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  1. Your wife's name is Keaton?
  2. Looks like it was made out of a couple different loaders hence "Dual"
  3. There are do it yourself kits, but I've yet to do it. I go to a "ear doctor" in an effort to get a good job done. They fill your ear with a quick set foam of some sort, feels like toothpaste, then send it off. There are different ones available, some to block more sounds or frequencies and such, some to accommodate ear phones, etc. You can hear your machine just fine, in some cases better, because it muffles all the extra clanging and banging going on. At first it's like a knew pair of shoes, can kinda hurt your ears as they are so full, but you get used to it. You can feel the difference between them and put them in the correct ear, left or right, by feel with a little practice. If you are going to be around something really noisy you can wear headphones at the same time and block all the harshness. Get a bright color so you can find them when you drop them......... They stay in place and don't get pulled out like the foam ones, they don't echo like headphones are prone to
  4. get some of the molded earplugs made once you do you will know why
  5. Does craftsman still replace for free. ? Get the ones that fit best, wear em out, get new boots
  6. 2017 Hadn't heard about it. Is it only available in liquid form?
  7. It looked like a real cool bolt bin for a minute........
  8. what ever you put on will collect dirt under and grind into your seats covers may protect from some stains or rips and tears A beach towel can be washed easily................
  9. I've got a forklift with backward thread on one side drive axle only
  10. sure it was tears? do you know that the offended is a liberal?
  11. Can you feel it? Ran it with belt off? muffler off? while valve cover is off to look and listen? spark plugs tight and right
  12. May vary by state but if you shoot a collared study animal during season, or run over one in the road call the number to let them know
  13. looks like a video game to me
  14. Most raise cylinders are power up and gravity down, one hose The one in your picture is shown with two hoses which is fine but you will have to plumb it to the tractor with that in mind
  15. depends on what you consider expensive how big of stumps?
  16. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2613144848940228 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2764904973740289
  17. Two stick!! Operator has low lifts as well Only took half acre to turn around Kewl
  18. when she answered my craigslist ad
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