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  1. tractor dealers usually have an outlet some industrial tire supply places, look for your local fork lift tire guy Gensco in Texas will send them to you, mounted on a new wheel or not, full of foam or not be aware there are several sizes if you want to match what you have or get two of them so you can keep things level.
  2. have a shoulder or preferably a ham smoked good stuff
  3. Old Dan Tucker was a mighty fine man washed his face in a frying pan combed his hair with a wagon wheel died with a toothache in his ear
  4. It would comfort me to see those involved in the production of ethanol converting their electric power generation, production machinery, and transportation equipment to use it. Then ask if the rest of us would like to reap the benefits as they have. It's like getting to know a beef producer who butchers his own meat and finding out he feeds and cares for it different than the ones he takes to market. But I can get ethanol free premium so the burden is on me. Just like I can go to the farmers market rather than the grocery store.
  5. lots of inconvenient grinding if the welds are penetrating for sure are you sure it can be pounded from outside of track to inside? even if it wasn't welded? meaning is the pin the same size/shape all the way through? mine had a pin with a cotter key in it. nice looking unit. where is the access you are going for to get to the mechanism ? I don't have my manual here with me. after exhausting all the beating, heating, soaking with penetrating oil, etc that you can muster you could make a press arrangement or drill into and tap/weld onto and make a puller to give it tension while you beat some more. would removing a grouser or two give you access to where you need to be?
  6. to me the problem isin't with the aluminum it's the cost
  7. does it rely on the prop to blow the spray around?
  8. who wants to go into business making steel replacement panels for these aluminum bodies?
  9. great pics thanks for sharing hopefully those parts will find good homes all those colors against the snow look like Christmas lights
  10. The largest Missouri solar farm just opened up a few miles from my house. On land owned and leased out by local politician. About 40 acres worth. I think solar is a good thing, I see it powering signal lights and similar freestanding small requirements. Homeowners and business that have their own panels on the roof can figure out what works for them and benefit. Maybe that's the key, each house or building should have its own. Large scale stuff sure seems dependent on kickbacks and promises. Minimal moving parts thou. I got a solar powered battery charger to leave on tractors that sit when no power is available. I don't see windmills around unless they are for decoration.
  11. Ford using IH, Dodge using Cummins, GM using Isuzu. Next thing you know Manufactures will start using tires, batteries, electronics, paint, and drivetrain made by others. They might even assemble them in buildings built and designed by somebody else. Someday one of these companies might go into the finance business. I was floored when GM stopped with the truck lines. Opened the door for others that's going to be hard to close.
  12. what does it do with a jumper battery on it? When it cranks, do you see white smoke? When it starts does it chug black smoke out?
  13. blue smoke only? put some marvels mystery or similar, run the snot out of it, change oil and see.....
  14. every time you get in and out of the seat you have to mess with it, forget and leave it attached one time and yank the wires really good besides that I'm too hairy, it would have to hurt after a while
  15. I can't imagine driving along and then this happens
  16. yes the 1190 are, JI Case on the tag, but it will say David Brown on the engine I bet
  17. I took a face blast from my boss and his angle grinder both eyes drilled as the hot sparks stuck in there it sucked bad bad headache, it's worth the effort to suit up and protect, now if I could just find where I laid those down........
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