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  1. One thing to think about and feel free to call me crazy or whatever...... Anybody who even remotely questions the official Covid narrative is branded for spreading misinformation. Now, let's sit down and think about the money situation with this. Who stands to make more of a financial windfall from this? A few Pharmaceutical conglomerates who have made freaking BILLIONS off this and continue to do so, or someone saying wait a minute let's rethink this? The answer is pretty clear as there is NO financial reward to spreading "misinformation". However, continuing the narrative continues to make many ver VERY wealthy.
  2. Not trying to be smart but I'm curious how one "rebuilds" an aluminum gear pump. Usually when they're done they're pretty much trashed. Our 970 did this 5 years ago and noticed it quit lifting the discbine unless throttled up. Luckily I have a flow meter and it was about exactly as you said, 500 psi and that was it and flow went to nothing. Pump was completely trashed, but hey, its pumped since 1978. Luckily HyCap makes a complete tandem setup for it for around a grand back then and that's what we installed. Probably more now Unfortunately
  3. The heavy press fit liners are definitely the better setup giving less head gasket issues but require a special process involving press tooling and machine work to get them to fit properly in the bores. Nothing really wrong with the older style either but it can be a pain as well getting them shimmed to height. Last 282 I did I had the block skimmed and trued up and the counter bores trimmed up. Measuring the flanges my machine shop got the liner height dead on without shims. Was time consuming of course. Without doing this you're going to end up pulling and pressing liners in until you get it right.
  4. @bitty you should have picked that dyno up
  5. Whole house has the 'vid here. Wife is about over it, for me and the kids it's just a nasty cold. I'd be fine but man is he coughing and gunk with it is annoying. This version is more of an upper respiratory infection which this fits to a T.
  6. It's a necessary evil anymore, and one where the money is at. A lot of this black market stuff works pretty dang good. I bought a Deere service advisor setup.back in 2012 when it was pretty amazing to get your hands on it, paid for itself 10 fold. Recently updated to the newest web based 5.2xx and so far so good. Still holding back on CIH setup as honestly not much that's electronic around. I'm worried though just how long it's going to take to circumvent the nerds hacking this stuff, only saving grace now is offline versions still being available.
  7. That upgrade is a must do but I'll bet that kit is getting saltier by the month. Honestly why hasnt the aftermarket picked that up?
  8. WoodLake is about a half hour away from me, they use to jockey grinders but not sure how much they do anymore. @Reichow7120 we got a mixer auger stub shaft for the bottom gearbox this spring from Gehl for out 95..... actually pretty reasonable too. It stripped out the splines that go intonthe bevel gear and we thought that would be the final nail in the coffin for that old girl and hear NLA. If you go after that 120 really really check out that bottom mixer gearbox and the unloading auger setup. As wore out as ours is that's the only 2 problem areas we ever have. That vintage of hydraulic drives arentbreally great either as theres still a mess of bevel gears for the unload. The 100s/125's etc later ones got it right and have direct motor drives, but they are literally double if not triple the price too. The mixer market just plain out sucks, it's the only thing worse to buy and overpay in more than a vehicle now.......
  9. What's most disturbing to me is how comfortable some individuals are in meddling with people's personal and professional lives. I dont care what side of the vaccine debate you're on pro or against, but there is NOTHING fine with threatening people's livelihoods or limiting their interactions with society. We literally fought wars against people who believed in this same thing, yet people are too blind to see it happening now. I hope and pray the supreme court takes a sledgehammer to this stuff one and for all, and that some individuals get the retribution they deserve for partaking in this.
  10. Cdfarabaugh


    I wish I could look forward to 2022 but I cant see anything getting better. Between inflation, shortages, inept leadership and the spreading disease of corrupt media both conventional and social, my Hope's are pretty low. Buuuut, we can do good with what's in our own power, always need to remember that!
  11. I put one of these Alumax MP bodies on my 2500HD this fall and despite being a bit unhappy due to a pricing surcharge after ordering it I'm very happy with it. Best of both worlds as it's useful as both a pickup or flatbed. You never realize how convenient it is to be able to fold the sides down to retrieve or side load stuff. Almost went with a flatbed with stake pocket sides, but couldn't really get a conventional tailgate with a "tower" supporting the rear corner. Sucker is built heavy too, it's actually 300lbs heavier than the regular pickup box which suprised me. I actually think Martin's has a Missouri location @Missouri Mule
  12. I took a half a beef as payment for some mechanic work, and my first from someone who fed high moisture corn. I'll have to say as far as marbling and taste it has to be as close to prime as I've ever had. Only bad thing is lots of fat around the outside, and made some rib steaks the other night and you literally have to cut 1/4 of them away as fat. Were going to sell 2 direct here in February for the first time and curious to see how it works out. Have sent cattle on Y&G to Cargill for years and routinely get choice and some CAB premiums with maybe 2-3 selects a year so I'm not too worried (although im.curious how legitimate they're grading is) One thing I will say has worked out is knocking some of our old brood cows for hamburger. Put them on grain for 2 months and ship them. For an old decrepit cow cant beat it and have moved almost 2 cows worth if it this year.
  13. Someone stole that Oliver for that price along with those plows
  14. I'm not a ford Modular man by any means but those v10's are pretty tough (if taken care of) . Ran them as high as 325k in DOT crew cabs. Only real issues are manifolds like every frickin ford ever made, coil packs, and some valve train issues which I think is what you have going on. Pull your valve covers and have a look at your camshaft and roller followers and I'll bet you have a follower going out. You can get a good look at your timing chains as well. One nice thing about 3v v10s is no vvt BS unlike their little brothers. If you had one that made it to 250k you maintained it and I believe it would be worth fixing honestly.
  15. I'm not an old timer by any means, but I'm starting to get some years under my belt and realize some things. I've heard since the early 2000's "remember the 80's" "it cant keep going" "this is gonna collapse" ..........well it hasn't. People that spent big money back then dont look so dumb now. Property IS wealth and has one of the best returns going. I dont see interest rates going up, no politician wants to pull the handbrake and stop the wagon. Our currency is going to further devalue through inflation, and prices are gonna keep going up. Unfortunately those of us that were frugal and stood by are going to lose this game. Makes me a bit sick knowing many in my family are/were sitting on enormous amounts of cash only to have its purchasing power devalued to the point they lost money by saving. Property could have been bought, equipment upgraded, buildings built but not to be. They were taught to be conservative, but when everybody else doesnt use that philosophy you quickly find yourself surrounded as missed opportunities get gobbled up. I could be wrong, but I really have my doubts. IF it does happen it won't be pretty and I'll bet theres more chaos than just more farm bankruptcies and auctions, it will go much deeper and be more chaotic than that.
  16. What is the reason the Roosa conversion doesnt work well? Is it the lack of a cold start timing advance?
  17. Fuel in oil is likely just umbrella seals
  18. Honestly I'm not a fan at all of gassers anymore either. Craptastic gas, craptastic replacement ignition parts, craptastic fuel economy all combine for much more of a headache than a diesel.
  19. For years anybody who knew anything about the automotive market said NEVER pay MSRP for a vehicle. Not sure what changed because that's what you pay now or even more. Unless absolutely up against the wall DO NOT buy now as you're getting reamed.
  20. One biggest drawback about MFWD is the $$$$$$$$ to fix them when things go south.
  21. Shoot me a PM if your interested, I can ship if needed. My roadtrip offer still stands too, I'll even buy you lunch if you get some of this crap out of my shop
  22. If you want a trip down to PA I have a whole slew of 360 stuff laying around that I'm really wanting to get rid of.
  23. I would think most pull type choppers that are not the latest and greatest would be rather cheap, probably one of the few bargains one can find now. Most dairies have moved onto SP choppers, hire custom, or run high HP required pull types. See a lot of 790 NH's out there, and parts shouldn't be an issue as those have been made forever it seems and think they're still making them.
  24. I'm starting to think theres a lot of inflated dyno numbers thrown out there. I'm no expert but I have to say that every tractor I've hooked up the the P400B I bought off @Pete1468 has been pretty darn close to what theyre supposed to have, or a bit less if they're a bit spanked with age. Had a 4440 Deere I did a new turbo, manifold, and valve adjustment on that was really hot at almost 170 HP and scratched my head a bit until the owner told me it had a 7720 combine engine in it which that hp was about right on the money there as well.
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