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  1. insulate well , wide roll up insulated doors  

    floor drain, floor pit 

    no light panels on roof, windows where you want for light and venting vs security

    do not, do not put quick release air fittings at face level




  2. I guess it's not my favorite to drive since I choose to sell a few years back.  Right before the price exploded on them of course.

    But it's my favorite to reminisce 




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  3. block of wood between hammer and starter ain't all bad........

    If the starter mount is its own ground it can corrode and not be up to snuff causing clicks and intermittent issues

    yours may have a ground strap 

  4. google "gun concealment furniture" and lots of stuff comes up

    when my Mom remodeled her house they put false walls in some places.  

    magnets to hold drywall up, if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't find it


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