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  1. I think it's a MINO "marraige in name only" like many are in this country. Stay married even though you cant stand the other person due to politics, finances, media, career etc. If Hillary split up, she loses all Billy's political pull. Believe it or not a lot of moderates still like that slimebag yet
  2. I would love to see what Bill's involvement was with Epstein. Unfortunately I dont think the truth will ever be brought to light. Im not sure if one is supposed to believe some of the wild accusations and conspiracies about sex trafficking and abuse being performed against young ladies by the elite and powerful. All one has to do though is look around the news though and see tons of small time perverts getting pinched for child porn, abuse of minors, statutory rape etc. If people in your small town are capable of that, just who are we kidding that some that are rich and powerfu
  3. Curious to see some of the corn stands here when it finally gets going. Lots of guys went gung ho with this cold wet spell forecasted just to watch it sit in wet cold ground for weeks on end. Just never pays to plant corn here before the middle of May anymore the way the weather is, especially when it's not conventional tillage.
  4. IF it ever warms up enough for them to come out.....sheesh it snowed here today. They might say to heck it it lol
  5. Seeing your pictures really makes me want to find a 6 bottom on-land for my 15 to use now and again.
  6. You're not the only one looking........
  7. 606's have a c221 gas like 460's but a different cylinder head and pistons with higher compression-and a few more HP
  8. Honestly Dr. Evil couldnt have even done something so disruptive himself. All this progress and dependency on stuff connected to the internet has its drawbacks.....and we just saw it.
  9. https://www.agriculture.com/markets/newswire/surging-us-crop-prices-reverse-fortunes-in-rural-iowa Saw this article a bit ago and just shook my head. When some dipshit "farmer" bids almost $500 an acre to rent ground for a year that he never step foot on, while vacationing in Mexico the end is near..... A "farming" magazine published this garbage too and thinks this all is well.
  10. Hopefully hes in for a rude awakening when he loses his unchecked power via the constitutional amendment on the primary ballot. Make sure you get people out to vote for that!
  11. Thank you. More I think now pretty sure I got it from a co worker, he was complaining of bad allergy type symptoms, and lost his taste and smell a bit before mine. Mandatory masks there too so yeah.....theres that. You cant get upset just going about your life doing your job. Even not partaking in "risky" behavior you're at risk. Back last April my wife and I made a pact to each other along with our families that we were going to not spend any more time apart, and that what risks were taken were outweighed by the benefits of healthy, normal family relationships. As I played with
  12. Funny thing looks like I just got covid myself. Had an annoying cold since Friday night, then yesterday.....bam no taste or smell. No fever, just a lot of "gunk" and strangely enough horrible lower back pain that's been present since Monday. Not sure where I picked it up as only really work,go home or go out on the farm anymore. In the end, just as well. It will be done and over with and will have natural immunity myself. Kids probably have it too as they have snooty noses and low grade fevers. Anyone "high risk" around me including my wife is vaccinated.
  13. One thing I've found is that hauling often isnt that expensive if your flexible to work with them time wise. It's a lot more enjoyable not having to worry about tires blowing out, swaying out of control, width clearance issues etc.
  14. I cant stand OneLonelyFarmer. Literally the biggest douchecanoe on the planet. Sad thing is such a jerk can have such a large following. I too have wondered about his mulch business being profitable, but it sounds like he just deals in crazy volume. Maybe when you rent crap patches in jersey cheap and go down south n bale straw as a waste product theres a little money to be made.
  15. Sandens can break the reeds and do what your describing.
  16. Yes, it's easy to brush things off as conspiracy, but in all honesty let's take a step back and look at the past say 100 years. What's the #1 way to manipulate populations?.......... The MEDIA. Would have not been conspiracy theorist that said "heyyyyy, these Nazi fellows arent who you think they are" . Substitute any totalitarian regime you want in there. Let's also add that legislative authority in states has pretty much been suspended for the past year. Emergency declarations are the norm, neutering the ability to override governors and bureaucratic policies. Can you b
  17. To me the only way to find the legitimate number is take an average amount of deaths from the past few years prior to 2020 and see compare them to how many dies in 2020 and 2021 respectively. I know quite a few that died, and all but 2 were honestly waiting for something to take them from this earth from either old age, heart issues, cancer, extreme obesity etc. Again, I'm not calling a hoax or anything, just stating that I've seen situations similiar to TP people being called a covid death when in reality they were pretty much already dead.
  18. Exactttttly. All that stuff is fun and games until until it let's loose. Yeah, your 3.5 might leave my GM 5.3/6.0 in the dust, but mine is pretty much guaranteed to last the life if the truck then some, and if it does break, it's easy and cheaper to replace.
  19. Years back (before my time) our 806 took off down a hill with a hopper full of potatoes, it promptly got changed over.
  20. I often wondered why the aftermarket never picked up on this kit. Amazing how many tractors are out there yet without the update
  21. If theyre being careful, watching and testing then wheres the confidence in the vaccinations? Also hate to say it but rarely does it seem that Covid "goes away" without it getting real bad at one point. We had a horrible 2 months but then just as quickly as it got bad it petered back out. It seems like it comes in, kicks arse, gets those that it somehow found vulnerable enough to pick it up, then backs off. Rarely is a "hot spot" hot again. I'd like the explanation for this. The manic people would like to say "no distancing, no masks, places being open, family gat
  22. I'm going to put my last .02cents in on this vaccine issue as I'm tiring of it, but just want to give a few quick thoughts to explain why some think the way they do. #1) The goalposts have moved countless times. We went from 2 weeks to flatten the curve, to a month, to 6 months, to over a year. People like me listened for about a month then had a "hey, wait a minute here". Were quickly finding out that what we giveth away shall not be giveth back so easily. That eroded trust. #2) Literally nothing has changed since vaccine rollout, no easing restrictions of any kind on people w
  23. It still doesnt make sense to me why people that already had it are forced or encouraged to get a vaccine. Never in my life have I got the same sickness twice in a season.
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