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  1. Thats great. I was wondering why the world suddenly felt like a better place.
  2. Wife and I enjoy his program. Read he is trying to sell the business and retire. So far no takers. He's in his late seventies now. Guessing he is old school, new school is a lot of equipment and tests $$$. His large animal crowd is really going to miss him when he's gone.
  3. Please lorenzo STOP. Since you posted your 1st pic on this thread I've lost all hope in our country, humanity, sanity, the 10 commandments, and my faith is sliding down a slippery slope. Bit of a jazzy skirt though. From an old cheerleading outfit? Must tell.
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    Grew up on a farm south west of Battle Creek in NE corner of the state. Mom and two brothers still in Norfolk area. Best of luck to your son.
  5. oldfarmkid


    Well .... if no one is willing to take a risk then the cure will be as deadly as the CV. I'm still convinced odds of me being killed is greater just getting on the road and trying to get groceries. On the interstate for about 20 miles yesterday. Doing 65 in the slow lane, speed limit 60. Guy behind me on my bumper, with his face mask on, I guess afraid to die of the virus. Two other lanes wide open, but he demands to stay on my bumper, can't even see his headlamps. This guy is willing to risk my life by riding my bumper while afraid of the virus killing HIM. My state does very little as far as road law enforcement goes. Any speed you want to drive, drive any way you want. Traffic backed up for 15 miles, cars and trucks off the road everywhere. Fire trucks and rescue units every where. Nothing in the paper, nothing on the news. It is an accepted risk, death happens if you drive. Thats why around here the lines that define your driving lane means nothing. Don't use you blinkers, text or watch videos while you drive. Run stop signs and tail gate, as law enforcement watches you, and does nothing. So the guy who was tailgating me yesterday with his face masks on gets it. He evidently understands why we ignore and accept 38,800 deaths in 2019 from auto accidents, but not one death, including his, from the corona virus. Real data, Real facts. Real fighting the enemy, is the only way to survive. No war has ever been won hiding from it. If it is real it will find you and kill you. If I were ruler of the world I would not give billions to mis- managed airlines,or long incompetent large businesses. Retool for vaccines, studies for safe working conditions. Grow food, make clothing, fix or build homes, promote the technical trades, and the medical field. If this thing is real, everything else is fluff. People need to work for money to live and pay taxes. Once we and our government have no money it's a done deal. One last if I were the ruler of the world comment. Any Federal, State, Local official closes down anything that removes anyones form of livelihood, looses there income also and their assets are locked. If nothing changes for those who make the rules, guess who losses track of how long you've been hurting. Thank you for my indulgence. Ruler of the world, really have to be big time crazy to want that.
  6. Another point about points. The sequence of events that causes a high voltage spark at the spark plug is at the moment the points open (NOT) close. The only electrical circuit I can recall that only works properly once power is removed. Handy to know when it comes time to set timing.
  7. Thats a Sweet Grandma, and a wonderful old (H). I have a 1940 model and once you get valves set, clean or replace ignition parts, and set timing. With good compression thats a smooth running engine. Ditto with the advice everyone has given you. Have fun and best of luck.
  8. Have also used Wix for decades. Two old farmalls, cars, pickups, motorcycles, never a problem. I'd give it another try.
  9. In my past, maintained 50kw engine generators as back up power for remote facilities. These typical engine gen sets consisted of a Ford V8 460ci engine coupled directly to the generator. Fuel was natural gas from a 1000 gal. tank. The only other major component was the automatic transfer switch. All was installed as a part of the facility under the same roof. Watched my first youtube on tour through a typical wind farm generator from tower to gen set on top, plus all equipment required to make it work. Was really astounded by the massive amount of natural resources needed for just one facility. Steel, fiberglass, cabling/ copper, concrete. Need a substantial concrete base for the tower to be built on, then a pretty massive tower to support what amounts to the generator building and blades on top. The fascinating part was what you can't see from the outside. Each blade has the ability to be trimmed, turned. Each blade has its own, looked like electric, motor and gearing to accomplish the turning of each blade. Motor and gearing looked massive. Since the blades rotate fairly slow they are connected to a gear box, if I remember correctly multiplies by a factor of 62. This is also a bit of a massive unit. The gear box is then connected to the generator. Really about the smallest unit in the tower building. It also has a fairly large hydraulic pump and system. All mounted in a building that of course needs to rotate to follow prevailing winds. Also massive gearing. They are MASSIVE inside and out, complex, and look to be extremely difficult to preform maintenance on. And they will need extensive maintenance as time moves on. Was very impressed how many have been built in such a short time, but brothers and sisters, they are not Green.
  10. MTO: My ole man would tell me that after he whipped my butt with the 3" wide leather belt he just removed from his pants. I'd stop crying because I'd wonder. You just whipped your son's butt black and blue through his blue jeans. Why would you want to do worse?. What the ****'s wrong with you. Of course never said the last part out loud. Some times the best part of childhood is growing up and defending ones self. Hows that for farm wisdom? Yea I know, it sucks.
  11. oldfarmkid


    Was minding my own business when I read,never mind. Which made me wonder, what was I minding that I should not have been minding, when I was minding my own business. Glad this shenanigans is at the end of 2019 and not the beginning of 2020.
  12. Through human history it seems a segment of us struggle extremely hard to MAKE insanity the new normal. Each time it is presented as something new and bold. The Brave New World. Welcome to the Brave New World......Again.
  13. Also like Messicks. Called them once and found they did not carry the part I wanted. Parts tech got online and started a search on who might. Not saying they do that all the time, but it did impress me at the time. Wish I would have gone to Messicks when I needed ignition advance springs for my Super M. Company I went to charged me about twice as much, then shipped me two of the same springs which was not what I ordered.
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