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  1. Ross, I believe the second/previous owner said it was a gray market machine. It's already paid for itself. I have since found the S/N and purchased the maintenance manuals for it. Love the machine.
  2. Hello!!! I own a 80' IH 125e track Loader, and today purchased a 94' Komatsu PC28UU Excavator.Need help finding location of SN on a 94' Komatsu PC28UU Excavator.Also would like to where to purchase a repair/maintenance manual and parts books for it.Best, Dan
  3. I purchased and received an aftermarket 622470C2 side shield L/H For Dresser Models today. The price off of Amazon was: Item(s) Subtotal: $219.50 Shipping & Handling: $17.99 I plan to purchase the right side in a wk/two: 622471C91 side shield R/H (with door)For Dresser Models $219.50 + $17.99 shipping I love my machine! Dan 1244058C91 side shield R/HFor Dresser Models
  4. Kevin, where does your tube go to after leaving the valve cover? My beast is at the lake, will hopefully get a chance to see where it leads to later today. Does it just go back to the engine block? Dan
  5. Rick22, you will love the machine. Congratulations!!! I bought mine 11/12/2017 for $5,000 in Snohomish Co. WA. Initially had to rebuild the right bucket hydraulic cylinder, which was leaking. Also needed to search the internet for a new starter switch. I adjusted the track. Changed out the oil/filter. And also changed out the fuel filters. Just purchased a after market LH side shield, w/plans to purchase the other side on payday. I have cleared a friends land in two places, while building him the nicest 16' wide by 10' high shooting range. Love the machine, which is now home. Plan to take all the invasive black berry's/etc. off our new lake property in prep to build next year. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Louie, thanks for the suggestion of where to put emphasis on regarding lubrication. You can bet I will do it! Anyone have suggestions of whether or not I should be painting my new muffler when it comes/if so what color and what type. Or do I not paint it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Dan
  7. Missouri Mule, Understood! I agree that oil is a very touchy area. I know my way around mechanical equipment, but to be honest this is my first piece of heavy equipment. I'm not sure my future will be without it. Our 125E is simply amazing. I working on restoring and replacing work equipment, while at the same time, emptying the old and replacing it w/new. Any suggestions of what areas I should pay more attention to regarding oil/lube/replacement would be greatly appreciated. Dan
  8. Louie, thanks! I'm slowly getting acquainted with the areas requiring lubrication on our 125E. I have changed the oil/filter. Changed the fuel filters and about to ensure that all lubrication levels are up to par before draining and replacing fluids. I purchased the hydraulic filter and transmission filters w/hopes to get to them soon. Still learning where all the lubrication areas are. Are their specific areas to lube that are more crucial than others? Dan
  9. Louie, I notice there is only a dollar difference per. gallon on the 85-405 and the 85-105. Is it acceptable to use the 85-405 for the hydraulic systems or is there something in the 85-405 that shouldn't be used in the Hydraulics? Dan
  10. Wow, I had several view my thread, but nobody responded, which made me look deeper. I found a IH/Case dealer less than an hour from me who has the AkcelA Hydraulic Transmission oil HY-TRAN ULTRACTION in 1, 2.5 and 5 gal. The p/n for the 5-gal is 733 41 724 @ $84.97 I think I will take the NAPA stuff back and get the real deal! Dan
  11. My new friends. I Need oil for both the hydraulic system and Transmission for my 1980 125E (TD-8E) IH Track Loader. It's a TD 239 diesel. Can they use the same oil? Today I read the specs on the back of NAPA's 5 gal. pail of NAPA 85-405 Premium Heavy Duty Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Fluid. I don't want to use it unit I know it's the correct thing. 85-405 claims to meet or exceed the following specs: CASE/IH - JIC 143-145, MS1204 - 1207 (HY-TRAN PLUS) MS 1210 (TCH FLUID). And CASE NH - M2C134 A,B,C,D; M-2950-S. Bottom, Should I be using this in my hydraulic and transmission systems? Is there other areas on the machine that this would be used? See attached IH Spec. sheet and pics off the bucket. Best, Dan
  12. Weldon (7and8and1456), thank you so much for the 3136337R91 valve cover cap from your friends recently burned heavy equipment. Enclosed are the pics of the cap you sent me followed by the pics of the same cap after I let it sit in Muriatic Acid for an approx. hour. By the way, what was the beast that the cap came off of? Weldon, you are an amazing man! Thank you so much - and just in time because the beast finally gets moved from it's temp. home on Camano Island to it's permanent home on BIG LAKE, WA. tomorrow! :-) Best, Dan
  13. Worm, they were off today due to the holidays. I left a Voice Message w/them regarding my needs. At this juncture, they only show the following dismantled machines: IH: T5, TD6, TD9-B, TD14, TD15-C, TD18, 150, 175, T340, 500, 500-C-E I will await their return call. Dan
  14. When I spoke w/him he said he wasn't at the desk where he has most of his info. He did say to consider calling him again next wk. when he's by his desk. Dan
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