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  1. Enduro Series XT3

    R190 you are welcome to call. Tractor repaired at Country True Value, 518-283-6246.
  2. Enduro Series XT3

    GSX objective review: I’ve always been a GD guy. However I purchased my XT3 GSX lawn tractor August 2015 to supplement my GD LA155 which has 200+ hours although it still gets the job done. My lawn tractors are used for lawn care mostly. The direct shaft drive instead of a belt caught my attention since my yard consists of hills and slopes. I rarely used my GSX the year purchased because it looked so awesome I didn’t want to get it dirty. The season was also winding down so it stayed in the shed mostly. My yard is challenging on the drive way side and in back of the house with a 15+ degree slope. 2016 was a good year with My GSX with its great power (with an occasional engine back fire during start up/shutdown), excellent handling, strong pull with the use of aerator and de thatching accessories. After bring my concerns about the engine back fire to the place where I purchased GSX, I was told that this was normal. As a 30+ year aircraft, automotive and diesel mechanic, I assure you it’s not. September 2016 I took a spill at work that had me not doing yard work for several weeks so the grass was quite tall after healing and would have taken a few passes with the GD. My GSX with its awesome power cut that tall grass down in one pass without hesitation. June 2017 I was cutting grass and started to notice that the rear of my GSX tractor had a slight shift as I mowed along the slope. I didn’t really think much of it at the time because I was using my GD to cut the lawn mostly due to its cleaner ball field looking cut, and I was more comfortable with it on the slopes. August 2017 I took a week off work and rented a back hoe to work on my driveway moving stone and dirt for tree planting. I used my GSX with my CC dump trailer to move dirt/stone to various areas of driveway. Again, the unit performed great. First week September 2017, while mowing with my GSX, I noticed a significant and uncomfortable rear end shift as I mowed sloped area of lawn along driveway. There was also the feeling of a knock in axle. I pulled the GSX in the garage to inspect. After jacking the rear, and placing on jack stands, play was noted at shaft area of both wheels. Left side moved in and out 1”. Right side moved in and out 1.5”. To me this was obvious bearing failure, later confirmed by repair shop. 11 September 2017 I arrange pick up of unit by authorized repair shop (same shop I purchased through). A month passed with no word from repair shop, so I stopped by 20 October 2017 to check and was told that the mechanic was on vacation and that he had to order a transmission replacement because he couldn’t get the bearings off shaft. Seriously? The long story short, keep an eye on the rear of your “STRONGSVILLE” before your warrantee runs out, just in case. My GSX has 65 hours on it, and most of this is biggest lawn tractor show boating hours. Maybe I just got the lemon, and the rest of the XT3 GSX lawn tractors are fine.....