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  1. in an instant shore makes a fellow want to check his fuses and smoke alarms and fire sprinklers.....this is horrible but fires don't know barns from houses
  2. 40 north thanks for trying to save whatever is use able
  3. My Dad was following a truck home in his 55 Vic convertible when the brakes went out and he ran underneath it. It was black with red interior, He still has the full length fender skirts and at one time some side exhaust pipes. He had a paxton supercharger but let it go I think? I'll try to find some pictures
  4. nomorejohndeere


    As long as the hydraulics on the truck aren't jumpy I don't see much unsafe. I wish my ladders were as firmly held as that when I'm up tall
  5. As soon as I get my tractor project finished I'm going to dig into the D15. I don't know what I need. Would you be willing to sell some parts from it if I find they are needed and yours are good? That would be easy shipping rather than the block
  6. Are there any access panel to take off and look inside the machine to see what's going on?
  7. The buzz isin't loud but is best not in your ear
  8. I got one of those ultrasonics this winter. I've used a gallon of white vinegar I had in the laundry, a gallon of degreaser twice the price of simple green I thought might be the real deal, and a gallon of Berrymans. Not on all the same stuff for the same amount of time but the vinegar sure cleaned up fuel cap from rust real nice along with a couple other things. The degreaser didn't impress me, the Berrymans isin't the same as the old and although did a fair job it's kinda pricey. I bought a gallon of paint brush and thinner cleaner from the hardware store to try next. About half the price of the Berrymans and same as simple green or similar. The only thing I don't like about mine is the timer goes to 99 and then shuts off so you can't go off and leave it overnight etc. I will mention that some parts like fuel filter canisters, oil bath air cleaners, starter,......the paint will all be stripped off as well. Which is ok as long as you don't want to use that same chemical to do a carb or something as the junk will clog stuff up.
  9. If it ran while antifreeze was in it....it doesn't take much...verify the bottom is worth doing the top...
  10. If the engine ran with antifreeze then don't spend effort on the head until you find out....
  11. https://humboldt.craigslist.org/hvo/d/myers-flat-crawler-bull-dozer-for/6825722057.html looks similar to thebunns, nice sweeps
  12. I took the starter of my T340 in to be tested and was told it was fine. The starter grounds when bolted up and there was enough corrosion to prevent this. short cut with jumper cable from starter housing to a known good ground to check jump from positive battery to your starter to bypass cables to check
  13. SRC is a meat market employer they will cut corners to meet production demands and rely on warranty to fix
  14. took a day or two but here is what I got
  15. I had one for awhile but no body to show me how to use it so I passed it on I've still got the stand and a few dies I couldn't find when I sold mine.
  16. Nice working shuttle check for rust in your tank as a floating hunk can block flow heavy duty cleaners are sure to bust a bunch of gunk up and block your filters etc.
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