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  1. jhiner1978

    Adjusting Liftgate

    I was thinking that too however on closer inspection there is only one hole and bolt. I think its to add or take away tension from the liftgate when you are "folding" it up.
  2. jhiner1978

    Adjusting Liftgate

    I don't think it those chains, those seem fine, its the part next to the truck. I think I'm going to have to take out a link in the chain that winds around when it lifts up.
  3. jhiner1978

    Adjusting Liftgate

    I have a liftgate on the back of my S1700 and the left side is lower then the right and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to adjust the chain on the one side. there are no holes but there are some welded covers, not sure if I have to grind those off to get to something in there.
  4. There are only some bolts for the cover on the side and what looks to be a drain plug. Looks the same on the other side
  5. So where is the fill bolt? It's not the big one at the top is it?
  6. Do I fill it using the same plug on the side?
  7. I ordered my service manuals but until then I want to flush and replace the transmission fluid. Can someone explain how to check levels and how to fill the transmission fluids? Here is a PDF of the transmission with labels and numbers http://www.roadranger.com/ecm/idcplg?IdcService=GET_FILE&dID=287233 I don't see a window, dipstick or filler cap, please advise Thanks
  8. jhiner1978

    IH Truck Resources for a 1980s Gas S1700

    Thanks. I contacted them and they have to reprint the versions I need, but I found what I need on ebay, all 3 volumes for $75
  9. I'm looking for a service/truck manual for my truck so I can do simple stuff like change transmission fluid and oil and spark plugs. Is there a place online that has all of these types of manuals and tips? I have a 1984 S1724 with a V8 engine
  10. This is the number cast into the engine block. Does this help? The only pad next to the fuel pump I could see is attached but nothing is there, No sure what to look for. Started cleanup
  11. The only other thing that I know about the truck was that they rebuilt the engine like 10,000 miles ago. One of the cylinders has a loud knock (maybe the lifter) so I'm probably going to have to figure that out one of these days.
  12. Where do I find a service manual? I was able to move the truck to my shop no problem. I also found 2nd, was just hiding from me, really needed to push it up in there to find 2nd Tomorrow will be cleaning day. Then I will start tunning up and changing out fluids. Took some pictures of the tags on the inside
  13. Yah weird huh. It runs even when the key is not on. Might be that way so that the brakes work even when the truck dies on the road or something.
  14. You would think, but it is not, just a black knob
  15. So I purchased this International S1724 box truck and I have had to get a few things straightened out before bringing it home about an hour away. I replaced a couple brake lines and new gas, charged battery etc.. So I finished up the brakes today and it's in working order. I took it down the road to test out the brakes and they work great. The truck has been sitting for a couple years now but it almost seems like the rear brakes were on when I was driving it, but it could just be the 1st gear torque that the rear end has, which brings me to my next question. what is the shift pattern? Up and to the left was reverse and down left was first but second seemed like it wasn't there and I was trying to get the truck going from 1st to 3rd. In the first image of the engine there looks to be a compressor of some sorts that doesn't have a belt around it and it's definitely locked up and frozen. What is it and do I risk screwing up the engine if I run it without it. The best I can tell is that it circulates some sort of air or oil into each of the 8 cylinders. Thanks for the help