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  1. Super A carb question

    GT&T, many thanks for your quick response as well as sharing your expertise! Tremendous help!! I’ve cleaned and rebuilt the carb. It wasn’t tooooo bad. I’ll find a piece of hose and make the connection. Thanks again.
  2. Super A carb question

    I Have a question for you guys regarding my 1950 Farmall Super A rebuilt/refurbish project. The man who gave me this tractor did a lot of “innovative” improvements and fixes over the past 67 years. I’m fairly sure that the Zenith carb that’s on this machine is an aftermarket replacement since the air intake does not connect with the air filter housing. Or, perhaps, these tractors were made this way for a reason. Please see the pictures. The previous owner tie wrapped a connecting piece made of a cloth tube to connect the carb with the filter housing. So here is my there a part that can be purchased to make the connection, or do I have to be “innovative” like the previous owner? Any help is greatly appreciated!