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  1. 23 hours ago, HydroTek said:

    Those orings are just a dust seal

    be sure to smear a little grease on them when installing

    the actual compression seal is the tapered end of the injector against the cup

    so be sure that area is clean and not damaged

    It sure makes a mess when water and crap gets down in there though

  2. It seems the limit of disc machines is how much you.can take in the seat.  

    Personally 8 mph is my limit.  Much faster and you cant react and stop  for stuff you don't want to hit.  We all know most don't care about that......hence why so many cutterbar parts are sold 

  3. 5 hours ago, brewcrew said:

    My 806 seems to have elected a new pope; white smoke is coming out especially as I idle it down. I also noticed oil on the left side of the engine that hadn’t ever been there before. Blowby seems more than I’m used to, but I couldn’t get it to show up on camera. Do I have just a head gasket issue? Or could I be needing a major? I would like to plan how long it will be down…




    Usually when I see that and verify it by smell being fuel.smoke, it shouts a low compression cylinder to me. The blowby makes me almost sure of it.  

  4. My opinion about China goes against the normal narrative.......but here it goes.   China faces a SERIOUS issue, and honestly it's a decision they made 40 years ago coming back to haunt them.  40 years of "one child" policy and the killing off of what is likely countless millions of female babies has sealed their fate.  The chicoms are in an all out scramble to reverse this even PAYING women to have kids.  You need people to.consume for a healthy and you need young men to fill military ranks....

    I believe in my time I will witness China become a third world country and collapse upon itself, hopefully it won't take a war for this to happen.  

    China's failure will be the Lord's punishment for the millions óf innocents killed (aborted) by government policy.  Sadly the US has blood on its hands too........not to China's extent, but not without guilt either.  

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  5. We have had 5 kids since 2018 and other than one being an emergency c section due to not progressing, and the other being a breach twin, we have had no issues.  I'm glad we are done because there is so much that can go wrong, and I would be wrecker as a person witnessing a baby suffer 😞


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  6. The downside I see with making grain for forage is having the weather to get it off in the appropriate time frame.  Rye comes hot and heavy here in May and if you have a wet month and cant get to it, it gets too far along and your pretty much stuck with a grain crop, or feed with drastically less feed value.  

  7. 17 hours ago, JDpartsman said:

    What is the easiest fix for the outer bearing not being tight on the axle shaft

    A machine shop that does spray welding and has a large enough lathe to chuck that axle is could fix it no problem.  

    I had a set fixed on a 400 years ago.  Only problem was it was amazing how "bent" Those axles were when it was chucked up In a lathe.  


  8. 1 hour ago, stronger800 said:

    We had several pieces of Midwest equipment hauled in, 20-30 years ago.  Half price of what a dealer would want here.       

    Personally I think stuff is typically in better shape from there as well too.  Most older stuff here was junk 20-30 years ago.   

    So dang easy to get burned on someone else's problem though.  Ask my neighbor about the "good" deal he got on an excavator

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  9. 20 hours ago, IH Forever said:

    regional brands

    Unfortunately like the equipment dealer situation, all the regional are being bought up by the big boys.  Doeblers got absorbed by pioneer, seed way by Growmark.  We used to plant exclusively both.  Doeblers was sold by a local feed mill, seed way by my cousin as a side gig.  

    A high school friend of mine sells feed and also some seed corn for Mycogen now brevant.  Good stuff but holy crap it's expensive recently.  

    Are yields better now?  Yes but then again we haven't planted anything else in over 10 years to compare, and have changed a few things (no more corn on corn, and corn ground gets manure application).  

    I figured I'd get flamed for my opinion, but in farming inputs are the one and only thing in your power to control.  

    Every industry now is trying their hardest to corner the market by limiting competition and making sure you pay more, don't help them and shop around.  

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  10. 1 hour ago, 766 Man said:

      Won't know until you do your spread sheet.  Cheap seed often means subpar yields.  Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

    Does everything you spend extra money on guarantee a better outcome?  You get what you pay for only guarantees one thing......more money out of your pocket with the "possibility" of a better outcome.  

    My friends father in law is a seed  salesman.  Super nice guy, but SOMEBODY is paying his comfy salary, new truck every few years, mileage, fuel, and all the replants given on courtesy to BTO's who put corn in Super early and have germination issues.  

    I'm sure there's some garbage out there, but also sure that there are outfits with a lot less overhead passing savings onto consumers as well.  



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  11. I have wondered this myself about planting some off brand seed.  The "big boys" seed is getting unreasonable in price, and personally I'm not keen on paying $300+ a bag to cover these sales people's and managers wages and having a brand new truck to drive around and bullshit in.  

    Genetics are important but for double the price are you getting your full money's worth? 

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  12. Ah, the good old oil filter fights 😆

    Honestly, my response to these discussions is I'd like proof of a failure caused by a filter.  It does happen, bit in no way is it common.  

    Used to run a lot of Napa, but they have gotten expensive as others alluded to.  

    I get a discount on Fleetguard now through A&I, but this year they aren't  as price competitive.  Some are cheaper, some the same as OEM, some a bit more.  I'd like to say Fleetguard is a premium filter but man, there's a LOT of Mexican manufactured filters.  A Deere 8.1 cartridge is made in China.  Who isn't doing that anymore though 😐


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  13. 4 hours ago, mmi said:

    Dont leave out that this dead /useless land will increase in tax EVERY year. AND when you cant pay they will seize your ENTIRE holdings , for illegals or govt BTO.

    The seize lie started here 3 years ago, tax increase + $12 / 100K, actual  $80 /100 and everyone was jacked to $80 /300 ,since the front end was capped.

    actual '24 $4000.00/$150K val.

    Seniors en mass ,tried to get it voted ,just like "our" budget ,cancel the "Hampton Jone's "($50mil/yr pork) ,toss the "essentials" in a hat,can I buy/pay for food ,meds,heat or new roof this month.  They were shut down and herded out, You wouldnt like cuts to YOUR entitlements or lower govt employee consumption.

    We are getting a $30mil county re assessment where the banks/bto already have 60% reduction,with HUGE refunds (Before)

    Private non usable/strip waste land is already $20K /ac.

    They have to jack the back side further as the front end is capped ,County up 10% ('25) , local already signed ,max by law next 7 years and is planning hard ship court case for'25 to double that .......20%/300%  EVERY year forever.

    While typing got a zillow ALERT  "your property value just increased, list it NOW !!" Your updated home value is ready

    This is a nightmare of mine.  Finally acquire a decent spread then be taxed off it.  They got away with it in years past, but I'm not sure it wouldn't happen without people getting nasty or even violent now being everyone is stretched so thin.  

    We elected 2 new county comissioners this past year, and my wife being involved in politics a bit lent them a helping hand.  I told them you better swear to the good lord himself not to even utter the word reassessment because the retribution we and others will bring down will be biblical.  

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  14. 16 hours ago, 1967806 said:

    Pretty sure the 1066 I'm working on don't have that hole in the case ahead of the filter. Its a late 75 black stripe. And the drain I'm trying to take care of will be for all the return from the pressure going to a bale accumulator.  

    What type of accumulator are you.running if youndont mind me asking? 

  15. My cousin and I were talking last night a bit and discussing forestry issues.  He has about 100 acres of "reclaimed" strip mine property that has grown into a bunch of brush and miltifloral rose.  He heard about a program that will "pay" you if you let an outfit come in and reclaim it to the tune of $1000 an acre.  

    He began questioning the fellow more, and the plan is to deep rip, haul in necessary soil, and plant in trees.  The catch.......you can't touch one tree on the place ever because it "captures carbon" and defeats the purpose.  

    He really grilled this young fellow because #1, the diesel fuel burned to complete this job would offset any gains and #2, that 1,000 an acre is essentially "selling" any future use of the property for any profit other than recreation........no thanks.   

    These people are truly amazing in their thinking.....


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  16. 16 hours ago, oleman said:

    In a democracy we get to vote, our future is in our hands!

    Unfortunately when certain groups of people concentrate in one area, that idea goes out the window.  New York, California, Illinois etc you just can't overpower their major urban centers.  

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  17. I've been tossing around getting a set of 20.8's to run duals on my 1566.  It has near brand new 23 degree radials on it now which I have zero complaints. 

    Not much luck finding some partially worn ones and I'd have to get a loan to buy another set to match what's on it.  Even though it's not "right" it's probably just going to get an el cheapo set. 

    Biggest thing I see with cheap tires is they begin cracking badly, often before wearing out.  

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  18. 4 hours ago, ChrisNY said:

    Yes, they just bought 10 stores here in NY. I am sure it is all part of Mother Deeres plan. 

    Why I have zero respect or loyalty to most dealerships anymore.  Why should I whenever all this consolidation does nothing but ensure I pay more in the end.  

    Most customer service is in the toilet as well too. 

    Also, most of them pathetically underpay employees.  I have a high school student going on co-op and I had to keep myself from making a nasty phone call when I heard they would maybe pay him 9$/hr when he also has a half hour drive.  The kid can make more at a pizza shop.......why I don't want to hear the sob stories about why techs are in short supply.  


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  19. Eventually I can see anything that's volatile and flammable being banned.  

    I feel for you folks in New York, it's sad what's happening.  Incredible what can happen when these loons gain absolute power.  

    Even though PA is a state that leans blue, we have always legislatively kept the left in check.  

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  20. 13 hours ago, SDman said:

    listen to your engineers

    I'll agree with you to a point, but if manufacturer engineers were the perfect people were are taught that they are, we wouldn't need warranties, recalls, product improvements etc etc.  

    Too much hands on, run it to see what happens has been replaced by computer screens, simulations, lab tests and kids coming out of college who have no idea what a tractor is.  Unfortunately that sprayer issue you talk about would never have been caught this way.  

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  21. 2 hours ago, Farmall Doctor said:

    That's less than Napa here. I Have used Nationwide batteries in Customer units and my own, and they lasted 10 years. I had great luck with Delco batteries in the past, as well as IH batteries. 

    Group 31 batteries are just so popular they move easily and there's usually always a sale on them somewhere.  I.think you guys up north get reamed price wise though.  

    Personally I think battery life is VERY DEPENDENT on how it's treated.  Stuff that sits around a lot and doesn't regularly run to keep batteries up usually has a battery that lasts only a few years before becoming sulfated and weak.  Batteries that get the crap knocked out of them being bounced around are not long for the world either.  

    Battery arguments are like oil/filter threads.......everybody says such and such is junk, the next guy has used them forever with no issues.  

    Personally, I'm going for the outfit who will cut me a deal so something as stupid as a battery doesnt cost more than a day pay, and also toss me a new one across the counter without an argument.  

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