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  1. float trip on the buffalo rogers is birthplace of?
  2. I found a parts manual in a three ring binder shout if you want it
  3. https://fortsmith.craigslist.org/hvo/d/dozer-dt6international/6680618974.html not mine
  4. Or a KB6? Are there any other owners on here?
  5. by "he" I'm assuming you are talking about Cook tractor where the engine came from? or are you just "assuming"?
  6. nice find very handy and easy to haul gas or diesel?
  7. Any knowledgeable rebuilders of these around?
  8. Yes it did. Instant start all weather. Too bad gas engines aren't an option you see anymore.
  9. I'm not bashing it, just answering the questions asked of me
  10. I have no clue, just making sure you checked the obvious meaning just because u move a lever on the dash doesn't mean it is moving what it is supposed to
  11. green in the oil did it in, something about brass around the injectors? it had sticky transmission, they would bind up brakes worked great as long as you pumped them up first, it's been awhile but something about a regenerating system? I've lost track. the worst turning radius of any tractor I've ever operated. Reminds me of my Papa's 91 Ford extended cab 4x4. Better hope you have some room. I was told the grill makes it a European model, or at least out of US. It could be a replacement by the previous owner. I found it more complicated to work on than it needed to be, but it was my first cab tractor and that adds to all of them. Friends had an 885? and had similar issues with it except the turning radius was as good as any. It did drag a 13' straight deck brush hog anywhere you pointed it thou, until the green stuff invaded the oil
  12. moving the throttle or moving the throttle lever? meaning has your cable or linkage come loose?
  13. Found some pics in a file sadly it's the only red tractor I've owned and the reason I would never own another
  14. did the level of fluid go down as you pumped to bleed? a bit more description If you really want much help
  15. too bad gas motors aren't available as an option today not because they are better but because they are good in many ways
  16. did it pump up pressure? did fluid disappear as you pumped? what model 1940's?
  17. just pull the front driveshaft drive and see what difference it makes
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