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  1. We used to have a lot of poured concrete fence posts on an old Iowa highway close by. Holes were left in them to run a wire through to hold the barbed wire in place. Owner of the property tore out the fence last fall .. and probably dumped the 50-60 posts in the landfill.
  2. It was a great show! I had the great opportunity to chat with other collectors. After chatting with one CaseIH Mechanic, I found out we both attended NITI Farm Implement Mechanics Program in Fort Atkinson IA (main campus was in Calmar). It was great seeing a friend from my younger days again!
  3. I saw the Big Boy on a siding last Tuesday night in Cedar Rapids IA and then on the tracks moving about 60MPH the next day.. managed to get 3 seconds of video shot until I realized I dont know how to run a video camera... To say the least, it's named Big Boy for a reason! incredible watching it race by with the whistle blowing!
  4. I was thinking cotton picker tractor also; bolt on the drop hub for CP and take it off for row crop farming
  5. The Watson ride? holy cow, my mother grew up a few miles east of Watson. I'm old enough to remember the little old grocery store in Watson...
  6. The Big Boy will be rolling through east central Iowa in 10 days or so; going to make sure I go see it rumble by!
  7. We had 2 single wood cribs (one torn down and a new grain bin set up on that very spot) and a big double crib with the driveway in the middle of it. The hard part about shoveling corn out of wood crib is nails in the floor boards would work loose and catch the aluminum scoop shovel! nothing worse than trying to get a shovel full of corn to throw in the grinder and have the shovel stop suddenly on a nail. We built a wire crib in the late 1960s (which is still standing I hear) that held over 2000 bushels of ear corn. Problem was it was a rat nest every year! and corn near the bottom would mold if water splashed up on it from rain. I always thought we should have poured more concrete and put the crib up a foot or two higher. I wonder somedays how many thousands of bushels of ear corn I unloaded from wagons into those 4 cribs... and double that for feeding hogs or grinding feed for the dairy cows.
  8. Cab and a narrow front would look great! the paint on this one appears to be very original and should clean very nicely
  9. There's a state a few miles from my house; the DNR has cut down 5 or more 18-30 inch red oak trees that died from this blight. Another 2 are dead and need to be cut down soon. Not sure if the timberland in Iowa could stand a widespread oak blight. The dutch elm disease back in the 70's wiped out trees galore..
  10. Hawkron

    856 Hydro

    isnt that the D361 in that 856?
  11. That's a handy pipe stand!
  12. Looks great! better post that first pic on facebook - the toy builders will love the photo!
  13. The muffler with the raincap is for Model A, G, 60, 620, 70 or 720. The raincap was made for Deere by Waterloo foundries. And yes, they bring some good money on ebay. the other muffler might be for a Model L or LA? my master parts index books are in storage or I would look it up..
  14. The 1586 castings were used for 886, 986, 1086, 1486 and 1586 versions. In fact the molds wore out years ago and we (Ertl) made a new set. Actually, the castings were all 1586 bodies if you look at the final drives. The record for most variations might be the JD 3010/3020.... then again, the 1586 might have beaten that record...
  15. Amen to hard work and common sense. Getting to be way too many younger people who have NO clue how to put in physical labor...all they want to do is push a button on a computer or phone app to do things for them...
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