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  1. 500c bottom rollers

    used rollers were found at blount equipment in georgia, had them shipped to central ny. the seals were found at winmill equipment in vermont, they are very knowledgeable on 500c. i did not end up buying seals due to finding used rollers. steve
  2. 500c bottom rollers

    after searching, found out that seals can be ordered but i found decent used rollers instead. thanks
  3. 500c bottom rollers

    thanks, i am probably going to need some used rollers and some seals if i can find the them.
  4. anyone know of any DF seals for bottom rollers for a 500c, or a dual face seal that could replace the originals? or some used DF bottom rollers, i know of 5 new ones near me but not ready to spend that much on them. here are a couple of pics of the seals. thanks