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  1. Most vacuum tester pumps will have a gauge to watch....you can also do a pressure test as sometimes the seals will work under vacuum but not under pressure or vice versa.

    The crankcase can leak on each side where the crank attaches to the clutch on one side and the other side is rotor.  It can also leak where the two haves of the crank case seals together if that is the type of construction of your saw...

    Not alot of vacuum or pressure....it's not high pressure....

    You can find examples on YouTube.  

    You can block the exhaust and port the carb base...or block the carb and port the exhaust....


  2. Since it's used you don't know so do a go thru.

    Replace rubber parts, impulse line, fuel line, vent, tank grommet.  

    Clean or remove exhaust screen.  Check muffler gasket for blow out....

    Check tightness of jug bolts.

    Check spacer between carb and jug for cracks

    Spray some either around carb mounts and jug base when running to check for vacuum leaks.  Ie blowed out base gasket.....which will run lean and scorch piston...

    You can do a compression test and vacuum test to really know what's going on......

    Does it have air/fuel adjustment screw?

    Check carb to see if it is oem....I've had a few of the replacements not respond to the adjustment screw, air fuel adjustment.....or have the gaskets not be exactly right.....

    Is your throttle cable allowing full return to idle?  Meaning if you back idle screw to not touching and it still idles high can you manually move it more?  Disconnect cable and see if it idles down....etc.

    680 is a beast and will easily handle a 24 inch bar...but could vary depending on hardness of tree your dealing with...

    If you go longer than that for full time use then skip chain if you like or just go with a less aggressive tooth....meaning not full chisel or even semi chisel....you can also swap sprocket to gear it down to help with a bar a bit too long...


  3. 4 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    And likely stolen. I engrave all my tools, name and date. 
    always some strange story goes along with market place power tools too🙄

    Not necessarily.

    People sell all kinds of stuff for all kinds of reasons.

    Reselling pallet returns, parts of kits they don't need, changing or updating to a different brand or next generation, finished with a project and don't need any longer, changed jobs and don't need.....

    Have you ever sold anything that's not stolen?




  4. Don't do the cloud, ring type thing, unless you are willing to have your life hacked and public.

    Be aware all security systems give off false alarms at times driving you nuts when you don't know for sure.

    Consider a safe room....

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  5. 20 minutes ago, acem said:

    For home defense a full sized pistol is probably best. 



    I agree 

    If a two hand firearm is used instead I would go 12 gauge....

    Just my opinion...


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