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  1. Hey Loadstar My member name is yesteryear boy. I am new to this and need all the advice and asistance I cann get. I found an old post of yours on this forum and hope you remember it and can help me. I just purchased a Cockshutt 40 here in midwest Wisconsin. It is in really good condition. Engine is tight with plenty of compression. Transmission is good as well as the hydraulics.  Got it a great price and Im very happy with it. To my point now. The post had to do with getting a 3 point hitch on it. You said it can be done and have a parts/manual to help with it. The manual is " Repair Parts List for Hydraulic Lift System for Cockshutt 40 Tractor. I am very happy with what I bought, but if I could spread a little more iceing on the cake why not. The post was back on July 15th, 2009. I realize that this is a good ways back and not to get my hopes up. If you remeber this and by some slim chance still have that part list I would live to purchase a copy from you. It seems every implement needs a 3 point hitch and hunting down the old stuff is really tough. My uncles tractor mechanic would do the build while I assited him. Figure I should watch and learn and not just pay. If you can help me that would be great. Let me know price and whether you can mail it or email it, that is of course you still have it and can find it. Thank You for your time loadstar and I hope you dont mind if I come to your for more advice when I need it.


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    email and text and this forum is best for me. My left side vocal cords dont work. Voice kind of weak

    1. Loadstar


      Yes, I still have all the Cockshutt tractors and manuals. If your 40 has hydrauics then it has the brackets for the rockshaft for the 3 point hitch. I can scan and e mail the pictures of the 3 point hitch from my manual. 

      I'm having problems with this laptop and sometimes it takes forever to get it to start up. So I will try and get scanning at my first opportunity. 

      My e mail is and that is where I will likely send the images from. 

    2. Yesteryear Boy

      Yesteryear Boy

      That is terrific. If I run into problems with it it ok to contact you? Would prefer on this forum or your email?