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  1. Get what you know will work long term for your maintenance needs, as nice a one as you can. If its not what is best or suitable for initial projects then rent or hire a contractor. If you're going for a loan get the sellers to do some of that as part of purchase
  2. Deer here hear with their ear
  3. Hearing is wayyyyyy better than their eyesight
  4. screws are worth more than the dash must have some pretty important gloves.............
  5. I'll take a lever action .22 of your choice if your feeling charitable.........
  6. Edelbrock is a bit simpler For flooding and bouncing Holley truck avenger 670 cfm https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/carburetors/street/parts/0-90670 or put an offroad kit in holley carb. spring loaded seats, foam in float bowls etc.
  7. http://precisionrebuilders.com/contact_us.html
  8. Nope I vote nomoresnake
  9. Has it been sitting?
  10. Cottonmouths are aggressive compared to the others from what I've seen Copperheads tend to slink away unless they are cornered
  11. If it's a 740 then 5000# couple on ebay one with readable tag
  12. Just thought it's neato, wonder the capacity Old Walker mechanical floor jack $25 Family › Mobility Equipment Listed 30 minutes ago in Norwood, MO Message Details Old mechanical Walker floor jack. I have all the parts. It is rusty and stuck. Lost interest in restoring.
  13. Just like reading glasses come in different powers so do the lenses. They are made in different sizes to fit different helmets. Keeps from wearing glasses under the hood.
  14. When I got magnifying lenses to go in my helmet it was like I got a new welder......... The distance my face is from the weld puddle is the exact distance I can't see clearly.
  15. My girlfriend traded her Escape off after the trans went into limp mode for the third time. I don't know what year of manufacture. They are a pain to change the oil
  16. So many vices even big ones have shallow jaws I guess you could call this one "slack jaw"
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