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  1. TD 24 value

    Hello everyone I would like to thank everyone who has helped me out with this. This machine will not be going anywhere but inside of the machine shed once we make some room for it. Thanks
  2. TD 24 value

    Hello all the SN is TDE 4901 here are some pictures
  3. TD 24 value

    Zeke thank you very much for your information. We are not planning to sell it at this time, we just need to find out what it is worth so we can settle the estate
  4. TD 24 value

    We had it running and drove it around the yard in sept. It started right up. Dad would start it several times a summer
  5. TD 24 value

    Thank you TD-18. I am in Nebraska. The 24 is about 70 miles from where I live. I will get the sn and try to get some pictures this weekend
  6. TD 24 value

    Hello folks. I am hoping someone here could help me with a ballpark value on a TD 24. It was my fahters that he had purchased in about 1972. It is in great condition mechanically. It has set outside since he bought it but starts right up. It has never had a blade on it. He used it with a letournue scraper and ripper until about 1980 or so when he got an E270 paddle scrapper. I would put the undercarrage at about 75 percent. I do not have the sn at this time. Thank you for any help that you can give us.