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  1. Honestly I think salespeople are a thing of the past. I often ask myself how they can be justified in today's world. The salary, vehicle, insurance, commission etc to peddle goods that someone can order off an app on their cell phone. I think even equipment salespeople is outdated. At one time they could assist you in optioning out a machine to fit your operation, but now, it's just someone that gives you a price.
  2. That's only 20 minutes from me, I should go look lol. Honestly if that's a ZF axled '85 series, you could part that out and make money on it and that highlift
  3. Let's face it, these companies function through investors to raise capital as much or more than they are worried about us buying. The big money people investing are worried about this garbage......as mislead as they are. They need to be kept happy. I'd bet a crisp 100 dollar bill if Deere came out and said they didn't give a crap about any of this fluff......it would cause a storm of controversy with investors. Unfortunately it's not the good old days when blue collar guys would get together and use their skills and collective knowledge to build equipment with the end users interests in mind. Executives, HR, engineers, and pencil pushers who are as removed from the farm as can be call the shots. You can't go shopping for a combine or 300 HP tractor like you can groceries and they know that.....but investors have almost infinite places to put their money. Who do you think they are worried about?
  4. Any "techs" at a modern dealership even have any idea how to work on something like this?
  5. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/jomf.12971 Here's a wonderful example of the idiocy in higher education. The fact someone spent the time to write this piece of toilet paper let alone have it published and get paid for it. If you have social media, look up the author and you won't be suprised.
  6. Higher education is just a self sustaining echo chamber. Wayyyyy too many people graduate a college with a doctorate or masters, then just rotate right back in as faculty. There's NO way I was seasoned and nature enough without real world experience
  7. Is there a spec given for how far up the valve has to travel? Usually I adjust them as you describe e suring it sits on the snap ring in DD
  8. It would be about 11 years ago I installed an AG parts super duty TA in my own 1566. Went the whole 9 yards with it too (pump, spring kit, quill). Probably have barely put 200 hours on it (sat awhile until completion). I noticed today coming off the highway and going in a farm lane uphill, I pulled the TA back under load and worked fine, but found myself coasting down the hill shortly after. It's still partially grabbing and not a free-freewheel. It will actually hold back in lower gears. I know you're not supposed to do it, but if you pull back to slow down there is more of a delay than usual to feel the jerk and speed decrease. I'm 99% sure I checked and verified pressures on it. My question is, will the spool on the mcv losing a slight amount of upward travel due to a worn pivot cause this? Of course it has a cab so this is much harder, but visually looking I can see the pivot cooking some when going into TA.
  9. What is "cheap" engine oil. Unless buying some real oddball stuff everything out there is rated API CK4, and is certainly not cheap.....
  10. Hard to believe that we now sit here discussing this not and not sounding crazy when 2 years ago there was banning and screaming going on in here about disinformation. I'm really afraid for people who shot that garbage into their kids when they were at zero risk for it. One thing I will say though, Covid did change how I seem to react to other viruses. I get TERRIBLE chest colds now and again that seem to take steroids to clear out.
  11. Looks like some tripocal remnants are on the way to answer some of your prayers!
  12. I'm a big fan of time serts, always wondered why they arent more mainstream. Yes they are $$$$, but usually cost isn't an issue on stripped fastener repairs versus the alternative
  13. What town are you in? We're pretty good here to the west,wet enough to keep stuff healthy but dry deep down for sure. Seems the rain peters out after it gets east of the mountains. Still a few dry pockets here though where the storms missed.
  14. I see there's lots of tools out there for around 100$, should invest in one.......it's not run putting it in the press anymore
  15. I'm gonna have to dust off my brazing skills. Have you seen this before cause pressure loss @HydroTek?
  16. I suspected this job would come back. I rebuilt this PTO 3 years ago and it had torched clutches in it. It's an auger tractor so it had lots of cruddy oil and I figured the plugged pickup did it. I got it reassembled and could barely get it to the pressure spec at WOT with the turnbuckle bottomed out. I let it ride and sure enough it's back. Now we need to look harder. The pump looks good (I've never replaced one) but I noticed the supply tube in the carrier where it passes through the mounting circle is leaking when i pressurize with air. Has anyone attempted to braze this or should I just find a good used one?
  17. These oil arguments Crack me up. Let's put all our biases aside and look at it from a business standpoint.... If I walk into ANY equipment dealership today and buy a bucket of their latest and greatest hydraulic transmission oil, do you believe they spent precious R&D dollars on making sure its backwards compatible to 30 year old machinery? Also, manufacturers really care less about supporting older equipment. I personally think it's more of a courtesy to stay in customers good graces so they have a shot of selling something new (and giving an example of good parts/service support). There's money in parts sales for dealers, but New machine sales is what keeps the manufacturer going. Lots here including ourselves have switched to products from a reliable petroleum distributor. Even big guys with newer stuff. It's death by 1000 cuts expense wise anymore, and people are sick of being fleeced.
  18. I still can't believe there's still tractors out there without the spring applied pawl yet. Many a tractors got away around here before updated......
  19. Dang, wish I was closer A/C work is my bread and butter. It's kinda scary to me if a tech doesn't have the ambition/know how to work on an old AC system what about when they get the big problems?
  20. We put down 300 lbs dry starter. I'm not a huge fan of the rawson fertilizer coulters as they don't really incorporate well if soil moisture isn't perfect. There's already bags in the insecticide boxes. I think next year some new Coulter bladed are on the list. I know a lot say they're useless, but the seed trench never would have closed as well as they did if not for the strip of disturbed soil. I just don't ever see well established hay ground being mellow enough to not need them. Most of the skips look to be due from rocks pushing the row unit out, or the occasional failure to close......or critters.
  21. We're heading out with our tribe tomorrow. Wast going to as we just got back from OBX Sunday, but it's been a grind working on hay this week and Bloomsburg is only a little over 2 hrs away. Everything that van hold a round bale or square bale of hay is loaded up.......but it can wait 😁 We're pretty easy to pick out, 5 kids in matching outfits with 2 flustered parents. They're already excited about the barrel train @bitty
  22. I can say I'm pretty pleased with how this came out. Not 100% perfect picket fence but not much different than our conventional stands.
  23. One thing we need to remember these is nearly 100 years of machinery in use now (probably closer to 90.......but 100 sounds more dramatic). That's a LOT of parts to keep! It's only going to get worse unfortunately. What is disheartening to me is that a lot of this old iron is still worth stupid money, and you're faced with the possibility of hitting a brick wall in parts availability someday. Someone was mentioning construction equipment......lots of old excavators, backhoes and dozens bringing 30k or so on the market. That's a lot of cash for something that could become a paperweight.
  24. Sold under the name Butyrac. We use it for spraying oats for weeds underseeded with alfalfa. Not so much expensive but has a pretty hefty rate per acre.
  25. Unfortunately I can see a lot of the letter series tractors getting knocked on the head for scrap in the coming years. Just no real use for them anymore and there's an oversupply of them due to the sheer number produced
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