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  1. blue smoke only? put some marvels mystery or similar, run the snot out of it, change oil and see.....
  2. every time you get in and out of the seat you have to mess with it, forget and leave it attached one time and yank the wires really good besides that I'm too hairy, it would have to hurt after a while
  3. I can't imagine driving along and then this happens
  4. yes the 1190 are, JI Case on the tag, but it will say David Brown on the engine I bet
  5. I took a face blast from my boss and his angle grinder both eyes drilled as the hot sparks stuck in there it sucked bad bad headache, it's worth the effort to suit up and protect, now if I could just find where I laid those down........
  6. Years ago...... I worked for a guy and was going to use his tractor. He wasn't there and a rear tire was low. So I called him and asked what pressure to run. I only put enough in tractors to take the bulge mostly out but he insisted those tires were heavy duty and took 50 psi. I held that air chuck on there until my fingers were numb. A few minutes later I hear this creaking and groaning and BANG! He thought I was asking about a trailer tire.......
  7. manual I don't like the controllers loose or in my lap, always searching for it. I ran a friends truck that had a very small one you could hold in your hand, but then you set it down and the search is on My first plow truck was also manual trans and the smart azz at the plow shop mounted the controls under the ash tray, every time I reached for it I banged into the steering wheel So I put it where I had to reach anyways
  8. auto manufacturing has always had layoffs and shut downs maybe they should all ban together, you know, all their skills, and make there own vehicle and sell it or they can point fingers and say what somebody else should have done
  9. pits are great when things get big and heavy and awkward shaped I like the welders that just use the pickup beds and single wheel I had a k20 with factory buckets, took them out and replaced with a bench
  10. very nice I like your trailer
  11. stihl are everywhere so parts and service aren't an issue
  12. how about a 4 wheel drive pickup ? heat, windshield wipers, gas motor.....
  13. If the starter changes speed, cranks slow then faster, suspect it a bit. Makes sure it's getting full volts from the starter button. May be time to adjust valves make sure you aren't fighting air in fuel system
  14. is the hydraulic pump mounted to the engine?
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