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  1. Thanks guys for the replies and guidance. The shifter was not even on my radar on this and certainly is something I will look into.
  2. 65806. Do you think the shavings are also from the shifter parts?
  3. Yeah I was thinking of the PTO clutch if it was going.
  4. The shifting is sloppy for the range shifter. Interesting thought that really hadn’t even crossed my mind. Do the shavings look like clutch material?
  5. I am new to this forum but have been reading over the information since buying my 1066 a few months ago. This tractor was purchased at an auction so I know next to nothing about it’s former life. When I brought it home I noticed a growling noise in the rearend but everyone assured me these tractors tend to make a lot of rearend noise. I brought it home and have not done much with it since. I finally got around to doing the full service (hydraulic, engine oil, air filters, fuel filters, and coolant filters) that I wanted to complete before doing any major work with the tractor and the first thi
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