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  1. mmi, I'm a bit slow tonight. What is meant by BJ and posting on a site called tractor side? Who or what is OP that had something to do w/posting about a cap that may have worked, but we don't know. Not doing good w/Acronyms or Abbreviations tonight. Sorry! dan
  2. If anyone happens by a Heavy Equipment bone yard and sees a pair of engine side panels for my 125E International Harvester for 1980 I could use a pair. Dan
  3. Thanks everyone for your hard work on this project. Looks like I may need to rely on a bone yard. Mr. Jerry Watkins w/the yesterday tractor site is supposed to be their IH expert. He says he will continue to check in w/known IH bone yards. I made him aware that any cap in any shape would be okay for me. Others please feel free to continue to make suggestions. Best, Dan
  4. Rawleigh, good idea! Although I won't be out to the beast in a few wk's, I can measure the throat that the neck will go into. Dan
  5. I noticed a lot of options via. three prong and three pin RADIATOR CAP'S; FUEL CAPS; but none noted in valve cover caps. P.S. I also have a Jerry Watkins (jm.watkins@yahoo.com helping me from the site called YESTERDAYS TRACTORS, Jerry shared that he is the international expert on yesterdays tractors. Everyone over there sends folks his way to solve IH questions. Still hitting road blocks there as well, but he doesn't seem to give up. So far this is the closest thing: Which is called a Fuel cap - 3 prong, NOS - Part #277260 Genuine OEM Series Land Rover Have one to sell? Sell now Fuel cap - 3 prong, NOS - Part #277260 Genuine OEM Series Land Rover Price: $18.00 Free Shipping Dan
  6. mmi, thanks. I just called the guy who said he has folks looking at it and wises to sell the DT 239, which "has no compression" as a whole unit. He said he didn't want to part it out, but said he would get back if the person interested didn't want it.
  7. mmi, again you have your motor running in a good direction. I roamed the internet w/the words three ear radiator cap, but didn't come up w/anything until I subsequently put in three prong, which is what you meant anyway and here's what came up under images: Others thoughts? Dan
  8. mmi, I'm thinking something could work out here. Now that you got my mind in the right direction. It takes me back to my racing days. I bet we need to have a cap that closes at the top/not. After all it has a hose, which I'm assuming it was designed to breathe through the hose rather than breathing in two places (cap and hose). Unless someone has the MFG. cap, which I think I may have seen on-line doesn't allow for breathing in the cap. Am I correct/if so I must come up w/something allowing it to breathe through the hose, which means I would put a rubber PCV plug on the existing metal tube coming off the valve cover and using the cap you/I found on-line which has a PCV fitting on it and finding the right 3"-4" grommet to fit the hole. Your thoughts/where to find the grommet, because the PCV plugs are available, just don't know the size i.e. 3/8" or ? Best, Dan
  9. mmi, thanks to you I found this item, but the grommet is only 1 1/4". I will need to measure the inside dimension of the area that the grommet will fit, but I'm sure it's in the 3"-4" range. I wonder if I were to get the item you pictured and affix it to the item I have pictured and give it a try. Wish my rig were adjacent to me to measure. Or if I had the dimensions of the original cap. Perhaps looking further we may find something with a grommet in the 3"-4" range. Your thoughts? Best, Dan https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/spectre-pcv-valve-breather-4290/22905725-P
  10. mmi, your a genious! You are definitely looking outside the box. The plug could work, keeping in mind that I believe via. the hose present that it needs to breathe. I suppose one could remove some rubber from a plug allowing it to breathe through the hose/subsequent PVC/etc. (I can't go outside now and look at it because it's at a distance from me until the end of the month when I move it to my property/thus don't know where the other end of the hose ends up i.e. PVC/etc). I do know that my cap is supposed to be called a breather cap though. Sure wish I could find one that an elephant stepped on and straighten it out. LOL Thanks for going outside the box w/me. :-) Best, Dan
  11. MMI, thanks for chiming in w/me. I briefly looked to see what your p/n looks like where it attaches to the cover. Didn't see any pics of it, but only actually looked for a min. as it's bedtime. I am attaching a pic of the location where it fits to see if what your suggesting might work. Dan
  12. I Need a Valve cover cap for my 1980 125E IH Track Loader. It's a diesel TD 239 diesel. P/N is 3136337r91. I feel like I have tried everyone out there. I don't care if the cap had an elephant step on it, I need one. LOL I basically tried everyone on the internet. Others thoughts of where to look. Thank you in advance, Dan dan@mountain-trail.net
  13. I looked on the internet to find www.messicks.com who claimed to have both parts so I ordered them. I'm okay if I ordered the non-breather cap as well, as after I hear from all of you I will know if I'm supposed to have a closed system on the valve cover or to have one of the caps be a breather. Will wait to hear back from you all. Dan
  14. Tom thanks for the part numbers. A couple wk's ago I purchased the breather cap, which I thought needed to be a cap that would allow the beast to breathe rather than to not let any air through. There was already an air tight cap for the oil filler area, I didn't know if the system was supposed to be totally air tight or to have a place on the valve cover that allowed air to breathe in. Is the system supposed to breathe through the valve cover/if so I did purchase a cap that allows for breathing. If the entire valve cover is not supposed to breathe then I need to purchase a cap that doesn't breathe. Everyone's thoughts? See within the cap I purchased which would allow for the valve cover to breathe. Willie, thanks for your suggestions as well, and Rawleigh thankd for validating the parts. Best, Dan
  15. I changed the oil on "the beast" on Friday evening. Nearly all of the 13 quarts landed in my lap! LOL I have locking options for the following five areas so far: Fuel cap; Hydraulic cap; starting lock out; storage box and oil dip stick/radiator. I have the cover for the instrument panel, but will have to check out why they never left it on. I still need the side panels for "the beast". Looks like I will need to make them. If anyone is able to make a template for a few bucks, I would appreciate it. BTW, is it important to lock out the exhaust system or is it protected by the turbo fan? Also, I added a pic. of the top of my valve cover. Looks like there might be a cover missing. If so where do I get a cover for the hole? Dan