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  1. Ken_S

    TD 6 compression release lever

    Hank, Here's whats I found in the manual for timing the mag. Hope this is readable and of some help. I had an odd situation with one of mine. The mag had great spark on all cylinders then it kind of run on gas but mostly just puff some black smoke. To make a really, really long story shorter I found out a couple spark plugs were not as warm as the others trying to start it. I borrowed one of those spark testers that you thread the spark plug into and apply a little air pressure to simulate firing under compression. As soon as I applied a little air it immediately quit firing. Ended up being a bad condenser in the mag. Replaced it and it runs like a top still after three years now. Probably not your issue. Check the timing first and see what it does. Good luck!! The picture is to reference the crank pulley timing marks. Ken
  2. Ken_S

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris, Not sure if this will help but here's a pic of the service manual. It may look a little different since the manual covers the "6" and "9". Hope it helps some. Ken
  3. Ken_S

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I have two TD-6's and both the thermostats in them look different than the new one you have. Both are like the ones in the picture from KoO. Both of mine are 160F thermostats. Someplace I read they have a bypass thermostat but for the life of me I cant find that information so I'm not sure if its the housing they are referring to or the stat itself but one person had overheating issues after replacing the stat with one from an auto parts store, then his cure was getting the original style stat. Watching the coolant in mine I can see it circulate some until it warms up then it circulates faster looking through the cap. Probably not the issue but just an idea. Good luck!!!! Ken