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  1. Have eaten buffalo steak several times. First time was at Ft. Robinson. To be honest, I like buffalo better than beef. Thought it had better flavor and was very tender.
  2. Exact same thing a niece of mine went through last year. She is now fully recovered. Will pray the same for this small one.
  3. Just watched the video of Buzz Aldrin having an old fashioned conversation after being called a liar. Always thought highly of him, like him even more now.
  4. 75 through 78 our Army tank mechanics used them when we went to the field. More storage for tools and parts than the old jeep, which was still in service at the time. From the vantage point of the tank they seemed to handle mud better than a jeep. If I remember correctly a mechanic friend of mine was assigned one without a heater. Just like a tank the heater was an option. And just like us he lived in his Gamagoat like we lived in and on our tanks. No heater in the winter was punishment without a crime. He!!s Bells, we got and stayed cold. Doesn't seem that long ago but the pic proves differently. Thanks for posting, had forgotten about them.
  5. Thanks for posting, all looks beautiful. Indeed Happy Birthday to the land of my birth, and service. I still Love You!!
  6. Glad you have a manual. Good looking old baler, someone kept it in a shelter. They were not a common item where I grew up, ours was the only one I ever saw. I could see how arms could be lost, think the only shield was over the pto.
  7. I don't have an official owners manual but I do have an A-C (How to run your ROTO-BALER). It's all Dad ever had while he used the bailer. Lots of do's, and don'ts. What needs adjusted and how to do it. Also a few pages of. Is this your problem? Check this. Only about 16 pages. You can have it if you want it. Even if the baler was new I wouldn't want to try bailing without it. But as you know BE CAREFUL!! It has spring loaded parts that can still move taking off fingers (happened to Dad) when tractor, pto, and patience are all turned off. Just let me know.
  8. Don't know if it was binder twine. But do know the correct type was getting hard to find ten years ago.
  9. As an eleven and twelve year old kid I also hated the AC round baler. It and my Dad would kick out thousands of bales, hay, straw, once even corn stalks. 60 lb. bales when you weigh 90 pounds was a bit of a chore. Permanently hurt my right shoulder setting the hay hook then giving all I had placing the bale up in the third row of the old hay rack. About five feet above my head. He did have troubles once in a while but not nearly as much as I wanted. The end result was always mountains of bales in our farm yard to get us through the winter. Wishing yours one day will work as well as ours did fifty years ago.
  10. Just watched it, same as his other stuff. I find it hilarious. Satire at it's best. Just....different.
  11. Don't take it too seriously. I've not watched this one but I have watched maybe a dozen of his youtube videos. Normally over the top satires that do a pretty good job at jabbing our current new society with all it's new rules.
  12. Grew up in NE Nebraska and as a kid loved when mulberries got ripe. Were times Mom would holler, time for supper. I would be slow too the table, been eaten mulberries off and on all afternoon. In our north shelter belt we had a mulberry tree that produced white mulberries. Tasted like mother natures version of cubed sugar. The tree was also huge. Must have been 80 to 90 feet tall, and even as an adult if you tried to tree hug it, would be like hugging a wall. Good memories
  13. Come on MTO who needs pants when you have knee high boots, a hat of unknown linage, and a pink weapon of mass destruction.
  14. So sorry for your loss. Take Care and may God bless you and your family.
  15. YIKES!!! Did you let him be or is there a new belt in your future?
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