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  1. Ok so its finally Spring here in Prince George.. So that means ROTOTILLING,and lots of it .. i also dove back into my Cargostar ,and its Brakes . I found a Rusty brakeline going to the rear and had that repaired . Now my brakes work , but my Mastercylinder seems to be bypassing therefore my hydro vac won't work as well as it should . I also looking into my Allison , and found a dirty governor and some play in the housing.. it will however, shift into all speeds albeit revved right out. i did a speed check and she'll only go 70kmh. in the top of 5th gear 2600 rpm . Sure likes the fuel too. I dunno, I was going to replace the governor or rebuild the weights and springs, maybye adjust the Modulator so its not screaming away.. Happy Spring everyone ps : it sure was nice takin the ol beast for a rip !!
  2. so i followed your advice IHC,, and my first set in the right rear is now set .. what kind of starwheel adjustment tool do u use . my large screwdriver , doesn't quite fit onto the starwheel very well . thanks Parker in PG
  3. Thanks for confirming IHC... The original owner told me he had a runaway and that's why the truck sat for 6 years before I found it ..And as i stated earlier in the thread, I did adjust them up tight . Your explination makes perfect sense and i really appreciate the breakdown in the steps .. I will re-adjust the brakes and follow your instructions this time. this truck hasn't seen a mechanic touch in a long ,long time. So 'I've been getting used to fixing every little thing that's been ignored for years. AS for the Allison , I'm going to double check the kickdown /throttle linkage, and pull the governor and inspected it . Great advice IHC_1470. and this should help alot Thanks Very much Parker @ PHM Services
  4. The internet has been my friend !! MAC
  5. Really like these ol Transtars .. would look nice next to my Cargostar!! MAC
  6. when i went through the brakes i set them tight .. or at least in my professional opinion.. any tighter and i would definately get brake fade .
  7. So Lars, the only connections to my Allison automatic are the throttle cable and a kickdown linkage. My Vacuum gauge reads just under 29 HG so the pump seems ok . I don't see how that would have anything to do do with my Vacuum hydraulic brake system. So, no I do not see the connection, could u please elaborate? MAC
  8. Ok , so round 3 on my Brakes , I replaced the Hydovac and verified it does work , by the pedal going to the floor upon start-up ,and I finally have a vaccum bleeder not a pressure like I thought i had... I bled it all out manualy to start then attached the vaccum bleeder. the best i could get is still 1and a half pumps til good .. is there a sequence of bleeding I'm missing? I'm thinking that PRESURE bleeding Like GT&T suggest is the only way Thanks gang Parker in PG
  9. Thanks for the Flowers guys. This things going to be more of a work truck than a show truck. But who says you can't look good while workin?? CHeers to all MAC
  10. So I rebuilt the master cylinder, and re-bled the entire system.. Still the same, nothing on the first push of the pedal ,then it starts to built up after that . took it for a test drive around the block ,( and also found the Allison won't shift outa 2nd gear.)....in regards to the brakes, Research has pointed me towards the Residual Checkvalve , which is in the Hydrovac. I also pumped the brakes up and then started the engine and the brake Pedal didn't go down like it should. So i've got a new /rebuilt Hydrovac to install now. Only problem is the residual check valve is located in the end of the it , and the new unit doesn't have one . would be nice to replace that too. MAC
  11. Thanks! currently waiting on master cylinder parts .. but all the brakes and Seals /speedy sleaves are done and adjusted. getting real close to A test drive... I'm looking at replacing the Hydrovac and am wondering if anyone knows which one I have ? the factory # Is 575277C91... I've seen a few on the web and I'm not sure if they cross.. they look identicle.
  12. Hey y'all, Just an update on my project. I have been waiting and waiting for brake parts , front shoes and wheel cylinders, and also mounting hardware. Couple that with a busy tractor season and a full time job, needless to say things are still moving along slowly. I did how ever replace those 20" rears with a set of decent 22.5's with great rubber, now I'm 22.5 front and back!
  13. No mine is a 1-3/4 bore..Centric number 130.83018.. I've searched around the web with that part number and have seen it ,but no stock from anyone , that will ship to Canada. I do have the factory parts book too . My truck has the heavy duty brake package 04012. It would be great if y'all down south could find one and mail it to me Thanks a bunch !! Mac
  14. will do. thanks for the advice, feel free to share more insights. Dump trucks are a new thing for me ,however heavy Equipment is my profession Mac
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