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  1. fix the bucket with the right metal where it contacts the ground........
  2. smack the starter with something next time when it's cold and see if it makes a difference
  3. it's a front sub frame mounted to a tractor rear kewl
  4. https://springfield.craigslist.org/grq/d/saint-joseph-caseih-wd-tractor/7033751732.html
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/springfield_missouri?listingId=1184066061789738 come on down
  6. Dunno But after sandhillers post getting neighbors to help and people on quad machines etc. I'm thinking he needs a friend lots of vids on youtube, whistle commands and hand gestures for the most part
  7. for the most part it is different ways to say the same thing but complications with that occur when comparing mechanical front wheel drive(driveshaft) vs hydraulic front wheel assist
  8. Some poor pics of a T9 listed for sale with similar looking loader arms. No rear rippers.
  9. There was a T6 for sale awhile back in Arkansas with a regular looking tractor loader on it. I think it had a rear pto for hydraulics. I've seen one for sale that had the loader and a blade like this one somewhere, it had the bucket on it in the pictures with the blade in a separate pic, although I don't remember how it was mounted. I remember thinking how handy it would be to roll the blade forward as to not cut in when wanting to smooth things out. It might have been this one?
  10. Nice The front drive for the hydraulic pump is not the same as a rear PTO
  11. Hindsville Arkansas Facebook Marketplace I wish somebody would get this so I don't end up with it...... gas, not run for a few years but not locked up
  12. I didn't know a rebuild was offered thanks for posting
  13. the 6's seem to come up now and again if you get it at the right price it may be the parts for another one you find
  14. I can't help some that can and usually do hang in the construction forum post a pic or two for our amusement and see what happens
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