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  1. I took some cell phone pics of my uncles trucks from a calendar
  2. I and others would hate to see it scrapped as well. When you pull it post up. I may know by then if I need something.
  3. I got one just like that It will work just fine
  4. I hope to get my Papa's 41 K6? going again as well, the last time it was driven I stood in the seat beside my Dad.
  5. An Uncle of mine has 2 or 3 of the six speed specials, if I remember correctly.
  6. super duper thanks for sharing I know I would appreciate some pics of undercarriage, from different angles to see how all the stuff works together etc.
  7. there is an ad posted in ACMOC for sale a TD6 with drott 4 way shovel, bad engine northern CA
  8. No mods, clean air filter and fuel filter changed as well. I have not checked any pressures. Thanks for the heads up with the FPR, I'll check on that. Looks like it's hidden between intake halves.
  9. I scrolled down and then back up and my eyes did it again
  10. I've got a well running 2000 GMC 3500 7.4 liter 454 auto 4x4 67000 miles Starts instant in the morning, starts good after a few minutes shut off, but drive it and shut it off for an hour up to half a day or more and it's hard to start. Long cranking seems to be helped by moving gas pedal but I don't know if that's a fuel thing or telling a sensor to take another reading. Stumbles just slightly when it starts then runs fine and dandy. I've cleaned up the map with a couple cans of spray What's the most likely suspect?
  11. that'll buff right out great project
  12. just rain and ice here but I can't open frozen lock
  13. I would think a collector would be scooping that right up
  14. I was cleaning out some storage at the farm last winter and ran into a box of models from the days......... Most I blew up with fireworks when I was going from kiddo to drivers licence. I saved this one as a favorite. I always liked it because it had the bike on the back that looked just like the Girelli Bronco 50cc, my first bike.
  15. He asked where I lived but didn't return email
  16. Let me know if parts are available
  17. When you heat it are you heating it all the way through the whole part? or as soon as it is registering at 300 or so with the gun close enough?
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