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  1. Under the cab. At the rear. It’s the shuttle solenoid I believe
  2. Solenoid. Dealer fixed in the field. Phew.
  3. Was cutting hay and it just stopped. Flashing neutral. Will back up in any gear combination, except 4th of course. As soon as I try forward it flashes neutral. No noise and no attempt to move. What do you think is wrong? thanks
  4. Thanks guys. Exactly what I thought.
  5. I have a hydraulic hose that needs replacing. It’s one of the short hoses on the steering motor on my mx270. I can’t get a wrench on the fitting under the cab. It’s jammed between the air plenum and the transmission/fuel tank. What’s the answer, lifting the cab? Do I have to release anything other than the main support bolts before I lift? I’ve never done this one before. Thanks
  6. Ok, yes it is a strip type filter. My filter is pretty rough, no number that I can see. Thanks guys.
  7. Can anyone give me the case # for the cab filter on an mx150. I’m trying to match it with Napa. Or if you have the Napa #. Thanks
  8. Well the pin wouldn’t budge, so I was able to cut it between the housing bosses and the cylinder with a quick cut blade on a grinder and remove the cylinder with no cosmetic damage. But those stubs are a bugger. That pin is some kind of alloy, you can’t cut it with oxy acetylene, and the plasma cutter just wants to melt it. I was able to drill them and finally, with heat and hammer, they are out. Really don’t feel like tackling the other side now.
  9. I have a leaking steering cylinder on my front axle. Wow . The pin at the base of the cylinder isnt budging. I have a bottle jack pushing up on the pin with alot of weight, put some heat on the housing and i'm using an air hammer , and that pin is just laughing at me. What do you guys do ? I dont really want to torch it out, but it may come to that. Thanks
  10. Thanks. That sounds like an easy fix. I had looked it up online in parts and wasn’t able to figure it out from there and didn’t want to tear it all apart because I need the tractor daily.
  11. My mx150 steering wheel won’t stay extended. I haven’t investigated it yet. What’s involved? Thanks
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