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  1. https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/grd/d/ih-international-td-18a-dozer/6770632732.html Came off a 1953 International TD 18A Dozer. Purchased from construction company auction out of Richmond Indiana. Also have the carburetor, nuts, bolts, pistons, hoods & other random parts. I have very little knowledge about this stuff, but I have enough sense not to scrap it. I'd be happy to get this stuff out of my barn and into the hands of someone that needs/wants it. Been stored inside barn Heads marked 258891-R5 I did not purchase the dozer, but I do have additional photos of it as well. Let's make a deal? What do you need? Will add more pics as I get time. Located in Ridgeville Indiana - hour south of Fort Wayne. Text or call
  2. just out of curiosity does it turn the same direction as the pto on output side?
  3. comet or bar keepers friend or ajax etc. will clean and polish out the oxidation
  4. I wonder if the scent lock clothes he had on contained the s*(& in his pants
  5. Just wait until the Indians have had enough of us
  6. I've seen 3 rusted out. And a few mangled from jack knife with the trailer tongue not damaged. Some are made well enough....some aren't so much.
  7. I worked on a pipeline dynamite crew and helped an operator transport one similar through several miles of right of way. It rained the night before and was all exposed red clay. Those grousers hit me in the chest when I stood next to it and man what a mess. It was my job to hop off and open all the rope gates as we moved through. We had one hill to climb so steep it took 3 slides down before it was able to crawl and wiggle and zig zag to the top. The operator told me "don't jump off". A couple days later it got hung up in a ravine with the ripper sunk in. I witnessed some impressive use of track hoes getting it out. You must have some serious work to do.
  8. I going off memory which is not a good idea I think there was a larger ci engine offered in later models, maybe 170 ci or so
  9. so you're saying they used the turn by turn directions without looking where it was taking them first and then blaming the gps does a paper map warn of tight spots?
  10. gps my shop address you end up at the southern starting point of the road, about 5 miles south use a map or atlas to find my shop you only find the road
  11. atlas only as good as the people making it
  12. tractor dealers usually have an outlet some industrial tire supply places, look for your local fork lift tire guy Gensco in Texas will send them to you, mounted on a new wheel or not, full of foam or not be aware there are several sizes if you want to match what you have or get two of them so you can keep things level.
  13. have a shoulder or preferably a ham smoked good stuff
  14. Old Dan Tucker was a mighty fine man washed his face in a frying pan combed his hair with a wagon wheel died with a toothache in his ear
  15. It would comfort me to see those involved in the production of ethanol converting their electric power generation, production machinery, and transportation equipment to use it. Then ask if the rest of us would like to reap the benefits as they have. It's like getting to know a beef producer who butchers his own meat and finding out he feeds and cares for it different than the ones he takes to market. But I can get ethanol free premium so the burden is on me. Just like I can go to the farmers market rather than the grocery store.
  16. lots of inconvenient grinding if the welds are penetrating for sure are you sure it can be pounded from outside of track to inside? even if it wasn't welded? meaning is the pin the same size/shape all the way through? mine had a pin with a cotter key in it. nice looking unit. where is the access you are going for to get to the mechanism ? I don't have my manual here with me. after exhausting all the beating, heating, soaking with penetrating oil, etc that you can muster you could make a press arrangement or drill into and tap/weld onto and make a puller to give it tension while you beat some more. would removing a grouser or two give you access to where you need to be?
  17. to me the problem isin't with the aluminum it's the cost
  18. does it rely on the prop to blow the spray around?
  19. who wants to go into business making steel replacement panels for these aluminum bodies?
  20. great pics thanks for sharing hopefully those parts will find good homes all those colors against the snow look like Christmas lights
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