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  1. St Johns, MI?!? My Aunt lives there, and I lived there for one summer when I was interning in Ionia. Small World!!
  2. What do you guys do when you have a cracked manifold or whatever? I know in theory cast iron can be welded, but I'm a lousy welded even on my best day, and I don't know if a talented welder could pull this off. I am slowly started to catalog the work my OS-4 is going to need before repaint, and one of the parts I'm worried about is the exhaust pipe. As you know, the orchards are special in that the exhaust doesn't go up. It comes out low on the side of the tractor and so the exhaust pipe is unique to the O's and OS's. In this case, the part in question is a combination of a casting and regular sheet metal like an exhaust pipe. See number 20 in the pic. The cast part, all the way to the right, is cracked. In a perfect world I'd find NOS or lightly used somewhere. I don't think anyone lightly used anything from the 40's, and it just isn't going to happen. I happen to be friendly with the guy who teaches welding at the local trade school, and I'm going to ask him what he thinks about repairing it and get a recommendation. But, in the event that it's a no-go, does anyone know of an outfit making aftermarket cast parts like this (such as manifolds) or a small foundry that will cast very small lots? Thanks
  3. about $20 from the right buyer, depending on how much you paid.
  4. That real nice. My parent's collected Coke memorabilia for several years, until they licensed the heck out of it and it became impossible to keep up. I like the provenance as well! good job!
  5. I used to mow with a regular C and and a Woods L306. Loved it. Then I snapped a crankshaft and had to find other means. It was an expensive break! Because of it, I bought a 2003 Deere 43 HP machine with a mower, and eventually a brush hog and other attachments, and I'm restoring the C. Sold the L306 because I was sick of tripping over it and needed to buy a girl a diamond. Not sure if I'll rebuy one in the future, but it's a good mower.
  6. What are the details on this Marion show? I'm on my own this weekend and might like to come take a look at some tractors.
  7. I used to go with my dad when I was a boy. I should really try to make it. I'll reach out when/if I do.
  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed the thread. I got my OS-4 home recently, and it'll get started as soon as the C is done. I'd love to come see your tractor. I'm near Oswego, in Mexico. LMK when you show that thing!
  9. I almost bought one a few years ago. I wanted to restore it (it needed major engine work, or replacement), paint it up real cool, put a big ol chrome pipe on it, and pull parade floats and stuff. Really only didn't do it because I didn't have a barn big enough and it would be a waste to do all that and leave it outside. Anyway, they don't seem like a popular tractor for restorers. Maybe they're not old enough yet? Maybe they're too expensive to move? IDK, but I love the Steiger story, and I love their totally non-traditional bright green color.
  10. I don't have any solid suggestions, but from what I've read on radiators, the technology has come so far, and they wear out, so someone is making them and making them better than they were originally.
  11. Guy, I love those guys. They told me you'd been in there. I really want to go visit them, but it's not often I get from NY to WI, you know? I want to personally thank you for putting together the work you have. I am restoring an entirely un-special, and non-unique Farmall C that's priceless to me (isn't that always the case?), but I have questions. Everywhere I had turned everyone said "get Guy Fay's book". So guess what I'm getting for father's day? I still do have one question that no one has answered for me with certainty: At what level of subassembly were the tractors (specifically, the C in my case) painted. I know they wouldn't have painted individual parts, unless they were to sit on warehouse shelves for a long time. And given the production rate of Farmalls, my guess is nothing sat long. Also, I know they wouldn't have painted only the finished tractor, but that would leave a lot of virgin steel... Can you provide any insight? Maybe it's in your book, in which case, I apologize for wasting your time. Considering IH has changed hands a few times unlike Deere, it's nice that there are a few really solid sources for information such as your books and the Wisconsin Historical Society, and that the information is not lost to moths and mold, like the fate of many documents. Tell me, do you know how comprehensive their collection of technical drawings is? I've got an OS-4 for which I'd like to have a few parts made, and I'd like to eventually get my hands on an O-4, but most of the ones available don't have any sheet metal left. My thought is, if I can get my hand on actual drawings, I can have exact copies made.
  12. Years ago when I was a kid, my dad and I bought an old OS-4, sunk 10" into mud, and we (he, really. I did what I was told) restored it. It disappeared the day after he died. My stepmother sold it without even asking me. It broke my heart, but that's a story for another day. It took me 12 years, but I found one. It was in a classified in Red Power Magazine. It's a 1949 OS-4, all original. It's in need of restoration, which meant it was in my budget. I wanted one to restore anyway. I would only buy a restored one if I could find my father's. Anyway, this was back in January. I called the gentleman, and told him "Don't sell it, I'm sending you a check tomorrow! And by the way, what does it look like?" For a few weeks while I was arranging hauling I had a nightmare twice that he called me to say "I'm returning your check, someone paid me more". I was anxious to get it to me. I used popular online shipping site to list the haul. I figured I could do it for $700 out and back, and so I got a bid for $850 and it was a no brainer. The guy who contacted me said he lived near the tractor's location, that he had bought a car in Syracuse, NY and would haul the tractor out on his way to get his car. Win-win, right? I asked the seller to take photos when the hauler picked it up of the tractor loaded on the trailer, the truck's license plate number and the truck's VIN. I had read of all the crazy fraud that goes on, so I didn't even trust that the plate wouldn't be stolen, you know? The seller kind of snickered, but did exactly what I requested, and sent me the pictures. The arranged shipping date came, and Wisconsin got that late nasty storm, so he delayed the haul. No problem, I understood, and he was great about contact the whole way throughout. Then, about three weeks ago, I reached back out to talk about the schedule and it's like the guy went off the grid. Didn't respond to texts, emails, or phone calls. I started to get nervous. Eventually, I called the local sheriff's office and with the plate information and the name, they went to the registered address of the truck -the hauler's dad's farm. It was his dad's truck. The deputy was great. He confirmed the tractor was there, and spoke to the dad. Apparently the son kind of went off the rails. They hadn't seen or heard from him for weeks either, he was bouncing around from place to place in a small city about 35 minutes away. Sounded to me like maybe there was a substance habit involved for someone to just go off grid like that. I didn't care -not my problem. My tractor was safe for now and I wanted it home. I booked a plane ticket, flew to Minneapolis, rented a Uhaul and Trailer, and hauled it home. What an adventure. That's about the most expensive way to get something seven states away, but it worked on short notice. It's home now, and waiting it's turn for restoration. Right after I finish restoring the tractor that wasn't sold out from under me, the 1950 Farmall C. The C wasn't restored, so the stepmother didn't think it was valuable and didn't sell it. It's priceless to me. I'm so looking forward to having these both in bright new red paint and running like tops. As for the tractor, it's all there save three tires and fuel cap cover and a seat, so that makes it a real decent restoration candidate. I'm pumped! It'll be a while before I get to it -have to finish the C- but I'm so happy to have it. Possibly this winter I'll have some updates for you all, if you're interested.
  13. Thanks for all the feedback guys! I will reach out shortly. Swamped with work because I played hooky when we FINALLY got some spring here in CNY.
  14. Don't get rid of that O-6 sheet metal! I'm sure I'll end up with one of those someday too. I think I'm gonna call up the Wisconsin Historical Society and see if they have drawings. I talked to a curator there a few months ago and it was really nice conversation. It turns out they have a TON of documents that aren't online. If drawings exist, I'll pay them for PDF's and have some made... I think I'm going to buy this tractor anyway...
  15. I'd have them made, and pay for them, as long as it can be done. Do you think the drawings exist anywhere? Wisconsin Historical Society maybe?
  16. Anyone know if anyone makes restoration grade aftermarket fenders for O's? I have a really good deal on an O-4, with no fenders. I'm working on an OS-4, and thought an O-4 would be fun t have in the stable, especially for the price. Problem is, no fenders... If they can't be gotten, then I'm probably gonna pass. Thanks
  17. This is awesome. I really hope you find it, and you've inspired me to find a family heirloom of mine as well.
  18. This will be gold in determining if it's right... Thanks! BTW, where did you get such a good quality scan? My manuals for my C aren't nearly this high quality. Is this from the caseih site maybe?
  19. So I think, since I haven't memorized the engine setup, I'd look for the manifold where intake air is routed through the exhaust air. And did I read there's supposed to be a butterfly valve somewhere? This thing is an H. Even if it's not "rare" or "collectible", I still think it's cool. Are there pictures of this manifold anywhere? I have a parts catalog ordered for the OS-4 I bought, with the same engine, but it's not here yet. Also, was there a serial number suffix for distillate?
  20. I am looking at a tractor that I think might be a bit rare and I have a few questions. I have never scrutinized a distillate machine up close. visually, how would I identify an IH distillate engine from it's gas version? Also, does it have two tanks? I frankly know very little about distillates. Second, are there production numbers for how many distillate-engined machines were made in production? Thanks KWRB
  21. I am enjoying reading this. I'm behind you on the story arc of my Farmall C restoration, so I'm reading with keen interest. Forgive my ignorance, but what are those blocks you riveted onto the rim? KWRB
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