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  1. The last can still has K-324 painted in big red letters.
  2. We had a 6 can DeLaval cooler, green in color also. It had a big resovoir for cold water at the bottom. Just perfect for cooling a watermelon or two on a hot day! I still have the last milk can from the farm. Using it for a plant stand on my patio.
  3. We had an IH 370, nice for light ground but sucked in heavy clay. Bought a JD 210 and then the disking fun began!
  4. @Bermuda Ken - I remember these being called switch engines also. You are right, the non cab engine should be called a calf.
  5. Gotta give some overdue credit to Union Pacific themselves for keeping X4014 in storage AND spending the millions it took to refurbish this one. I think I spent about 3 hours this weekend watching different videos of it being overhauled and on its test run. UP is planning to send it all over the US on UP tracks. Can't wait to see it run through Iowa sometime this year.
  6. some of those rocks with holes in them might be native American grinding stones; holes were finger grips I have found a few like that in my life, mostly spotted from an FM cultivator. Chisel plowing, now that is when I dug up hitch pins, broken manure spreader parts, a pliers or two, broken chisel plow points (luckily before I ran over them with a rear tire)...
  7. could a person run 16.9-38 duals with 18.4-38 inside tires? nice find by the way
  8. It means that bad people wreck the overall opinion of people in general
  9. it may be slower...but looks like more fun than plowing was!
  10. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. The 656 diesel is way cool - was it produced in AU or shipped from the US? nice version with clam shell fenders and M Style front wheels...I might put a toy together that looks like this one...
  11. Mother Nature is not going to leave April behind without a fight!
  12. great find - it's back home where it belongs
  13. I took a look at the Online parts catalogs and the 23.1-30 rear wheels are not listed for 966's.... I wonder if there is any red paint on parts under the hood?? If not, you may have a rare yellow 966!
  14. Is this a "true' industrial version of the 966? or just optional parts and factory yellow paint job? either way, it's a cool looking version
  15. Forgot to mention - when the weld is still cherry red, peen it down with a ball peen hammer. It will help forge the new weld to the broken stud.
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