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  1. Hello all, We have an IH 183 6 row cultivator with Danish Tines. The center row is not doing the job the other rows are and we do not have the book. My question/s.... is there individual row adjustment that I'm not seeing? Tighten or loosen the top 3 point arm to make it more aggressive? Should I just assume it needs new hardware? They dont look that bad. Thank you
  2. I am in NE Missouri about an hour and 15 from Quincy Illinois. I suppose it does not matter 1000 rpm or 540 rpm pump?
  3. I am still not sure about the gpm. Will the 7.4gpm pump do the job or should I go with the eleven?
  4. I believe ours has the flow valve separate from the pump. I was planning on using that. We have an 1972 IH 1066. I have searched around for pumps and am having problems finding any that the seller doesn't think they are worth the entire planter and most of them can't remember if they were having problems with the pump when they stopped using it and cant guarantee that its operational . Case Ih wants $1600. An after market generic pump is in the $300 range
  5. We made it through our first year farming last year with our cyclo 800 6 row planter and a monitor that does not work.. However the 540 pto hydraulic pump has been damaged beyond repair do to other factors (teenage boys). I have been looking at after market generic 540 pto pumps as I have seen some suggest on these forums. I see where some say that the cyclo 800 takes an 8gpm pump. My question I see pumps that are 7.4 gpm and pumps that are 11 gpm. Will it hurt to go with the higher flow pump?
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