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  1. Smaller combines.

    In our area a 1420 could run $5000 with heads and 1620 not many around and being a four row machine bring good money, that being said I can get a good gasser gleaner k or f under $3000 easy have seen a couple k for $1500 with both heads being they are a 2 row 3 max machine 1420 is a lot more combine size wise and even a 10’ head a long day you can do 20 acres of beans if you can get grain away from combine a 1620 or 1420 would just begin to get warmed up and be put back in the shed if you are splitting that up even worse may not get a red run scoured in that time. Like o said I like the red ones but farming even as a hobby has to make economic sense and gleaner wins for this size farm
  2. Smaller combines.

    Gleaners are good we’ve had 3 f’s, a k,a g then went red had early and later 1460’s and 1666 and 6130 if you go red I know 40&60 series had less frame trouble in our area over a 20 but are a lot of those around gleaner would be the way I would lean get a gasser with the Chevy k 2 or 3 row narrow 10-13’ bean head ours had 10 easier if have to road everything just about is available only major thing was 2 of the 4 gear drives had to have machine work on variable trans drive pulley/shaft pretty easily taken out sent to machine shop and reinstalled I like red but economics to me say silver reseeder 😏
  3. Finally got to really use the magnum

    Yes it’s sitting in front of piles but looks like throwing out the back auto steer is actually great just have a big learning curve so far one of the best decisions the farm has
  4. Finally dry enough to get out and start spreading chicken litter glad to see hood it finally could do and boy does auto steer make you lazy
  5. Would it be possible to take spreaders off back of combine and windrow it like taking chopper off say a gleaner (what we used to do)?? Anyone ever done it?? also would I retract knives and run chopper on slow setting/corn. To not chop so fine some chopping ok I just don’t want to be like bailing my yard with short straw😬
  6. Farmall H vertical distributor problems/questions

    Thanks I figure there has to be something to make it better
  7. Farmall H vertical distributor problems/questions

    I am trying to semi restore it/still use on auger and such the only bending I want is back to original when I bought it the used paint pen to mark hood I am assuming they were going to cut it🙄
  8. Farmall H vertical distributor problems/questions

    I don’t want to put foam or anything cause the plan is to get a mechanical stuff done then paint it it is so tight have trouble with it and the one wire all the time
  9. I have a 47 H With a vertical 6 V distributor I have problems with the plug wires being cut by the hood I’m guessing this is an aftermarket distributor but I have heard others with vertical distributors how do you keep the hood from cutting the wires I’m also considering changing it to a horizontal if I can find a 12 V I’ll try and post some pictures this afternoon Thanks for the help
  10. Farmall H worth

    Is it a K1 tractor (have a small gas tank as well as big one)?? It has same style seat as my 39 is it mag or distributor I would check serial number if early one could have a little more significance. Not sure what old recorded is??
  11. Chaffer questions

    We need a new top screen ( chaffer) for our combine right now it has the long finger I think 1 5/8” which I was told is corn only?? what one are you guys using for corn beans 50-50 with very little wheat 50 acres a year or every other year
  12. Tractor hauling in the winter/salt spray

    I know on some new tractors when you order the have a option for a protective coating for winter hauling and I think Jd has it for the ones that come across the pond?? Could you mist it with kerosene or diesel then wash that off to keep salt off at the state garage we use fluid film on our loaders that load salt in the trucks that mist seems to get in everything too
  13. quadtrack

    row Spacing for row crops I know of vegetable farms in northern Ohio have challengers with narrow tracks cause they cultivate with them
  14. 2366/2388 feeder house size

    All combine up to 25 series have same hook up no matter which model you have from 1420-2588 all newer 5088-9230 combines have bigger opening in feeder now the tricky part head wise all 1020 and older will fit all 2588 and older machines the 2020 (which I don’t recommend) and 3020 heads fits newer style combine but have adapter plates and shafts to fit older machine only catch with a 1020 is if been adapted for single point hook up/side latching which is what all new machines have ( a lot safer to hookup) I do not think are compatible unless combine is switched requires some welding to adapt same way with corn heads 1063 and older for 2588 and under but gets more interesting with new corn heads 2200 series are not loved around here by some but I think they can go either way with a plate i skipped from 1063 to 4206 so not much help with 22/2400 in the 3000/4000 series heads (newer style) any with a 2 for second number from the factory fit 25 and under and a 4 as second number fit new wide style feeder but the 32/4200 series can be adapted to fit newer styles and 34/4400 can be adapted to fit older ones above statement holds true till 2017 and now Case IH is making just 4400 series and selling adapter plate for older machines as I understand it sorry for long post but many options are out there with a lot of good older machines still available to interchange with older combines with newer heads are what we run mostly