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  1. I had a trailer wheel shear off the lugs once. Passed me on the passenger side and went out of sight in a ravine. I had to brush hog my way to it.
  2. If it ran with antifreeze you will need more than bars leak
  3. put it back together go on about your business then you will find it someplace you already looked ten times
  4. why facebook when craigslist does not require sign up did they give a price? diesel?
  5. nice how's the view from the backhoe seat?
  6. Howdy I know nothing about combines and there are few in my neck of the woods. I have read that some used the same engine that was also offered in the truck line. The era I'm looking at is mid thirties into the forties. Any info on where I could find old combine engines or parts is appreciated. Are there any collectors/restorers on here? Here are some models as examples 31, 41, 51, 122C, 123, & 125SP.
  7. Do you still have any engine or drivetrain parts?
  8. White 2-105 on 34's mfwa cab Case 1070 cab on 34's MF 1114 mfwa cab on 34's Ford 8210 mfwa cab
  9. chain axle to frame so it can't drop then jack on frame be aware as you jack around of distances changing and pulling on the stands or use screw jacks that you leave under it or combo jack/stand or jack under pumpkin, stand both sides same time or jack under one side axle, remove tire and rim, set brake drum on blocks
  10. my eyes feel molested after looking at the pic
  11. i do,and have, and will it works great
  12. if your going to put new tires on , let the air out and drive the tractor wala
  13. float trip on the buffalo rogers is birthplace of?
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