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  1. I'm located in eastern Pennsylvania. Please make offers.. 215-651-3478 Email albrecht.rob68@gmail.com
  2. it looks like I'm better off parting out this machine International 500C, the gas engine is seized it has an amazing brand new set of tracks and a nice 4 in 1 bucket.. albrecht.rob68@gmail.com
  3. Thanks!!...both machines were sitting for about 10 years, I got the 340 up and running and drove it on my trailer, she needs the steering brakes done, quite a job but will get done...both of theses machines have like brand new track groups!! 😃.. this 340 is a last year model 1965...see picture hiding in the weeds Look at this parts order I just got from Steiner!
  4. Can't wait to resto the 340, the 500C is a gas job and seized, and may be a parts machine
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