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  1. Honestly I'm not a fan at all of gassers anymore either. Craptastic gas, craptastic replacement ignition parts, craptastic fuel economy all combine for much more of a headache than a diesel.
  2. For years anybody who knew anything about the automotive market said NEVER pay MSRP for a vehicle. Not sure what changed because that's what you pay now or even more. Unless absolutely up against the wall DO NOT buy now as you're getting reamed.
  3. One biggest drawback about MFWD is the $$$$$$$$ to fix them when things go south.
  4. Shoot me a PM if your interested, I can ship if needed. My roadtrip offer still stands too, I'll even buy you lunch if you get some of this crap out of my shop
  5. If you want a trip down to PA I have a whole slew of 360 stuff laying around that I'm really wanting to get rid of.
  6. I would think most pull type choppers that are not the latest and greatest would be rather cheap, probably one of the few bargains one can find now. Most dairies have moved onto SP choppers, hire custom, or run high HP required pull types. See a lot of 790 NH's out there, and parts shouldn't be an issue as those have been made forever it seems and think they're still making them.
  7. I'm starting to think theres a lot of inflated dyno numbers thrown out there. I'm no expert but I have to say that every tractor I've hooked up the the P400B I bought off @Pete1468 has been pretty darn close to what theyre supposed to have, or a bit less if they're a bit spanked with age. Had a 4440 Deere I did a new turbo, manifold, and valve adjustment on that was really hot at almost 170 HP and scratched my head a bit until the owner told me it had a 7720 combine engine in it which that hp was about right on the money there as well.
  8. Curious if that's where the rafters were sourced for the back section of our barn. It looks EXACTLY like that picture on the bottom
  9. Those guys on the Fitzgerald died for a cause and are just as worthy as anybody in the military of getting a respectful post. They died doing their job of supplying the raw materials that keep this country going and make our comfortable lives possible, which is just as important as the military! Cut this fellow a break and chill out, theres LOTS of well wishes and reminders for veterans day as well.
  10. Soak them, put a good pair if vice grips on them and start twisting and pulling. Pencil injectors are not worth saving to reuse. Buy genuine Stanadyne injectors off your local fuel shop. Part# is stamped onto the hold down foot.
  11. I think RF is a good outfit, I've bought a few components off them. Warranties on self install/parts off OEM is sketchy at best depending on who you deal with. If a good smaller dealer who you know personally I'd say you're okay. But most mega outfits anymore (unless you're a big spender) you're likely going to get reamed when things go south.
  12. It's just personal opinion, backed with some experience but I'd never give an engine away for a "core" towards a reman unless it had a rod peeking out or I needed a super quick turnaround. I dont care what anyone says, 90% of the time you're better off fixing what you have. Warranties are about useless unless all work is done by a dealer, and by that time you overpaid enough for it to cover a screwup of your own or a mechanic of your choice.
  13. Pretty slick. I remember when I was little watching my cousin split their magnum to do a flex plate and the ensuing panic when they popped that yoke and hytran gushed out
  14. Why are you on a red site if you're such a die hard green guy obviously? I'd never compare a 560 to a 4010, I compare a "new" series to a "new" series with the 06's The "decades to catch up" comment is nothing but a subjective buzz phrase
  15. I guess that's one way to make ends meet in the dairy business....
  16. Cdfarabaugh


    Blame "lean" or "jit" some but the real elephant in the room us you CANT hit pause and shut a large portion of the economy down and pay people to do nothing, then expect everything to roar right back to life with no issues. THAT started this whole mess, and it certainly was/is an effect from a political cause.
  17. Please show me one person who said that the steering on their '06 tractor was subpar........I've been following tractor forums for years and never ever heard that as a downfall......
  18. Please show me one person who said that the steering on their '06 tractor was subpar........I've been following tractor forums for years and never ever heard that as a downfall......
  19. Please show me one person who said that the steering on their '06 tractor was subpar........I've been following tractor forums for years and never ever heard that as a downfall......
  20. Oh I know all about it. I really wonder what crossed Deeres mind whenever they pretty much marketed the most complex tractors possible before stuff really was needed to be complex. The hydraulic system always makes me wonder. Closed center hydraulics really weren't a necessity in ag tractors whatsoever until vacuum meter planters came out. Other than that? Farmers just needed stuff to go up and down and not get their arm torn off hitting a dead furrow with good power steering. Did their stuff work good when it worked? No doubt but it's literally quadruple the headaches and cost to repair compared to similar vintage equipment? On an IH of similar vintage biggest hydraulic problem is usually needed an MCV pump, relief valve, or a leaking hand pump. Pretty cheap easy stuff to tackle by comparison.
  21. Am I the only one who thinks Deere really overcomplicated a steering system? (Just like SCV's too)
  22. We have all used "homie made" tooling. Fellow, or even a dealer sometimes I think would go broke buying all the doo dads anymore.
  23. See this so much anymore in all business, instead of promoting from within you bring it outsiders who "talk a good talk". I'm sure some are very qualified but theres a lot of snake oil salesmen too just wanting to get a paycheck and dont fully understand what goes on. This also breeds animosity in the rank and file realizing theres nowhere to move up as they age and gain experience. I have "0" pity for Deere (and other MFGR's as well) who have done nothing but find ways to further monopolize the market by consolidating dealers, stifling competition, and playing labor games. I really cant stand a lot of union shenanigans but I believe they have a solid beef here.
  24. It's not water, its definitely aeration as it is clear after it settles out. Also is frothing enough its bringing the level up well above full.
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