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  1. Thanks, Chris. Looks pretty close to Grant's 9. Hope to pick up my 6 soon!
  2. A very clever design. I look forward to better understanding how the system converts to handle the high compression in the diesel engine. Handling the fuel switch over is one thing, handling the chamber volume with high compression is another. Thanks for the photo and the response. It looks like our carb. And, now that you explain the gas/diesel conversion, it makes sense why the linkage runs through the engine. Will follow your decision to add an inline fuel filter since the tank is so very old. With the "modern" gas we have today I imagine it on its own would mess things up pretty quick. I broke down and bought a battery operated blower, chain saw, hedge trimmer, and whipper snipper. Can't take the garbage gas we get in California. I don't imagine you folks suffer from such things in the clean air of Northern Canada. Again, thanks for your help, Grant. A picture is worth a thousand words!
  3. Thanks, Grant. When we first tried to start it, we had not paid for the tractor. I wanted to pull the carb, but the owner did not want us to mess around with it. He told me a story about how someone had damaged a vehicle when looking to buy it from him. He has a point. If we had lost a part from the carb, and did not buy it.......So, we paid him and had to leave it there since we could not load it and were out of time. He has been on a trip, so we have not been able to work on it yet. Grant, does the linkage to the carb run through the engine? It appears to. The owner said he thought it did. He worked for IH. He told us before we came to look at it that the gas was having a problem and he thought it would need work on the carb. Chris, will post a pic when we get to see it again. Who knows, maybe he selling it twice? I trust him, but it is sure getting harder to trust people.
  4. Thanks north. Have you pulled your carb? Are the carbs the same on many of the TDs that are gas start?
  5. Thanks, Russ and Chris. Appreciate the info. I wanted to order a gasket set before pulling the carb. We cleaned the tank, lines, and sediment bowl before attempting to start it. The machine is sitting where we bought it. It ran on gas for three or four minutes and quit. It took a little bit of cranking to get going, ran a little rough then smoothed out and quit. Still had gas in the tank. Owner told us it would need to be cleaned. Apparently the linkage runs from left side to right side through the engine. And, yes, we found the nut behind the carb. The linkage is there. Hard to see what is needed to get it off. We thought we would do a little studying before going to far. Tried to find some info online, but could not. Not having the tractor ID has kept me from buying manuals until I know I am getting the right ones. Any help here would be appreciated. Owner said it was a 1958. Not sure how he knew since there plate cannot be read. Need to move a little dirt, clean out new trees springing up in my roads, and maybe crush some shale? My D8 is probably finished, so I won't be pushing trees too much anymore. We have a 2nd TD6 that needs some work. Hoping it is just the linkage going to one clutch. The other clutch works fine. Again, thanks for the help.
  6. Just registered, Happy to find a blog where others suffer likewise! Have just purchased a TD6 with blade. It seems to have a carburetor problem. Where can I find information on the carb and parts to rebuild? I was told it is a 1958. The build info cannot be read. Thanks for any info. Enjoyed reading sugarmaker's thread on his TD6.
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