nineties and watched / listened to three B-17 take off and depart together at about 6:30 am. Sad to think that events like this make what I enjoyed a thing of the past. Don't know about conspiracies, evidence suggests it's the same old thing. People not doing what they should be doing, or doing sloppy work, just because no one is watching.
  11. Oh well... as long as her mouth and nose are covered thats the main thing. It's a brave new world, glad i'm still just an old fashioned fool. Puts me pretty high on the pile these days.
  12. I think he's stocking shelves. No worries, all is safe, he's got a mask on.
  13. I don't know about that lorenzo. My H a.k.a (Cherry) and Super-M, a.k.a (Beatrice) are still upset.... really.
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