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  1. We have a 7030 my Daddy bought new, never runs hot unless radiator is plugged. The 81 model 7080 we had ran warm but not full out hot. The 77 model 7080 we had ran warm as well. The 81 model 7580 ran normal. The 77 7000 ran normal. The 84 8070 ran normal. They were good reliable tractors for us.
  2. The boiler is capable of over 9000 horsepower. It can put around 7000 to the rail. That thing is a beast in every sense of the word.
  3. PPG Delfleet is my choice.
  4. Another one for you. 28710 SY. My Daddy bought it new the same week I was born, last week of July, 1966 . Just rolled the hour meter again. stands at 20,027 hrs.
  5. We have used liberty for years. Occasionally we had happen what you described. Wasn't very often but it did happen and we could never figure out why.
  6. Our local Massey dealer's contract was pulled by AGCO two years ago. Family owned, fourth generation single store location. They were in business for 87 years. Sad.
  7. Don"t know about drawbar but pto was 198 last I checked. We are pulling a 3950 in Ohio river bottoms. Sandy loam. Flat to very gently rolling. We generally run four inches deep at five to five and half mph.
  8. 3950 is much heavier. Frame tubing is thicker, larger hubs (8 vs 6 bolt), axle is 1 1/2" round vs 1 1/8" square. All we have in our neighbor hood is 7 1/2" so I can't answer your draft question. We pull a 25' with cultipacker behind a 7140. We could handle a 28' and be just right. The 7140 is bone stock.
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