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  1. Travis Arnold

    KB 6 and 7 parts

    Got a solid one
  2. Travis Arnold

    KB 6 and 7 parts

    Sure Dennis, I’ll do that after work tomorrow
  3. Travis Arnold

    KB 6 and 7 parts

    I thought the same thing haha. My cousin took the picture.
  4. Travis Arnold

    KB 6 and 7 parts

    The drivers side is pretty shot actually. Passengers side is ok. Seville’s north of Wooster. Probably an couple hour drive. I can still pull the drivers side and give you what’s left of that one for free
  5. Travis Arnold

    KB 6 and 7 parts

    Asked my cousin to take a picture and this is what I got... they’re rusty, but solid. Make me an offer if you’re interested
  6. Travis Arnold

    KB 6 and 7 parts

    I have 2 in decent shape on the KB6 if I remember right. I’ll try and send you a picture after work
  7. Travis Arnold

    KB 6 and 7 parts

    I’m in the middle of a KB7 restoration and I have a couple extra parts trucks. I’m getting to the point where I know what I don’t need off them. If anyone’s looking, I’m in Seville OH and have axles, blue Diamond engine/trans, some body panels, wheels, a good frame, and a bunch of other small parts. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll let you know. I’m not looking to sell these for much, just trying to clear out My shop also have a rebuilt set of BLD 269 pistons and connecting rods. Standard size. New rings and wrist pins.
  8. Travis Arnold

    KB 7 Engine Paint

    Anyone know what the paint code is for the blue Diamond engines? I have a BLD269 and want to keep it original.
  9. Travis Arnold


    A while back, I visited a farmer in Seville, OH who has several (guessing 6-7) old R-190 grain trucks sitting in a barn. A few could probably run with a new battery and fresh gas, but most have been sitting for several years. These have red diamond gas engines. there's a couple other makes and models there, but they were interested in selling everything. they asked $1,500 each but I'm sure they're open to offers. If anyone's interested, I can get you his number. I don't have pictures, but they've been rode hard and are in rough shape.
  10. Travis Arnold

    1949 International KB7 Rear Brakes

  11. Travis Arnold

    1949 International KB7 Rear Brakes

    I'm looking for a set of brake cylinders for my KB7 restoration. I have the old ones, but not sure who could rebuild them for me. Anyone know where I could have them done or find newer ones?
  12. Travis Arnold

    New BLD 269 Engine Block Found

    Is this the same block as a KB7? If so, I might be interested. I'm not sure what it'd be worth, but did you have an idea of what yyou're looking for?