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  1. weld it shut, flatten it out and drill and tap ?
  2. He would struggle with that price running
  3. mid teens is fine if you like what is all there
  4. binderplanet or oldihc.com has lots of info
  5. use the bucket to hold your deer for cleaning out nice buck
  6. The GF called and asked if I wanted crab legs for new years. I said I thought new years was black eyed peas and cornbread. She made some sort of "from the south" comment............
  7. wonder if it was built to handle ethanol as new fi vehicles do
  8. unless you are turning tight circles on pavement it wouldn't have a reason to hurt anything I don't like the way it feels so I would want to run in 2wd unless front assist is needed hurt the tires more than the tractor
  9. I got a cheapo "Metalman" at tractor supply and it gives me a headache, the lens flitters on and off I regret the purchase A couple years ago I a left my reading cheaters on by mistake while welding. It was like I got a new welder What I would like to find is a helmet with something besides the flimsy plastic attachments from the helmet to the headgear, they always brake or perform poorly before the rest of the helmet is wore out wiping your clear outer lens with your gloves is a hard practice to break
  10. what happens when you pump the brakes with the line disconnected at the hydro boost? Are all the brakes binding or just one? Does it have a proportioning valve?
  11. my couch has an afghan my Granny made on it right now. I just reached over and touched it.
  12. I had corduroy pants in junior high. Blue with bell bottoms.
  13. It would be a shame to see it scrapped without pulling chrome and small parts from possibly list on binderplanet and/or oldihc forums as somebody might be close by
  14. https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/grd/d/ih-international-td-18a-dozer/6770632732.html Came off a 1953 International TD 18A Dozer. Purchased from construction company auction out of Richmond Indiana. Also have the carburetor, nuts, bolts, pistons, hoods & other random parts. I have very little knowledge about this stuff, but I have enough sense not to scrap it. I'd be happy to get this stuff out of my barn and into the hands of someone that needs/wants it. Been stored inside barn Heads marked 258891-R5 I did not purchase the dozer, but I do have additional photos of it as well. Let's make a deal? What do you need? Will add more pics as I get time. Located in Ridgeville Indiana - hour south of Fort Wayne. Text or call
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