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  1. Hello all and thanks in advance for your help. We have a TD20B dozer with the 427 motor. About a year ago we had trouble with the starter. While that problem was quickly solved, we did notice that when the starter was out that the housing was full of oil. Is this normal? I have never heard of relying on the starter to hold oil back. We had been told by a heavy equipment mechanic that supposedly has worked on these machines that this is not normal and if the problem is severe enough the crankcase will fill up with the 10w that is in the transmission. My dad started pulling the hoses off thinking the converter was leaking but when we looked through the book we can't see how you can avoid having oil in the flywheel/converter housing since the oil pump is driven by a gear and it appears that this drive gear is not sealed off from the rest of the converter housing and obviously this gear needs lube. There are a couple of oil lines that run out of the converter that I can't find in the book. One comes off of the top of the housing on the right hand side and heads back and tees into a line coming out the top of the back end. I ASSUME this is a vent line. Also, there is a hose coming off of the flywheel housing that is ABOVE the starter but on the right side of the machine that heads back to the transmission towards the bottom. I don't see this in the book either. I have seen in pix in the book that show the ports on both the transmission and the flywheel housing and the pix show these ports with plugs in them. I see that the hydraulic diagram in the book does show a convertor drain but nothing in actual pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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