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  1. I think I am going to try that, and I have even heard of people using new trailer hubs for their tricycle fronts.
  2. I agree about the spending money part. I know you have to spend some to be reasonably competitive in pulls, but until I have an abundance of money just laying around this will have to do!
  3. Ok folks, I bought an M "puller project" this week. It has been crudely cut down to 4400 lbs already, with plenty of room for improvement for my own weight distribution. Fairly fresh rebuild on the motor with good compression, but I am wanting to know who to send this factory head to in Southeastern, IL to get the best bang for my buck. I am probably heading to Louisville this weekend for the farm progress show, so anything along the way will be taken into consideration! I'd prefer to stay away from LP heads and keep the factory head, and I'll never have the money to beat the world...I just wa
  4. I bought a 1586 recently for a baling tractor, and the fan had a noise in it so I just never ran it. I ordered a new fan and replaced it. With the tractor not running the fan kicked on just fine, but when I started the tractor it will not turn back on. So I killed the engine and still nothing. Any insight?
  5. So I loosened the bolts on the timing window and tapped it with the end of my screwdriver, then I snugged the bolts back up and started it and it ran like a dream. I took it out to the shed now and am going to be taking my pump to a shop in Southern Illinois. Wish me luck with the removal and repair process, he said he may not get to it until the beginning of next week, so maybe I can catch up on a little sleep haha.
  6. Thank you again, I had been reading about clearing blockages from return line, but I really wasn't sure what it all meant. This will be a good way to check and see if this is the issue. I know when I cracked the injector on the cylinder closest to the operators seat, #6 maybe, it was still squirting fuel so that's why I was somewhat stumped.
  7. Is this flex ring part of a typical pump rebuild or a seperate repair? What type of fasteners hold this window down, and where at on the pump would it be located? I am sorry, I am a machinist, not the world's best with a wrench! Thank you for the advice! There is rain in the forecast most of the week so I have a few days to get the pump off of there and fixed before time to mow hay again!
  8. I am back again with more 806D questions haha. I was hauling the baler home Friday and tractor started "missing," for lack of a better term. To start the day I had checked the oil, greased everything, and filled up with fuel. I throttled down on the road and let it sit and sputter until it died. I waited maybe a minute and restarted it and it started fine. So I drove it the rest of the way home, about 3 miles. Along the way I had to do this about 4 times. I assumed fuel filters was my issue so I changed filters, started the tractor and bled the lines, but this seemed to make the problem worse.
  9. I can definitely see how it would be dangerous. One slip and it could be very devastating! I will be sure to tackle this project soon and try to keep everyone updated as I go! I already have the 560 engine put back together, and hopefully it will breathe life this weekend for the first time in 20 years!
  10. I hooked mine up to the conditioner and it quit as well. I may try to get through the first cutting with it like this and then try to get the clutch replaced by 4th of July. Thank you, I have loved this tractor so far. It and the 560D have both been learning experiences for me!
  11. I recently purchased an 806D from my in laws, and it sat for several years. I have handled several small tasks to get it back up and running such as replacing rotten hoses and seals and such. I changed engine oil and tried my best to flush the tank. One thing I am getting ready to embark on is fixing the PTO shafts. They run constantly, which I hope may be better than not at all. I went ahead and purchased everything I would need to replace the clutches: I didn't want to pull the cover and not be able to get it all back together the same day. Does anyone have pointers before the disassembly,
  12. We live over near Olney. My wife is from Centralia so I know where Germantown is though! Not too terribly far away. As far as selling the AC stuff, I mostly have lol. Just the first wd45 I bought is all I have left!
  13. Thank you, I had looked at their website before that is pretty pricey for just a hobby/weekend warrior lol. Well it is expensive for everyone, just harder for me to justify! I will keep an eye on junkyard, does anyone recommend a particular yard in southern/ south central IL?
  14. I recently acquired a family heirloom from my wife's side of the family, well two rather. One is a 560 Diesel that is locked up, I am swapping the engine on it. The other is an 806D that needs just the typical worn items replaced such as gaskets and hoses. What I am inquiring about is the availability of any used turbo kits whether it be factory or M&W. I have dual hubs and plan on attaching duals for discing and I really enjoy the sound of these old tractors with a turbo on them anyway! I am typically an AC man, but I am converting to red very quickly with these awesome old tractors. Than
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