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  1. Good news ! now we need to find a replacement Vaccum pump ,, or at least I do .
  2. I think it was 2600 RPM,, it felt good , not too buzzy, and yes its a Cat 3208 non-turbo, my Line setting ticket says i have a 7.17 gear ratio .By the way take a good look in your cab for a line setting ticket , i think mine was under the Passenger seat ... MAC
  3. Your truck looks great by the way !!
  4. When i first got my truck on the road I had the same Problem .. But after I serviced the Allison and adjusted the Modulator cable I realized that I had another gear . so now It goes 100km/h. but it feels way faster because its a Cabover lol.
  5. I got a reman Hydrovac from Napa here in Prince George .Power Brake Booster Cardone 51-8002 Reman. This is What I crossed it to.
  6. So after removing the Master cylinder my Machinst buddy concluded that the bore was in good shape and measured well @ 1-3/4". So we polished it and i re-assembled it and re-installed it on the truck. I bench bled the master clyinder as best as i could and then started the truck . The pedal went to the floor at first then got nice a firm . So I went for a short drive and the brakes felt great! i thought i had it finally, but after running for about 10 mins ,I lost the POWER brakes. Back to manual brakes. I think I should look at the Bendix vaccum pump now , because its got an oil leak that mat be related..... At least now I know what full POWER brakes feel like , i almost kissed the Windshield ..lol..still a good week. Mac in PG
  7. Thanks Clutchy.. I'm shootin for next year to be on the road...but i agree , it shouId get into those hard to reach spots . I hear ya about parts for these trucks. i had the same problem when i was tracking down brake parts ...its always cool to find someone else bringing back to life one one the best medium duty trucks of their time ! take care and good luck !! Mac in PG
  8. I did the very same as you last year.. I bought the rear rims from NAPA here in Prince George (100$ each), found a new set of re-caps from P&R Truck Parts, 4 for 600$, then had em installed by Herb from Drive by Tire for a hundski.. and I threw em on , I love em ! the truck rides great. nice hoist/shop by the way Mac in PG
  9. So after a busy summer , I finally got back to my Dumptruck project..I decided to do a complete Transmission service. I dropped the pan , cleaned everything, and replaced the filter. It looked ok in there ,no big ugly chuncks, but i could tell it needed servicing. After fresh oil and a couple test drives to set the hot level, it still didn't shift soon enough for my liking. So i adjusted the pull type Modulator longer and that seemed to work . She shifts all 5 gears and both lock ups in 4th and 5th?. Next thing on the list is to Tackle that Service brake master cylinder. My plan is to remove it , bore it out, and insert a stainless steel sleeve @ 1-3/4". all in all a good week , hoping for another one next week !? Mac in PG
  10. Ok so its finally Spring here in Prince George.. So that means ROTOTILLING,and lots of it .. i also dove back into my Cargostar ,and its Brakes . I found a Rusty brakeline going to the rear and had that repaired . Now my brakes work , but my Mastercylinder seems to be bypassing therefore my hydro vac won't work as well as it should . I also looking into my Allison , and found a dirty governor and some play in the housing.. it will however, shift into all speeds albeit revved right out. i did a speed check and she'll only go 70kmh. in the top of 5th gear 2600 rpm . Sure likes the fuel too. I dunno, I was going to replace the governor or rebuild the weights and springs, maybye adjust the Modulator so its not screaming away.. Happy Spring everyone ps : it sure was nice takin the ol beast for a rip !!
  11. so i followed your advice IHC,, and my first set in the right rear is now set .. what kind of starwheel adjustment tool do u use . my large screwdriver , doesn't quite fit onto the starwheel very well . thanks Parker in PG
  12. Thanks for confirming IHC... The original owner told me he had a runaway and that's why the truck sat for 6 years before I found it ..And as i stated earlier in the thread, I did adjust them up tight . Your explination makes perfect sense and i really appreciate the breakdown in the steps .. I will re-adjust the brakes and follow your instructions this time. this truck hasn't seen a mechanic touch in a long ,long time. So 'I've been getting used to fixing every little thing that's been ignored for years. AS for the Allison , I'm going to double check the kickdown /throttle linkage, and pull the governor and inspected it . Great advice IHC_1470. and this should help alot Thanks Very much Parker @ PHM Services
  13. The internet has been my friend !! MAC
  14. Really like these ol Transtars .. would look nice next to my Cargostar!! MAC
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