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  1. Looking at a decent 900 4x36” planter only have green ones looking at this for sweet corn and if possible sunflowers Not many acres of each it is currently set up 36” row and 1000 rpm which is odd to me for a four row. can row units be narrowed (slid In) to 30” not afraid of work if can be done If that can be done what amount of hydraulics needed to eliminate pump or can I find reasonable 540 pump anything to watch out for? thanks
  2. We sell by hanging weight we are paid by the pound per scaled weight then customer is responsible for all processing cost to be paid to butcher. Ours charge between $30-$50 per head can’t remember and they usually divide it by how sold 1/4 1/2 or whole I personally never heard anyone doing the way you describe
  3. One main question I have is the ride any different with a short made over a long bed
  4. Ok let’s start the debate we are in market for new truck we have a crew cab long bed now and it’s on it’s last leg so we started looking. My question is long bed or short bed? We must have crew cab for hauling the kids but wife wants a short bed so it’s easier for her to drive so only thing up for debate is the long/short bed we are getting 3/4 srw to pull 20’ eby gooseneck and 28’ fifth wheel camper many other questions I’ll answer best as I know
  5. Should start to see end of fan blade and what ever it’s hitting getting shiny somewhere
  6. Not sure about white cougar but this has a wallaby
  7. It hasn’t been sold since early 60’s but there is a Wallis bear owned by past Massey dealer about 50 miles from only one left I think #203 you can goolge it to see bet it would put an eye opening price if ever sold
  8. We used to stack our hay by hand with these we have 6 total. 4 of them 8’x14’. 2 8’x20. 14’ on 6 or 8 kory gears and 20’ on 10 ton gears. We now use them with an accumulator. When we first started my grandfather made stands out of barrels and we slid the hay racks off and put gear under gravity bed did this with three of them now we have just the flat beds for hay. we did beds 2 ways one in pic is new in “the year of the plague” last spring. All red oak true size boards from local Amish sawmill. Sills are 4”x8” 14’ long
  9. It’s been 9 month of masks shouldn’t us “no mask wearers” be dead by now?? ?
  10. I work for state government we call it anal Glaucoma. Meaning can’t see my a$$ going to work today
  11. Nope this is local news channel this morning
  12. My 75c has the factory handle for diverted valve third function my book however only says the buttons are for that, the parts book online show a harness coming from between firewall and motor to right side is the pre wired in or is that an extra harness that did not come with my third function kit I got through Whole Goods ? my dealer said they have not done it this way and ordered all with third already from factory not as add on
  13. My uncle bought a 60 he said come with one or two closed wrenches for mounted cultivator and wheel lugs he thought can’t find is op manual thought they were in there?
  14. Agree have half a set hate them I’m short and have to lift them almost over my head to plow the sweet corn patch then take off for hay (need smaller plow but free is good price)
  15. Rural king is more a mix of old quality farm and fleet and what tsc used to be 15-20 year ago. Around here now tsc stands for Tough $h!t Charlie if you want anything at related except feed or a lawn mower and they are pretty slim picking
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