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  1. Instrument Cluster Restoration

    Here is a picture of the restored Instrument Cluster on my A-120. I found an NOS speedometer to install, but it made the rest of the cluster look really bad. I took a photo of the numbers and print that were on the glass and used AutoCAD to duplicate them. I then printed everything off on sticker paper which was put on the metal. The numbers may not glow in the dark like the originals, but they do show up pretty well with the dash lights. In all reality it was pretty easy. For the Surround I used Eastwood hot coat in cast aluminum.
  2. Rear Axle Bearing Lubrication

    I am in the process of putting the rear end back together in my 1958 A-120, 4x4, with an RA10 Rear Axle (full floater). I changed the bearings in the hubs after having the drums turned. When I removed the bearings they actually looked pretty good and clean. Originally I figured these bearings were lubricated with fluid (grease) from the differential, since there was no wheel bearing grease present. But, I want to make sure. The bearings were not cheap.
  3. Brake Drum Maximum Diameter

    I need to have the rear brake drums on my 1958 A-120, with RA10 Axle and 12"x2" brakes. Does anyone know what the maximum turn-to diameter is for these drums? They are already at 12.120". Thanks