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  1. Rickster

    Value of a Green Diamond 214

    Yeah, I saw where one went for $2500 on Ebay, but looked to be fully restored. I wouldn't want to put that kind of money into a gamble. The old timers who want to restore these to original are getting to be fewer and fewer I think. More guys like me who want to hear the pipes cackle and horses run.
  2. Rickster

    Value of a Green Diamond 214

    Thanks for the quick response mmi. I've got an old timer coming this weekend to work on getting it started. He knows alot more about these engines than I do. You're right, though, it is a limited market. From what I've seen on the internet, folks will pay decent money, but you have to find the right buyer. thanks again for your help. Most appreciated.
  3. Rickster

    Value of a Green Diamond 214

    I've got a Green Diamond 214 that supposedly ran when it was parked in a shed 14 years ago. I've got spark, but even with squirting a little gas/starting fluid into carb, I still can't get it to fire. Anyway, I'm planning on pulling it and putting in a newer engine, like a 327 or 350 that I can hot rod. Here's my dilemma. I'd like to get the 214 started so I can get a little more for it when I sell it. My question is, and I realize that this is a huge opinion type question, but what kind of money should I expect to get for a running 214 versus a non-running 214? I didn't really see anything on Ebay that gave me much help. Again, I'm hoping for some educated guesses with maybe a little experience to fall back on. Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.
  4. Rickster

    KB1 Grill

    Thanks Dennis.
  5. Rickster

    KB1 Grill

    Next question is how are these grill pieces held on? Are they easy to remove clips or am I in for an afternoon of bloody knuckles trying to break rusty threads open? Thanks.
  6. Rickster

    KB1 Grill

    That is hugely helpful. Finding those grill pieces is not going to be easy but know that I van look for up to a KB5 helps a lot. Thanks Dennis.
  7. Rickster

    KB1 Grill

    Thanks for your help, Dennis. I looked at the grill pieces on a KB7 last night at a salvage yard and it appeared to be larger than what I'd need, but the 7's are a much bigger beast than what I'm dealing with. I just don't know at what point they jumped up to the next size. You're right though, looks like everything I've read indicates that IH did try to interchange alot of their parts.
  8. Rickster

    KB1 Grill

    I just purchased a slightly used 1948 KB1. Unfortunately, the grill pieces were stripped off of it. My question for all you experts out there is whether the grills off the larger trucks, like the KB3-KB5's would fit my KB1. I've seen a KB1 and larger truck sitting side by side and it looked like the grills were actually the same size. I don't know if the mounting holes would match up or not but I would think that if IH used the same grill pieces for both that the holes would line up too. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.