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  1. I am pulling my 886 in local tractor pulls. The class is 9500. I get close with me on the tractor 9700-9800 pending on the scale. I want to keep my tractor equipped to still go back in field. I don't want to pull my pto. I converted it into a open station, run tin wheels, and removed the 3pt. I have to keep a wide front for safety. The few times I made weight with my old smaller/lighter tires, seems the tractor is really heavy up front. Any ideas on how to lighten up this old girl?
  2. I want to turbo charge my 886 with a D360. I have been reading about putting piston cooling jets in. Where do they go and are the ports already in the block? Does anyone have a picture of them? Also I read that I should upgrade the oil pump. Is there any truth to this?
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