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  1. Been looking for a conventional for a little while mainly to do wheat and oats but not tossing out planting beans in a pinch. So so what are the differences between a soybean special and not Just a stIcker?😬
  2. JessePeden

    Aftermarket drive motors and hydros

  3. JessePeden

    Aftermarket drive motors and hydros

    Anyone ever use any of the aftermarket places for these instead of case a couple places have same warranty and are cheaper if you have used them which companies thanks
  4. JessePeden

    1460 questions

    Most all wear parts are still available I have run my 1666 with 4 row wide head for my neighbor I’ve got 30.5 tires just folded ladder up and tried to be out ov row before I turn CSU’s tail swing was tight turning towards standing corn I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 4 narrow on 1440 which is same frame as 1460 just smaller engine we had early 82 1460 I would go with at least electric over hydraulic to run a good 1020 head with header height control as far as anything else it’s all on how cared for only gripe we had was fuel pump solenoid Quit and it was like $800 for something the size of a roll of quarters 🤨. Other than that a great machine just out grown it
  5. JessePeden

    pro 700 w/ auto steer in older magnums

    Ok do you use the auto steer function? That’s the main thing I’m after so my help can drive a straight line🙄
  6. What is the oldest magnums I can put a 700 with controller in and use auto steer function properly I am pretty sure “boxcar” magnums are too old maybe not but how old in new style magnums thanks for the info
  7. JessePeden

    Custom harvest crew

    just curious who you have worked for if you like the experience and so one. Would like to do one year on my bucket list
  8. JessePeden

    1666 hydro acting up maybe starting to go out

    Thanks I’ll work on that this weekend and see what it gets me
  9. JessePeden

    1666 hydro acting up maybe starting to go out

    I don’t hear anything under cab, it still seem to have power when climbing hills on road or harvesting in field. What I’m not sure about is when you put hydro lever all the way forward it’s top speed is 14-15 mph where it used to be 18+. It’s like something slipped somewhere but all linkage is tight the only place I’ve found slop is little lever cable hooks to on pump can I adjust cable to give more forward speed travel and less in reverse??
  10. JessePeden

    1666 hydro acting up maybe starting to go out

    Are you talking the arm where the cable from the cab connect to pump? If so mine is on top and just a little arm going in to the housing I’ll try and take a pic after church
  11. Haven’t used 1666 much this year but ran some beans and noticed going to field it used to go down the road 18-19 mph by dash this year 14-15 in 2nd in the field top speed is 4 mph fiwrd but will go almost 5.5-6 mph in reverse used to be other way around cable adjustment is tight on hydro in back anywhere else adjustment could change? Someone said it’s start of hydro going but seems to pull steady at 4 mph constantly in field bin full or not so looking for advice side note hub and shaft are starting to show slop so if hydro is ok just replace hub and shaft but I’d not whole hydro going
  12. JessePeden

    Farmall h voltage regulator problems

    Ok I don’t know if matters but forgot to mention it now puts out 12 volt not sure if that changes anything from above I’ll look to see how labeled and wiring are the guy had me hook up just the hot wire when he rebuilt it from the amp no others what is light load exactly
  13. I have a 1947 Farmall H That keeps burning up voltage regulators not consistently but I have went through 3 this year first one I thought was across the river crap but bought expensive ones and just quit today🤨. I cant find any bare wires but it’s old so can’t rule out maybe, where/what else should I look at
  14. JessePeden

    International 9200 n14 Cummins help needed

    My main confusion is why would the light go out at 1500 rpm or higher I am taking to get plugged in but just trying to get a feel for what it could be
  15. Other day started truck engine warn comes on shut off looked over oil ok antifreeze ok and so on so I loaded up went down the road and ran fine on the highway looked down light was off thought ok it’s just messing with me. Got to destination Truck idling light on again so messed around with it if truck is above 1500rpm goes out below is on. Also started to miss some of the time let off Excelerator press it down again it will quit does quit every time but say50/50 and sometime it will not miss half a day I bought this truck cause hoping is simple but it’s starting to mess with me any info appreciated