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  1. Ok, yes it is a strip type filter. My filter is pretty rough, no number that I can see. Thanks guys.
  2. Can anyone give me the case # for the cab filter on an mx150. I’m trying to match it with Napa. Or if you have the Napa #. Thanks
  3. Well the pin wouldn’t budge, so I was able to cut it between the housing bosses and the cylinder with a quick cut blade on a grinder and remove the cylinder with no cosmetic damage. But those stubs are a bugger. That pin is some kind of alloy, you can’t cut it with oxy acetylene, and the plasma cutter just wants to melt it. I was able to drill them and finally, with heat and hammer, they are out. Really don’t feel like tackling the other side now.
  4. I have a leaking steering cylinder on my front axle. Wow . The pin at the base of the cylinder isnt budging. I have a bottle jack pushing up on the pin with alot of weight, put some heat on the housing and i'm using an air hammer , and that pin is just laughing at me. What do you guys do ? I dont really want to torch it out, but it may come to that. Thanks
  5. Thanks. That sounds like an easy fix. I had looked it up online in parts and wasn’t able to figure it out from there and didn’t want to tear it all apart because I need the tractor daily.
  6. My mx150 steering wheel won’t stay extended. I haven’t investigated it yet. What’s involved? Thanks
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