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  1. We are looking to upgrade tractors and a cart for next year looking used 350-400 hp or so and new or used 1000 bu cart are tracks worth the money or stick with tires have no experience with tracks except on skid loader and we love on our skid loader in muddy conditions over tires but I know tractor and cart hopefully isn’t in mud like that🤞 Info appreciated I know this is IH site but generally colorblind on equipment if taken care of and some brands excel at some things and others at other things
  2. When you say combine can’t handle it what do you mean? Rotor slugging, engine rpm drop? If motor sounds like either fuel or air restrictions unless bunch of hours rotor could be concave closed too far with rotor running too slow more info helpful
  3. That’s what we have now just want something a little cleaner if I can thanks
  4. Have 75c with l 620 loader need a diverter or something to operate grapple any info or ideas would be great
  5. We have 10 bale flat got it midway through first if you have good knives on Baler and make 36-38” bales love it, at first wanted to take it back took me about 200 bales or so to get things fined tuned now wouldn’t trade it for anything. Now I need to post on my 75c to add 3rd valve or diverter up front right now have goose ran to remote for grapple
  6. I have a 2016 with cab and loader been good tractor does have dpf but no trouble with it. mine runs 24 mph down the road has 4x3 trans with hyd shuttle with hyd shuttle only thing is we use it for grapple with Kuhn accumulator and need to be above 1200 rpm to get good response out of hyd loader will work In idle but a lot slower been that way since new. So usually set hand throttle to 1000 or so and foot throttle rest good little tractor and good on fuel
  7. 4 cylinder Perkins diesel good on fuel have been along time since did pump it’s under seat in trans area, has live power for hydraulic and pto , if clutch is adjusted properly keep approx. 1” from floor boards for live if you smash down not live any more power steering is separate from hydraulics it’s pump is up front. Trans should be 3 speed with hi and low plus could have multi power if still hooked up and working works opposite of ta and in low allows free wheeling which is fun pulling loaded wagons down hill. Over all taken care of solid machine The design was used clear up to 4300 s
  8. That’s is correct I worked at tsc during this, tsc bought locations and some store fixtures in areas but not quality farm and fleet themselves
  9. I worked at tractor supply for 5 yrs at end of high school until got better job. But if any of local farmers came in and needed something for the farm I knew we didn’t have. I said (tsc) tough crap charlie go to quality farm and fleet Which is now closed🤦‍♂️ But in all respect they have went where the money is look at all the veterinarians at least in our area 1 out of 5 does large/farm animals rest dog and cat vets
  10. We used to rake with a farmall h and 256 figured 5 acres an hour in forth 3/4-7/8 throttle pulled the 17’ Tedder same tractor settings figured 10 acres an hour still use 4840 Deere and 13’ cih center pivot discbine at 10 acres an hour could go faster but we just cruise with it since it’s our highest production set up Balong is our slow spot as we square bale 60-80% all cuttings which in good first cutting is only 1.5 to 2 acres an hour 200 bales +or- an hour is what we shoot for. Using older tricycle pan seat tractors is impossible to do 80 acres just have chiropractor on speed dial aft
  11. 2nd the 336 baler had 2 now have 338 same but high capacity parts readily available more money but I have been looking at case ih/ Hesston inline baler for next upgrade mower case ih or new holland discbine same machines different decals rake new holland 256 or 258 The 258 takes wider prefer dolly wheel to push rake away from tractor if tighter turning We upgraded to Vermeer rr140 rotary rake like it better but a lot more money tedder Sitrex or titan industries basically same until last year updated wheels and axle on titan 17’ will cover 2 9’ mower swaths easily 19’ w
  12. Also 2 doors would help with heat created in the kitchen from getting to rest of house in warmer months unless you had a detached summer kitchen. This period of time most food cooked with wood stove still even though other methods coming invented in city, but gas or electric not readily available for rural life in a lot of country
  13. Just got 2 4411 trapezoid and 2 4411 flood from him free shipping, changed connections and used original rubber on the front of my jd 4840 only thing he stress is they are polarity sensitive they have a positive and negative on bulb I’ll take a pic when I get them on this week www.triplertractors.com
  14. Thanks for the replies knew someone would know.
  15. Looking at finishers any experience with either of these 2 will the plug in corn stocks that are chopped durability and so one will be pulling rolling harrow behind is factory rear hitches strong enough any weak points? would like to buy once and have a good machine Thanks
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