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  1. Ya I measured the part that goes in the pilot bearing.  The truck has a New Holland hay retriever bed on it and I plan on using it to haul stacks of hay.  It'll get used in the summer and fall and that'll be about it.  The loads of hay will be about 3 1/2 ton at a time.  So it shouldn't be that big of a job for a Loadstar 1800.  It needs to be solid and dependable. Here is a picture of the truck.  It's in pretty nice shape and not beat to death, but the last 15 years of sitting around hasn't done it any favors. 





  2. Sorry for all of the questions - here is another one.  Both of the transmissions I am working on have been out of the vehicles for a long time. Both have rust on the gears to varying degrees.  Attached a are pictures from the T36 showing what I am talking about.  Can this be cleaned off and still use the gears?  I tried scraping with a pick and it comes loose pretty easy.  Wondering if after cleaning them up they would still be okay to use.  Also noticed the reverse gear has a small chip.   Wondering if that can still be used. 







  3. Okay - Now I am understanding the differences. The T496 is in town at the transmission shop, it probably does have the larger 1 1/2 input.  I didn't check the clutch disk, I was more concerned about the pilot bearing being the same.  

    If I can't find the correct input shaft for what I have, couldn't I just change the clutch disk to match the input shaft on the T36?



  4. Thanks TRAVELETTE - I went ahead and bought two transmissions that I found on craigslist today.  One is a T35 and the other is a T36.  I had to get them home and put them in 4th and turn the input shaft to figure out what they were.  First time I have seen any International transmissions on craigslist in the last few months and they were within 35 miles of home.  They look like they will bolt up to the bell housing on the MV and they have the correct input shaft.  Seems like the T36 is the one to use because it matches the gear ratios of theT496.  I was hoping someone could confirm the T36 would work, but haven't gotten any confirmation yet.  


    Do you know anyone that would be able to tell me for sure?







  5. Thanks for all the replies.  Still looking for some answers.  The motor in this truck is a MV446 and the transmission is T496. 

    Maybe I should ask another question.  Did IH build trucks with the MV series engine backed up with a T35 or T36 transmission?

    I have been able to find T35 and T36 transmissions locally but no T496. 


  6. I have the T496 from my Loadstar 1800 and it has been run low on oil.  The main shaft and gears are heavily damaged. 

    Does anyone know where you can get parts?

    Also would the main shaft and gears from another model transmission interchange?

    Trying to figure out where to go from here. 

    Any help would be appreciated. 




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