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  1. International 966 rebuild - high oil pressure

    You were right. After we broke it in today we are at 40-60 psi warm. No leaks and no noise yet. Going to to retorque the head and check valve lash tomorrow.
  2. International 966 rebuild - high oil pressure

    Well the money is my father in laws. I am just the mechanic. If we were just refreshing the motor it would be 1-2k but this one spun a bearing on the crank and got ran after so the crank was also messed up lifters and cam. our list: replaced crank with used polished one block cleaned new cam and lifters kit (without gear) reliance major out of frame kit (includes gaskets -pistons -sleeves -main seals- bearing) water pump oil pump clutch kit freshened the fly wheel throw out bearing oil pressure line new gage oil pressure switch and warning light engine paint bunches of brake cleaner new oil pump gear coolant hoes air cleaners oil water and fuel filters i might be forgetting something... but all of this ran 3-4K. I wasn't writing the checks but have a pretty good idea.
  3. International 966 rebuild - high oil pressure

    I just thought I would include a few pictures of the build. I also should mention I added a oil pressure switch and led light on the dash. Incase something would ever go wrong.
  4. International 966 rebuild - high oil pressure

    Well I may have been worried about this for no reason. (I just didn't want to have to tear into it again). It was the oil pressure gage. The gage that I temporarily put in would read 50 at idle and would max out at about 80. Thanks for the suggestions. I am am going to break it in tomorrow after picking up a factory gage from the dealer. This build is the first motor that I have built and have been kind of a long haul. The crank grinder set us back 5 weeks and of course we had to purchase more parts than expected. It is hard to get the time needed when I can only work in the evening and weekends. Thanks for the quick response.
  5. International 966 rebuild - high oil pressure

    I have heard of that but hasn't happened yet. Thank god. I purchased a gage that goes up to 100 psi and will see what that tells me tonight. Does the oil pressure relief valve constantly monitor the pressure? For example the motor always builds 125 psi but the relief valve is partly open and keeps it under 75. I am unfamiliar with the way they work.
  6. I just got a 966 back together after a short block complete rebuild. New pistions-rings-cam-lifters-freshened crank- bearings- oil pump After getting it started I noticed we had a hole in the oil pressure line. With the hole the oil pressure gage acted normal when started. 30-50 idle and 60-70 3/4 throttle. Then I replaced the oil pressure line and now the gage is pegged out even at idle. I am thinking the gage could be bad and plan on checking with a auto gage. But I am wondering what else it could be. I have been reading but don't really understand what the pressure relief valve does on the 966. Could it be bad - stuck or dirty? or is there any other potential culprit?