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  1. And then there was the guy who invented lifesavers. Apparently he made a mint.
  2. I believe someone in my house is putting glue on all my weapons. Everyone denies it, but I'm sticking to my guns.
  3. Nope. I was wrong. Just came back from the dead.
  4. Looks like this thread went 'poof' also. apparently, someone does not like comedy.
  5. A man sat alone in an airport bar. As he enjoyed his drink he heard a voice. "Nice tie." He looked around, no one was there. Again a voice was heard. "Sharp looking shoes." He looks around again, still seeing no one. Confused, he waves the bartender over, and asks. "I keep hearing voices, first someone told me I had a nice tie, then I hear another say my shoes are looking good, but no one is here, am I going crazy?" Bartender replies "No you are not, we get this a lot here. The snacks are complimentary."
  6. A while back I owned a dog that would chase children on a bike. I had to take his bike away.
  7. Two cannibals were eating a comedian. One asks the other "Does this taste funny to you?"
  8. I knew a man who had a dog with no legs. He called the dog cigarette. Every night he would take the dog for a drag.
  9. What to you get when you cross a lake with a canoe? To the other side.
  10. Had a flat tire the other week. I stopped in at the bowling alley to pick up a spare.
  11. At Beethoven's grave , a ghostly figure was seen furiously scrubbing music scores with an eraser. He was de composing.
  12. What has 10 wheels and flies? A garbage truck.
  13. A fortune teller walks into a bar. You think he'd have seen it coming.
  14. How about the woman who backed into an airplane propeller? Disaster.
  15. Hear about the optometrist that fell into the lens grinder? He made a spectacle of himself.
  16. Duck asks the pharmacist for lip balm. Pharmacist asks if the purchase will be cash or credit. Duck says "just put it on my bill".
  17. What do you call a deaf dog? Call him anything you like, he won't come.
  18. Why did they push the cow from the cliff? They wanted to hear the Jersey Bounce.
  19. A book never written "Heating Systems" by I.C. Chambers. Edited by Leavon Coates.
  20. "any one that has worked with steel has noticed when you heat steel water will come to the surface, the thicker the steel the more water it will produce" Steel does not contain water. Copy this and paste it to your bathroom mirror, so you can see it every day. The dampness seen on steel from the initial preheat is the water produced by the combustion of the fuel gas. Until the steel is over 212 degrees, water will condense out of the flame, and show its presence on the metal. This is not to discount the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement, which is something to be concerned about when welding high strength steels. I teach welding at the local community college, this is one of my pet peeves. I had a student who swore up and down that water came out of steel when it was heated. I saw this as a teaching moment. We setup an experiment where two identical pieces of metal were heated to 300 degrees. One was heated with a rather large electric element, the other with a torch. The piece heated electrically did not 'bleed' water.
  21. Here is info from the shell oil site " Recommendations Although it may differ from manufacturers’ recommended fluids, Shell DONAX® TD is suitable for use in all of the following applications. • AGCO (Deutz-Allis) Powerfluid 821XL, PF821 Allis-Chalmers 257541 • International Harvester IHC B-6 (Hy-Tran) and B5 (also see Case) • Case JIC-143, 144, 145, 185 • Landini • Case MS-1204 MS-1206(PTF), MS-1207(Hy-Tran Plus), MS-1209, MS-1210 (TCH Fluid) • Massey Ferguson M1110, 1127A/B, 1129A, 1135, M1141 (Permatran III) • Caterpillar TO-2 • Minneapolis-Moline • Clark • Oliver Type • Dennison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 • Renk Transmissions • John Deere JDM J20A, B, C(DONAX® TD), J20D (DONAX® TD Low Vis), J14B/C, JD303 • Steiger SEMS 17001 • Versatile (now New Holland) 23M, 24M • Ford New Holland M2C134-A/B/C/D, M2C53-B, M2C48-B, M2C86-B, FNHA-2-C-200, 201, ESN-M2C41-B, MAT 3505 • Vickers M-2950-S, I-286-S, 35VQ25 • Volvo WB-101 • Hesston-Fiat AF-87 • Kubota UDT Fluid • White Farm Q-1826, -1705, -1722, -1766B, -1802 (Type 55) (also see AGCO) • ZF TE-ML-03E"
  22. Shell Donax is the one I use. Get it delivered in bulk, use about 1200 gallon per year. Had been using a generic UTH fluid, and experienced an unacceptable hydraulic motor failure rate. Better fluid equals less cost in the end.
  23. I think the meds described in the post above are the commercial variant of the generic drug "Growaset"
  24. If your Saturday morning "Town Run" includes stops at the auto parts store, the feed mill , the equipment dealer (better hurry and get there, they close at noon), and the hardware store, you can save a few stops by just going to Tractor Supply. The rest of the stuff you need can be purchased on-line. is it the end-all, be-all? No. The world has changed since 1980, TSC is part of it. Can't say I'm happy with the way things have 'progressed', but the store has it's place.
  25. My vote is for a either a Powermatic or a Delta. I have a 12 inch Parks, and it is too slow for a production shop. (About 20 feet per minute.) Perhaps the larger Parks is faster, as they made 18 inch and 24 inch. Helix heads are in the $2000 range for the big units.
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