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  1. Hi All, I am currently working on a Hough H30C, at some point in the past someone has attempted to update the steering but has had to abandon the project for whatever reason and return it to the original steering gear. My problem is that in the process they have disconnected the hydraulic brake booster and lost (or destroyed, who knows?) one of the hoses, and modified another hose at the steering box, so that the remaining line to the booster has nowhere to connect to. Getting new hoses made up, and new fittings etc is not a problem, but at present I cannot see where said hoses should attach. I have my suspicions, but rather than just guess I was hoping that someone could give me some photos, or a scan of the appropriate pages from a workshop service manual or even just a parts book arrangement? The attached images show each end of the remaining hydraulic hose, and the fitting at the rear of the master cylinder/booster assembly that I'm not sure where this one should be plumbed to. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,...Jon.
  2. Hough H30B transmission pipes help needed

    Hi Tyson, I know I'm dredging up an older thread here, but I'm wondering if you ever managed to sort this machine out? If you haven't yet, then we may be able to help each other out. I have a Hough H30 in my workshop right now that I can take whatever photos you require. All I ask in return is that you do a similar favor for me on a different part of the machine that you have access to. In fact, I'll give you the photo's you need even if you can't provide the ones I need, but I'll need to run the machine out of the workshop and give it a hit with the pressure cleaner first so that you can actually see anything useful. This machine has spent the most recent years of its working life picking rocks out of Tassie's Rich red farming soil, so everything under there is coated in a chocolate coloured mud of soil and hydraulic oil - yummy! On to my problem; At some point in the past someone has attempted to update the steering on this one, but was forced to abandon the project and return the original steering gear. In the meantime however they had modified some of the hydraulic hoses and left it without hydraulics to the brake booster. I'm trying to return it to service for an elderly customer who weighs approximately half what I do, and so will likely not be able to operate the brakes effectively without the booster. If you were able to give me photographs of the steering and brake hydraulic lines inside the front frame then I would be forever grateful!