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  1. I have to turn it off when i hear it as it gives me an incredible amount of anxiety. My kids will likely see the beginning stage of whats in that song......
  2. Ive switched everything over to FinalCharge which is OAT extended life coolant and had no issues. Dont have an issue with green but its nice to not worry near as much with coolant maintenance. Cavitation issues are much more of a rarity now that ELC is mainstream.
  3. If they do I would fall over in disbelief. The truck bed I ordered in March is finally completed, and has a $300 surcharge tacked on. Im REALLY tempted to make a phone call and ask why in the **** do you bother making me sign a quote/contract with a set price on it then when I ordered it? Sure enough there's a fine print section that says they reserve the right to do so. Doesnt take a genius to realize no matter what the prices or availability of materials it gets tacked on.
  4. Thats just insane to me, the auctioneer is performing a service for the seller moreso than the buyer!
  5. I listen to Turbo quite a bit, kinda irritating that its a Tool and Korn overplaying station somedays but thats radio in general anymore. Ive kinda got too many to name, most of the stuff I blast is hard stuff. When i listen to oldies the other half of the time its to be mellow.
  6. I'm curious (as others have been on this earth longer than me) as to just when, or how long ago auction buyers premiums became mainstream? At least around here it doesnt seem until recently that Ive seen it. Call me what you want but the fact that I have to pay extra on something I'm pretty much buying blind "as is where is" is asinine. The buyer assumes all risks! I guess comission from the seller isnt good enough? Local jockey is having a consignment auction with purchases up to 10,000 having 10%..........no thanks and keep your junk. Cant help but say the days of auction "deals" are gone.
  7. Those 336's are a beast, just a 504 with 2 cylinders lopped off. Rebuilt one for an 850B dozer a few years ago
  8. Be a pretty decent loader tractor with a powershift. Everybody hates on cases of that vintage but could buy 3 of them for what youd drop on a Deere of that vintage.
  9. Never was a fan of flying, and the way things are now pretty much assures it. Tired of being herded and treated like a criminal by TSA, poor service and now add in even poorer service and retarded mandates no thanks. Even with the idiots on the road driving is more enjoyable.
  10. Never in my life have I seen a "double tree" pull.......neat
  11. Typical how it works, watch that idiot fly past how many times but nothing gets done about it but pinch the guy who had enough and almost gets hit. Talked to a buddy that lives close by on the road at that intersection and he recognized the vehicle description right away and had a similiar experience
  12. Not many people like us that would rather resolve our own problem instead of complaining......I guess thats frowned upon. I would have done the same thing looking for lids. All the kid had to do is say "may I help you instead of you looking for things"? And then say "I'm sorry, we are out and I'll make a note of it" I feel bad Im pretty short anymore. I almost got hit backing out of my parents last week by some punk in a Dodge cummins doing 75 mph on a 45 mph section of road (if doing speed limit theres ample time to slow if someone is backing out this section of road). Instead he blew around me horn blaring.......I absolutely snapped. Had the 3/4 ton 2500 chevy farm truck and grabbed rubber in 2 gears and ran him down to the next intersection and yelled a choice slogan out the window. Im not normally like this, but we all have those moments. Inconsiderate jerks are getting VERY old.
  13. Why is CaseIH stuff so difficult to buy service tools for @Maynard @CIHTECH? Deere stuff can buy easily, maybe not cheap but can still get it. I got the Deere equivalent of that flow adapter for Mannheim tractors years ago that takes place of the filter
  14. Its strange just how much of a long distance business the hay market is becoming. Used to have all our hay moved within the state. 1st cutting was bought by a jockey out of shippensburg who supplied horse tracks in PA and Maryland. Late cutting hay all went to the Cove area to smaller dairies. Most of those have gone under and no big dairies buy hay in small squares off guys like us. I think almost 90% of what we make to sell goes out of state now for horses probably about 5-6000 bales worth through jockeys. Amazing how they even buy up the "high test" stuff.
  15. Looks like a nice buy, be a sweet loader rig. Ive always wanted a 186 in the worst way. Neighbor has one and is thinning his fleet to switch to all grain farming, its in similiar condition as yours as the cab is completely roached. Its rumored for sale but I dont have the funds now by any means. I always say a even though a hydro is a gamble, it would take $100,000 to buy a tractor (IVT) with simiar functionality.
  16. Lots of unhinged people anymore......nothing suprises me
  17. Kinda what I thought, and why I'm leery. On the other hand we sell a pile to a guy that hauls it down to virginia and Kentucky.......and lots of hay grown down there. Maybe good small squares are getting that difficult to come by......
  18. 6 years ago I put an ad on HayMap, and up until this year completely forgot it was still there. Actually gained 4 customers by them getting in contact with me. They are all local and smaller quantities. Last night I was contacted from Texas on someone looking for larger quantities hay, and their story was their normal western supplier dried up. This of course brings up the scam alarm, but the fellow seems to know enough about hay that he is legitimately in the business. My question is IF (and thats a big if) something gets worked out, how does one normally get paid. Obviously out of state checks are too risky. Probably like to see cash, but thats tough to get anymore too. Just seeing if anyone else has experience doing business like this.
  19. Im curious as to why anyone ever thought those were effective. By the time that bolt got loose enough that tin tab mattered youre gonna have a rod through the side
  20. 285 is still pretty dang high on the high side
  21. I forgot about that one. Even Centre Hall is still a solid hour and 20 mins away. We usually go up for the grange fair with the wifes family. Weve tried to avoid Centre County since covid as theyre reallyyyyyy weird about it up there around state college. Tried going to Penn's Cave last summer and between not being able to eat anywhere due voluntarily still doing takeout only or capacity restrictions and wierdos screaming at us to mask up outside at Penn's Cave ill give it a bit more time lol.
  22. I think theres a lot of "wish" selling. Throw a high number out and see what sucker butes The freebie cash may finally be drying up somewhat......probably from runaway inflation devouring it.
  23. Nice meeting you too Tim. My wife says you'll be the go to guy on survival advice having 4 kids so close together 😁 I wish like heck I could of seen that 400 pull but I figured (and turned out to be correct) that it would be late into the evening until the heavier classes ran. Ideally we should just camp up there to fully enjoy it, and if funds ever permit a camper is high on our list. Probably think im nuts driving 2 1/2 hrs for a tractor show but its unfortunate there isnt really any shows/gatherings here locally (not counting fairs) despite all the AG history here. 2 years ago we drove the whole way to Berryville VA for the Shenandoah Valley Steam Show, which was well worth it.
  24. I plan on being there, last year was my first time and I really enjoyed it especially during a year that everybody cancelled everything. I missed you last year having to leave a bit early as our kids pretty much were wore out, ill try to make a point to meet up this time. Weather looks to be super nice as of now.
  25. This secret government crap cracks me up. Just who is trustworthy? Just who is vetted enough to not worry? More and more its just a money and connection thing as some of this high military brass and politicians seems just as flaky as the the.rest
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