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  1. I’ve tried everything to no avail... I think I’ll have to pull it off and try to clean it or take it in to be done...
  2. Thank-you very much for the pics... This will greatly help, hopefully, with rectifying this issue. I have a friend coming over, retired heavy duty mechanic, to look at this with me. I'm sure these pics will help... I will keep all posted as to the outcome; did I fix it myself, or hire it out... Cheers, Brad
  3. Thanks Boyd, Its hard to find any info on this pump... I took out the plug and it is a hole. I dont see any screws, just the ends of the 3 bolts shown. I think the best thing to do is pull the top off (however thats done) and clean and lube? Can't seem to get any spray in there to free up that rack or plungers. I wish I could find a few diagrams of this pump so I know what to expect... I'll keep looking with what you gave me. I'm heading up to Edmonton, AB tomorrow to visit my daughter. I'll hunt around there for some help also, or maybe I'll find a pump manual? (highly doubtful, but worth a try) When I get back I'll tackle this again. Would love nothing more than to get it running properly.
  4. Ok, think it is the rail. I guess I’ll have to take the pump off to get to it? A new prob? I removed the filler to have a look in. A nut at the end of the rod with 3 nuts on it broke off (the rail?). It didn’t take any effort at all as it was done with my finger. I think possibly just hanging there on a small fraction of metal. There appears to be a small pin in it. I assume to keep it from vibrating off? There is enough thread to replace it with some lock tight or drill out and repin it! That rod spins freely with my fingers. Should it? It looks to me as an adjustment?
  5. Not too sure what’s stuck here... The lever moves against the Spring, but only the rod moves
  6. Thanks Jim, what grade of engine oil do I put in?
  7. Thanks Brian and everyone else... I’ll give it a go tomorrow and report back....
  8. Crawlernut, The tractor hasn’t run for a number of years, I can’t give you an exact number, let’s say 15. When I start it on gas there is white smoke and I smell diesel exhaust. (As seen in the photo) When I switch it to diesel it remains at a high idle. The throttle lever moves, but the RPMs remain high.
  9. I believe it is IH pumpbwith the big IH... I’ll give’r a go this week... 🙏🏻Thank-you
  10. Ok... well that gives me a place to start. I guess I need to find out what pump it is and find me a diagram or manual. I believe it’s a Bosch, but I’m not too sure. Thanks for your help. Gives me a place to start 👍🏻
  11. Thanks... It’s attached and moving just not responding... Thanks again...
  12. Forgive me, but my knowledge regarding this machine is limited. I believe I only have a notched throttle lever. The linkage goes right to the injector pump and I can see no other throttle control.
  13. Hey all... Been a while since I’ve been on here. I got my TD15-151 running today, but I have no throttle control. RPM high during startup and switching over to diesel. Anyone have any idea why this would be? I can move the throttle all the way up and all the way down and the regime revs high the whole time...
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