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  1. I recently acquired a family heirloom from my wife's side of the family, well two rather. One is a 560 Diesel that is locked up, I am swapping the engine on it. The other is an 806D that needs just the typical worn items replaced such as gaskets and hoses. What I am inquiring about is the availability of any used turbo kits whether it be factory or M&W. I have dual hubs and plan on attaching duals for discing and I really enjoy the sound of these old tractors with a turbo on them anyway! I am typically an AC man, but I am converting to red very quickly with these awesome old tractors. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. 806 Diesel build

    Ok, I work at Champ. Small world!
  3. 806 Diesel build

    We live over near Olney. My wife is from Centralia so I know where Germantown is though! Not too terribly far away. As far as selling the AC stuff, I mostly have lol. Just the first wd45 I bought is all I have left!
  4. 806 Diesel build

    Thank you, I had looked at their website before that is pretty pricey for just a hobby/weekend warrior lol. Well it is expensive for everyone, just harder for me to justify! I will keep an eye on junkyard, does anyone recommend a particular yard in southern/ south central IL?